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Archives: Episodes 60 through 69

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Episode #69 - 12.01.2k4

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C4, Kobar, modem. Everquest II and World of Warcraft, how are they doing after release? Closing track is from EQ2, Isle of Refuge : Goblins ((c)2004 SoE).

Episode #68 - 11.17.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and modem. [email] from flanque, Clustered Xboxen. Modding your Xbox (not that we would do such a thing) with the Xecuter 3. Unofficial X3 Guide & FAQ ('n00b' guide). from ThoughtCriminal, the dreaded eventual EQ2 Commercial episode. C4 on OGR. A piece of hate mail. Marvel suing NCSoft (City of Heroes). Maddog Jack Thompson [] goes after Blockbuster, Rockstar, and won't talk to gamers about it (too busy counting his money no doubt). modem joins the show to talk about [PS2] Metal Gear Solid 3! [PC] Vampire : The Masquerade : Bloodlines. [GCN] Metroid Prime 2 : Echoes. NintendoDS out soon! [GBA] The Legend of Zelda : The Minish Cap. [PC] Half-Life 2. [All] Need For Speed Underground 2. Looks like no show for the Thanksgiving week. Closing track is a new personal favourite called Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble 'A New Ray of Light' by Sadorf and S|r NutS, from

Episode #67 - 11.10.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and ribo! Donkey Konga and Jungle Beat correction. [email] Cushion reviews Dead or Alive Ultimate. The Bard's Tale. Def Jam Fight for NY. [PS2] Sly Copper 2 : Band of Thieves. [XBX] Halo 2. [Movie] Team America : World Police. [PC] Everquest 2. Closing track from the Metroid Prime site, Athena Astronautics.

Episode #66 - 11.03.2k4

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C4 and Kobar. X-Men Legends correction, Wolverine does heal (thanks FinalDragoon!). Xbox sued over defective DVD-ROMs. Sony PSP battery life less than expected stated. Half-Life 2 to an arcade near you (in Japan). Nintendo cracks down on unlicensed game system "Power Player"/"Super Joystick". [PC] Guild Wars World Preview Event was this past weekend. More on GTA: San Andreas. [PC] Tribes : Vengeance [XBX] OutRun 2 [PC/XBX/GCN/PS2] Beyond Good and Evil [PS2] Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus [TV] Drawn Together [Movies] Van Helsing. Dawn of the Dead. Saw. Finding Neverland. Team America : World Police. Closing track is an amazing take on the castle theme inSuper Mario World by Nixdorux called "Ghost".

Episode #65 - 10.27.2k4

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C4, Kobar, Cushion, and Hunter. [email] from James on Amazons UK game prices; from flanque on Australian game prices. The PStwo is sexy. The Bard's Tale in stores now. [PS2] X-Men Legends. [PS2] Bloodrayne 2. [PS2] Street Racing Syndicate. [PS2/XBX] Burnout 3 : Takedown. [PS2] Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. [movies] Grand Theft Parsons. White Chicks. Closing track is an awesome Streets of Rage 2 remix called 'SID of Rage' by Gecko Yamori.

Episode #64 - 10.20.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and modem! Gratz hades, 75DRK! [Email] from Mocker on Norwegian game pricing, DS launch delayed 3 months for Europe, and Make Something Unreal Finals soon. Short discussion on save points. New NARC game coming - doesn't look too promising. Halo 2 PAL French leaked, Microsoft is not happy; be afraid. The infamous HDLoader for PlayStation 2. Ordering. Screw the PStwo, it's not compatible with a hard drive (smooth move $ony). Ph34r the HDLoader. Hooking it up. Game compatability. Making your PS2 DVD9 (double/dual layer) games work. You can even play downloaded demos! Game Console Hacking book. [PS2] Burnout 3 : Takedown. [PS2] Nightshade. [PC] Prince of Persia : Warrior Within. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3! [Movie] Breakin' All the Rules. The Day After Tomorrow. Closing track was lifted from Intel.

