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[ESRBAO-Sorry-no minors]

Episode #99 - 09.11.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! Site move done. RSS! [email] Geo-King : Duke Nukem Forever; Mitch - UO freeshards; Brynn : Uwe Boll movies; mothface : Jack Thompson misundertood? (thanks to Scyther for the audio clip!); Soul : Jack Thompson contact info. California Bill, that bans the sale of games with violent of sexually explicit content to minors, AB 1179 passed, awaiting the signature of The Governator. News Corp buys IGN. Hot game releases this week! [PC] Age of Empires III demo. [music] YMCK - Family Music. [movies] The Transporter 2. Crash. Closing track is Magical 8bit Tour by YMCK at!

Episode #98 - 09.05.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! Still on Studio-B (Kobar's box), so the sound issues continue (better than C4's box, where it doesn't record AT ALL right now. I guess.). Site hosting moved. Mic upgrade that obviously didn't help any. [email] Yendaa : GAMER intro; Soul : Half-Life 2 mods that kick ass :,,,,,; Toby Cloud : The Brothers Grimm; xafan : xafan's OCD rant on [PC] Fable, Uwe Boll wants to make MGS movie; zombie5 : PSP 2.0 firmware coolness. PSP firmware downgrader. Xbox 360 pricing, accessories, and Live! PS3/Xbox 360 game prices. Everyone at Cyan Worlds (Myst/Riven) laid off. Zelda News : The Twilight Princess delayed until at least July 1, 2006? Miyamoto says "LoZ:TTP will be the last Zelda of it's type.". [XBX/PS2] Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks. [XBX/PS2] Evil Dead : Regeneration. [XBX/GCN/PS2] The Incredible Hulk : Ultimate Destruction. [XBX/PS2] Destroy All Humans! [PS2] Flipnic. Kobar is playing The Legend of Zelda for the first time. [Movies] The Ring 2. The Cave. [ Public Service Announcement email ] Julien :! (What show is complete without mentioning Terrorist jackie Thompson?) Closing track is a great remix of Sonic & Knuckles called 'Catapult' by Beatdrop, available at

Episode #97 - 08.14.2k5

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C4 and Kobar. [email] FinalDragoon: Katamari Damacy; Yendaa: Opinions, Broken input devices; Loretz: Stealth, Project Offset, EA sequelitus; xafan: Dungeon Siege 2; BigBoy2008: Dukes of Hazzard; Robo-Christian: Nocturne, Dead Rising. [PC] Warhammer 40,000 : Winter Assault expansion for WH40k: Dawn of War, Classic Doom for Doom 3, Quake 4 multiplayer, Enemy Territoty : Quake Wars. [movies] Red Eye, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Kung Fu Hustle. Closing music is a remix of the Doom E1M4 music by S|r_NutS called 'The Red Moon' and is available at on the album The Dark Side of Phobos.

Episode #96 - 08.07.2k5

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C4 and Kobar. BigBoy2008's intro (sorry, Hooks couldn't make it!). Kobar finally sees the light of Sean Kennedy. (thanks xafan). [email] BigBoy2008: [XBX] Conker Live and Reloaded; Francois : Good show ^_^; MC Cushion:, oldskool games for teh win, Katamari Damacy, broken controllers, Mad Catz, GTA: Hot Coffee. Terrorist Jackie Thompson vs The Sims 2. PKing illegal for minors in China. [PC] Dungeon Siege 2 (demo). [PC] D&D Dragonshard (demo). [PC] F.E.A.R. (demo). [music] The Birthday Massacre - Violet album release! Bleeding Through. [movies] Doom (trailer). Saw 2 (trailer - Halloween 2005). The Devil's Rejects (full). The closing track is a Doom remix called 'Purgatory' by N-JekteD that C4 can't stop listening to, available at

