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Episode #49 - 06.15.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and Hooks is back in the hizzy! The best I could string together as "notes" is : Baseball games. Baseball Stars > *. MVP Baseball 2004. Madden rules video game football. Simulation and 'arcade' sports titles. Pre-order ESPN 2005 for $20 or EA Sports Madden 2005 $50-60 ($50 for standard). EA's NASCAR Thunder. Soccer. Rare animations. Genre phases. Playboy: The Mansion. The Legend of Zelda NES Classics. FFXI Valkurm Emperor. The Chronicles of Riddick. Playmakers. Gone next week. Closing track from OCRemix by Norrin Radd, a track that quickly became a favourite, Street Fighter ReMix "Go Home and Be a Family Man".

Episode #48 - 06.08.2k4

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C4 and Kobar. More on the hat idea. Wrapping up some TV stuff - Line of Fire Series Finale, Penn & Teller's Bullshit!, The Sopranos. Reality TV sucks. New TV shows. Desperate Housewives. NES Classics are out - The Legend of Zelda acquired. Bashing Kobar's no NES having ass. Interplay's doors locked by the State! [PS2] Terminator 3 : The Redemption. Syphon Filter : The Omega Strain. Drakengard. CyGirls. EverQuest: Champions of Norrath. Is Chronicle of Riddick good? Fake ass release dates. GTA: San Andreas. [Movies] Bubba Ho-tep. Star Wars Episodes 4, 5, and 6 on DVD soon! Harry Potter : The Prisoner of Azkaban. [Demo Scene] Awards 2003. ix by Moppi Productions. FR-025 by Farb-rausch. Howard Stern. Closing track is audio taken from an awesome video and audio production by Studio_W and and Lazer Music Production.

Episode #47 - 06.01.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and modem! Burned out from so much E3 goodness, there wasn't much to say... [PS2] Transformers. SEGA Dreamcast Emulator Chankast v0.1 alpha. Nintendo's emulation patent. Not breaking your DVD-ROM in your PS2 or Xbox. Back to Transformers for the PS2. [PC] Thief 3. FFXI. [PC] City of Heroes. MMORPG cost considerations. Tales of Symphonia. Solo gaming - why is it do hard to get people together this day in age? NES Classics for GBA coming on June 9th! Bubba Ho-tep out on DVD now! Radio. [Movies] Mean Girls. New York Minute. The Olsen Twins. Hats. [TV - **Season/Series Finale SPOILERS**] South Park. Saturday Night Live. Tru Calling. Wonderfalls. Joan of Arcadia. Line of Fire. Arrested Development. Friends. Frasier. [/TV] SEGA publishing Matrix Online. Sammy seals the deal on SEGA. OutRun 2 arcade? Resident Evil 4. Closing track is the Transformers Theme by Meatbee.

Episode #46 - 05.25.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and Ode. New site (like you didn't notice!) by Email from Mokthemagicman : Sony PSP, new N-GAGE, NintendoDS, Starcraft: Ghost, Star Wars: Battlefront, God of War, Halo 2, Burnout 3, OutRun 2, The Phantom (oh wait, did you by accident want this link instead?), Destroy All Humans, Devil May Cry 3, Prince of Persia 2. Killer 7. Splinter Cell 3. Resident Evil 4. Guilty Gear Isuka. Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves. Tales of Symphonia. The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Silent Hill 4: The Room. Conker: Live and Reloaded. Full Spectrum Warrior. Final Fantasy XII (Real Life, the comic Ode mentioned). Gradius V. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Starfox 2. Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Tekken 5. Street Fighter Anniversary Edition. What about a new Killer Instinct and Startcraft 2 info? Shrek 2. Closing track is Panzer Dragoon Orta "More than a Weapon" by SuperGreenX.

Episode #45 - 05.18.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and Ode. Ode's E3 trip! All about the experience and the games and hardware seen at E3 2004. Alienware's new "ALX" video technology. GeForce 6800. Troy. Envy. Hellboy. The Punisher DOES NOT SUCK, Van Helsing does. Closing track is Final Fantasy 'AfterLife' by GrayLightning, from OCRemix.

Episode #44 - 05.11.2k4

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C4 and Kobar. Email reviews from MC Cushion : Mario Kart Double Dash, MGS: Twin Snakes, NBA Ballers, clairifaction on Nintendo E3 lineup. USA Today article on Nintendo DS. The Legend of Zelda. La Pucelle : Tactics. Forgotten Realms : Demon Stone. Tribes : Vengeance. Starcraft : Ghost. KOTOR2. UT2004. Interstate 60. Closing track a mix from Sonic Adventure called 'Lightspeed' by S|r NutS, located at OCRemix.

Episode #43 - 04.27.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and Wulf. Spreading the word. Site layout and (hopefully soon, if I wasn't so lazy) redesign. E3 : May 12th. DVD > CD. Neo-Contra. Fallout : Brotherhood of Steel. Champions of Norrath. Unreal Tournament 2004 pwns. Go buy it. Now. The Matrix : Revolutions, meh. Club Dread. Closing track is "Final Doom 'Memoriam" by Dj Redlight.

Episode #42 - 04.20.2k4

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C4 and Kobar. International gaming and racism. E3 during MAY 12-14 (somehow we said March)! Interplay no longer making Dungeons and Dragons licensed games. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal". Battlefield 2. Some Flash based classics for free at Nintendo's E3 lineup. Hot new movies out : The Punisher and Kill Bill 2. A kick ass track new to, "Halo: Fall From Above (You Can't Stop)" by Arkimedes.

Episode #41 - 04.13.2k4

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C4 and Kobar. MMORPG invasion. The market is only so big. Smaller slices of the pie. Need a good space based MMORPG (key word : good). [GBA] Final Fantasy I & II remakes (again) - remake VI damnit! [PC]Tribes I & II free on May 4th from FilePlanet and CGW! Xbox sales doubled for the week after price drop. Nintendo is not impressed. Mortal Kombat : Deception. [PS2] La Pucelle : Tactics. [PC] Battle Mages. Starcraft : Ghost. Closing music is from Pac-Man "64-bit" by Peterrian Productions.

Episode #40 - 04.07.2k4

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C4, Kobar, Wulf put in $0.02. Playing for fun vs playing only to win (conversation leans towards FFXI and Warcraft3 as examples, but applies to any and every game). Email from Cushion : Max Payne 2, 007, Viewtiful Joe. Ninja Gaiden. FarCry. Frag-Ops finalist in MSU! Warlords : Battlecry III. Phelios games. The Matrix : Revolutions DVD in stores. Closing track is a remix of the tune "Breakthrough" from Lunar Silver Star Story by Emperor.



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