Episode #63 - 10.13.2k4

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C4 and Kobar. Official IRC channel moved. Christopher "Superman" Reeve has died. City of Heroes players memorial. [Email] from hyp^ about game prices in the UK. CliffyB's interview at XGRM ~ some points on game prices and closing dev houses. Out of control game backlog. [XBX] Fable chat. [PC/XBX/PS2] Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude. [PS2] Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. [GCN] Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door. [PC/XBX/PS2] The Bard's Tale. [XBX/GCN/PS2] Midway Arcade Treasures 2. Old stuff. Birthday. [GBA] Mario Pinball Land. Mega Man Zero 3. Grand Theft Auto Advance. C4's GBA games. [Movie] The Ladykillers. Closing track is a Street Fighter II remix called "Club Del Toro", by Rayza.

Episode #62 - 10.06.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and Foxpro. Boiling Official Xbox Magazine demo discs really makes them work. CNN Money story ~ expect game price increases. One million Halo 2 pre-orders. SquareEnix very busy ~ movies, console games, even cell phone games! BNetd project shut down by Blizzard Entertainment. Xbox dashboard update on your movies. [PS2/XBX] Mortal Kombat Deception (and the Kollector's Edition) is out. [PS2] Metal Gear Solid 3 on this months Official PlayStation Magazine demo disc! [PS2] Neo Contra is 'different'. [PC] StarWars : Battlefront. [PC] Myst IV. [PC/XBX] Leisure Suit Larry : Magna Cum Laude. [PC] Half-Life 2 ~ Valve's Source offers on Steam. [XBX] OutRun 2 is arcade racing goodness. [XBX] Kingdom Under Fire : The Crusaders has potential for fans of the genre, but maybe not enough for the rest of us. [XBX] Blood Rayne 2 is really lookng good so far. [XBX/PS2] Fight Club however, is not. [Movies] Super Size Me. Closing track is a Diablo 2 : LoD mix by Ken DeRouchie, called Brothers in Harm.

Episode #61 - 09.30.2k4

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C4 and Kobar. Welcome Rant Radio listeners! Computer problems suck. Bloodrayne 2 and LSL : Manga Cum Laude have gone gold. The Sims 2, 2 Million copies, 10 days. Donkey Konga is out. Time to be humiliated, 3DMark 2005 is out. BitTorrent for MMORPG patch day (and other legal uses). Def Jam Fight for NY on every console. The weirdest game we've seen in a long time, [PS2] Katamari Damacy - thank you Japan. Microsoft posts information about Xenon (Xbox 2) in their job listings! The future gaming market (and Sony's strategy = bombard the market). [XBX] Kingdom Under Fire is lookin' good! Kobar's Xbox story. [XBX] Fable. [XBX] Star Wars : Battlefront. [PC] Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War. [PC] Rome : Total War. [PC] Myst IV. Our mission : to stop the Tycoon invasion. [PC] Evil Genius. Closing track is a Dragon Warrior remix called "Hail to the Throne" by Unknown.

Episode #60 - 09.22.2k4

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C4 and Kobar. GAMER will now be on Rant Radio 3:30PST Saturdays! fuchicoma-x's forum threads, scope the pics! Chat with us and other gamers on IRC. October 2004 Playboy. C4's 7-11 pr0n trip. X-Men Legends and Gradius V are out! Sony's PStwo. Redesigned and $149.99. The first day of a console's public life. Nintendo's 40 Million Dollar launch of their new handheld, the NintendoDS. [PC] The SIMS 2 is out. Oh yeah, Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War is out. Ok, back to The SIMS 2. Our bad game buying system in action - find out what game Kobar's girlfriend would have come home with instead of The SIMS 2. [PS2] Sly Cooper 2 review botched by Blockbuster. ><; [PC] On the seventh day Pandora studios released Frag.Ops v2.0 beta, and it was good. [PS2] Star Ocean : Till the End of Time review. [XBX] Fable has landed. Was it worth it? [Movies] Soul Plane. Closing track is by The Dead Alewives, called Mama Rap.



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