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Episode #39 - 03.31.2k4

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C4, Kobar, Wulf. The 'Free shit' Episode. (C4 suffering from 2 hours of sleep in 36 hours - maybe better to just read show notes and click the links than put up with trying to listen to this ep) Where has all the shareware/demos gone? Adrenaline Vault. FileMirrors. Too many games. Video game industry following Hollywood. Playing the same game as your friends. FFXI PvP : Conflict. Microsoft Xbox now $149.99. Free music from Pepsi and Apple iTunes. Free PC games : Grand Theft Auto. America's Army. Soldat. Dink Smallwood. Scorced 3D. Void. Vega Strike (not Vegas Strike^^). FlightGear. BillardGL. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Solaria Games. Gunbound. Priston Tale (yeah, I can't read, Priston Tale, not Prison Tale). Lineage 2 open beta. Planeshift. FreeCiv. Allegiance (*sigh-, not "" like C4 said). Vendetta. GLTron. Armagetron. MegaMek. Murder Motel. Legends. BZFlag.

Episode #38 - 03.24.2k4

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C4, Kobar, Wulf. Sequelitus and remakes. Ninja Gaiden review from Ribo. CNN mentioned Xbox dropping to $149.99. Hot games to save your pennies for : Xbox, PS2, GCN, PC, GBA. Buying the Cow. Reel Hacks Radio! Closing track is a Castlevania remix 'Wicked Orchestra' by Scott Peeples.

Episode #37 - 03.16.2k4

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C4, Kobar, Wulf. Has it been a year already? Discussion topic : Nintendo vs GBA emulation. PC gaming lacking. A SNES lovers dream come true : PocketSNES. Hot ninja action! : [PS2]Nightshade! [GBA]River City Ransom EX. Ninjas! GTA : San Andreas announced. Kobar's tried playing NWN. D&D and video gaming today vs yesterday. Short bit on Gothic 2 and Freelancer (Kobar managed to pull himself away from FFXI for a bit apparently^^). Challenged. Pricing. Policies. CD price fixing settlements mailed. Game movies : House of the Dead, HotD2, Alone in the Dark, Spy Hunter, Advent Children, Dead or Alive, Dungeon Siege, Doom, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Silent Hill, Onimusha, Bloodrayne, Halo, Half-Life, MGS. Movies to watch for : Jersey Girl out on the March 26th, Hellboy, Troy, Euro Trip, Buying the Cow. Sayonara. Closing track by bLiNd, a very cool mix from the game Extreme-G entitled 'G-Storm', one of my new favourites.

Episode #36 - 03.10.2k4

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C4, Kobar, Wulf. Final Fantasy XI Commercial #3. Closing track is Final Fantasy 6 'Battle Theme (IvoryMetalMix)' by Nobuo Uematsu.

Episode #35 - 02.29.2k4

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C4, Kobar, Hooks! Leap year show. Relationship wisdom from Hooks. Esper.Net having IRC problems. PhuckIGN and G-Spy.Net gone/down? For the love of the game. Thief 3 site open. More on Xbox 2 no hard drive. PSP delayed (gee, did anyone not see that coming?). Doom 3 April 15th? [XBX] ESPN NBA Basketball. [XBX] WWE RAW 2. [XBX]Tony Hawk Underground. [XBX]NASCAR 2004. [XBX]Rainbox Six 3. [PC]Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat. Professional gaming RANT. [Movies] Radio. Bad Santa. Grind. Frailty (ah yes, 2001, didn't realize that during the show). The Butterfly Effect. Big Fish. Scorched. The incredible closing track lifted from is mixed by "ABG" and is a Resident Evil 2 mix called "Ada's Groove".

Episode #34 - 02.17.2k4

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C4, Hunter, Kobar, and Wulf. Armchair Arcade. R-Type Final available in the US! The gaming community and advertising. mirror. Omega Corner drivers. Once Upon Atari. Beats of Rage. Dolphin, the GCN emulator. iTunes. Unreal Tournament 2004 demo available. SEGA's future (with Sammy). nVidia NV40. World of Warcraft hype. Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles. Resident Evil : Outbreak. Need For Speed : Underground. True Crime. Closing track is Rockman & Forte 'Hyperrock Fortisimo' by DJ Abjurator, from

Episode #33 - 02.05.2k4

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C4, Kobar, and Wulf puts in his $0.02. [ Show posted late because no show next week. :( ] Looking ahead at what's currently known about the future of console and handheld gaming. Crystal Xbox. Italian court says modchips are OK. Xbox Next. PSP. PlayStation3. Nintendo's N5. NintendoDS. Intro is a clip from Red vs Blue, one of the funniest things on the Net these days. Closing track is a new arrival to that I fell in love with. "Final Doom : 'The Calling'" by Dj Redlight.

Episode #32 - 01.27.2k4

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C4, Hunter, and Wulf. Emails were skipped this week (actually had some really good stuff (yes, non-FFXI) stuff to talk about). The Inexpensive Episode. Looking for deals. Spoofee. TechDeals. Hot Deals Club. Coupons. Microsoft Island. Assorted affordable Xbox titles. Mixed lower priced PS2 selections. (How come half the shows we keep it together so well, the other half we don't?) Some reduced cost GCN games. White box PC for under $700 (including monitor) that will play all the latest hits. PriceWatch. Just Deals. A handful of bargain priced PC video games. Not all cheaper priced games are old. Hunter busted cheapting in TacOps (serves him right!). Weakness - games you must have no matter what the cost. Intro and outro clips lifted from American Wedding. Closing track is a ReMiX from the one and only djpretzel remixing the tunes from one of my most favourite games of all time, Alex Kidd in Miracle World. The track is entitled, "Alex Kidd in Miracle World 'Eastside Interlude'". As always, courtesy of the wonderful

Episode #31 - 01.21.2k4

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C4, Wulf, and Kobar! "FFXI commercial #2". EQ--, FFXI++. EverQuest Radio. Picking on other MMORPG's (sorry :( didn't mean for that to happen). FFXI as a single player game. The saga of the Ninja quest. Not feeling of accomplishment when higher level guys are with your party for a quest. Character job focus (WAR, MNK, WHM, BLM, RDM, THF, PLD, DRK, BST, RNG, BRD, SMN, SAM, NIN, DRG). Blue Mage rumors. Dual 2hr skills. Additional race speculation. Bazaar. Closing song is "Icewind Dale 'Easthaven's Club'" by Orkybash, lifted from the great

Episode #30 - 01.15.2k4

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C4 and Wulf. FFXI episode. MMORPG's. Why FFXI. Races. Jobs (advanced, sub). Discrimination. Outposts. Region Control. The Ninja Quest. Level Grind vs Adventure. Transportation. Crafting. Food. House. Storage. Newbs. Name filter. Valefor server. Skillchain ("Renkei" in Japanese). Good groups. EXP chain. User Interface. Japanese vs English mini-rant. R.I.P. Closing track (downloaded from FFIX : Black Magic Synthesis by SysteManiac.



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