Episode #95 - 07.30.2k5

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C4, Kobar and Hooks! [email] Vex : Septerra Core; CS-Dagger : Halo 2 MP Map Pack; Robo-Christian : Halo 2 MP Map Pack, Meteos, Comics; Julien : Jack Thompson vs The Sims 2; DukeCity420 : SOCOM info, PSP emu scene. XBOX360 to have HD-DVD 'at some point'. 84 year old lady sues Rockstar over 'Hot Coffee' mod. Madden 2006 on 08-08-2k5. Hooks on GTA:SA for Xbox. NCAA2006. MLB2006. Tiger Wood 2006. The Island. Wedding Crashers. Kings Ransom. Hitch. Closing track is a Final Doom remix called 'Quick Fix' by DJ Redlight, available at

Episode #94 - 07.16.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! Technical difficulties (still recording on 'Studio B', and an extremely stressful week leave their mark on the show). C4 ill (not flu, stress and heat exhaustion). [email] Vex: National Treasure; TobyCloud: IMDB, GameSpot, Rotten Tomatoes; John: Breaking controllers, good MadCatz stuff; Robo-Christian: Pressure sensitive controls; TornadoCreator: Questions about us! GTA: SA, the Hot Coffee mod. Lies from Rockstar 'they blame hackers' (eek! I can't believe they went there...). Hillary Clinton and Jack Thompson on the warpath. [XBX]Halo 2 MP Map Pack. New Harry Potter book (thank Kobar). [movie] War of the Worlds. The Devils Rejects? Closing track is an Unreal Tournament mix called 'Club Showdown' available at by Big Giant Circles.

Episode #93 - 07.03.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! Technical difficulties recording this episode. Bandwidth! Game/comic movies. [email] Uncle Toxie, Man-Thing. PlayStation 3 USD399. [XBX/PS2] Destroy All Humans. [PC] Battlefield 2. [music] The Birthday Massacre. R.I.P. ( IMDB Pro? [movies] Alice. Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Dungeon Siege. Superman Returns. X-Men 3. Doom. White Noise. Hostage. Batman Begins. Closing track is C4's pick for the WoW Idol contest, Spunky - I'm Just a Druid.

Episode #92 - 06.20.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! [email] GutSmith : PSP battery, WoW, Batman Begins. BF2 is awesome. SoE owns MxO. DC MMO on PS2, PSP, and PC. [PC] Eclipse (Half-Life 2 total conversion). What about [PC] FATE? [PS2] Grandia III. Namco X Capcom. [PC] Doom 3 : Resurrection of Evil. [XBX/PS2] Red Ninja. [Movie] Dead or Alive. Hitman. Halo. Fantastic Four. Batman Begins. The Dukes of Hazzard (yeehaww!). Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. National Treasure. BBS : The Documentary rules, go buy it now. Closing track is Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'Sonik Azure' by analoq, available from

Episode #91 - 06.12.2k5

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C4, Kobar, and Hooks. Apologies for ep90. [email] FuriouslyPoetic and DukeCity420. From the Shadows. Nintendo Revolution , no high-def for you! New EQ (thats, EQ1) demo, 'Escape to Norrath'. Free 14 day trial of City of Heroes. PlayStation 3 HDD to ship with Linux. Kobar playing WoW, C4 gets his cheapshots in. [PS2] SOCOM 3. *Legion*: Why SOCOM is great. [PC] Battlefield 2. [PC] Blood Magic. It's summertime, movies are coming. Closing track is the Doom 3 Theme by Tweaker.

Episode #90 - 06.05.2k5

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C4, Kobar, and modem. The show that shouldn't have been. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING. Apologies, a bottle of wine, a few beers, sleep depravation, and late night IRC don't make for a good show setup. Five minutes of BS (including a nice little 7-11 story). modem back in World of Warcraft after quitting. Gaming is social. Quitting MMORPGs is hard. Witrhdrawl sucks. Kobar is trying WoW. Listen to NewsReal. [XBX] Doom 3. [XBX] Psychonauts. Old games. Guidance in games (Zelda had none, that would not fly today). C4's whine about playing MMORPGs late night PST. [XBX] Darkwatch. Bullet time. Can't start EQ1 now. MMORPG inflation. Crafting in WoW. Suicide Girls play WoW. Closing track is a mix of the 'leeroy.wmv' video from the Pals4Life website called 'technomix'.



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