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Archives: Episodes 290 through 299

[ESRBAO-Sorry-no minors]

Episode #299 - 09.18.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! The 2011 Fall preview [part 2 of 2].

Episode #298 - 09.11.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! The 2011 Fall preview [part 1 of 2].

Episode #297 - 09.04.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! ribo does PAX 2: The Gaping Asses. Newfie's hot wet Canadian Fan Expo XXX. Opening track is "Get Used to It", closing track is "A Proper Story", both from the Original Soundtrack for the game "Bastion" from Supergiant Games with music by Darren Korb.

Episode #296 - 08.14.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! [email] marsknight: E3 coverage, USE THE BLOG! [We missed the last paragraph of this email which was basically, "no E3 blog posts? wth?" -C4] Phoenix of the StarS: Magic Workstation. [news] The Big Lebowski Blu-ray Limited Edition release. Resident Evil 4/Veronica X HD remixes get release dates. THQ puts Red Faction and ATV vs MX on the shelf. UbiSoft "always-on" DRM is back - this time in Driver: San Francisco. Doom 3 source code to be released after Rage launches. No Battlefield 3 on Steam. Steam Trade. PS3 firmwsre 3.70 has features for PS+ subscribers. Disgaea 3 Return on Vita has all the DLC! Mortal Kombat 9 sells 3 million. Counter-strike: Global Offensive announced as Steam/XBLA/PSN title. Xbox 360 shiny paint going away, matte for all. GameFly PC client. OnLive coming to UK. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Episode #295 - 08.01.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! Old Man Ribo's vocabulary lesson. Evolution 2011! SSF4:AE ver.2012. Nintendo 3DS gets $80 price cut, "ambassadors" get free games. Nintendo cuts profit forcast 82%. Diablo III DRM requires users to be online, features "real money" auction house. Dragon Age 2 pulled from Steam, another casualty in the EA crusade to force Origin down our throats and kill consumer choice in the process. Heroes of Newerth goes free to play! [review] Dungeons of Dredmor. Closing track is "Burly Brawl" from the Dungeons of Dredmor soundtrack!

Episode #294 - 07.24.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! [news] Mega Man Legends 3 cancelled. Ultimate Mort^H^H^HMarvel vs Capcom 3 announced! Lolliop Chainsaw... [review] Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012. Closing track is 'Street Fighter Beatbox' by HIKAKIN.

Episode #293 - 07.17.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! Steam Summer Sale loot. [email] David R.: E3 coverage. [news] Duke Nukem coming to Mac. Supreme court ruling. EA server Deathwatch'11. Free to Play. PS3 CECH-3000 won't play HD BDR over anything but HDMI. Xbox 360 Summer of Arcade. PSN Pass. Mass Effect 3 Deluxe Digital Edition on Origin. Minecraft sales. NPD: worst month evar. SSF4:AE PC DLC. [previews] Sonic Generations (WIP demo). Catherine (demo). [reviews] [PC/360/PS3]Dungeon Siege III. [PSN]Dungeon Hunter Alliance. [movies] Paul. Closing track is the theme from Armitage III.

Episode #292 - 06.27.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! [English lesson from South African] istoff: Forza. [email] Dann S. Washko: Duken Nukem Forever. [weekly] Blu-ray movies, games for last week and this week. [news] Team Fortress 2 is now Free to Play. Crysis 2 no longer on Steam. TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled being pulled from PSN/XBLA on June 30th. Skyrim cloth map and romance. LulzSec calls it quits, breach emails from game companies. Halo Anniversary with some sort of Kinect support. Moleyneux says Fable: The Journey isn't just an on-rails game. WiiU no DVD/BDR playback. [rumor] PlayStation 3 price drop in August? [previews] Dungeon Siege III. [PSN]Dungeon Hunter Alliance. Dead Rising 2. Closing track is by Team Unicorn called "G33K and G4M3R Girls".

Episode #291 - 06.12.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! [email]data maggot: Dungeon Siege III's janky camera. Recapping the games and conferences of E3! Some random bullshit at the end, and a closing track called "Wrex. Shepard. (Sparta Extended Mix)" by bountygiver.

Episode #290 - 06.05.2k11

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! Pre-E3 2011 show. PS Store is back online. Duke Nukem Forever demo. Some Fallout: New Vegas talk. Closing track is TES V: Skyrim theme.



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