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Archives: Episodes 260 through 269

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Episode #269 - 09.05.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! PAX 2010... Duke Nukem Forever... finally? FireFall. New Xbox 360 wireless controller. Xbox LIVE subscription price hike. [email] mrchicago: Madden 11, Snoopy Flying Ace, custom game covers. Mike C.: Crysis Warhead, How to Destroy Angels, Split/Second, Red Faction: Guerilla, The Witcher. Dann S. Washko: eBook readers. Data Maggot: physical media. James F.: European/UK games that are good. Closing track is the NewsRadio theme.

Episode #268 - 08.29.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! The GAMERadio Fall 2010 holiday preview!

Episode #267 - 08.22.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Ozzimo! [Gamescom 2010] Diablo III, Torchlight II, Dungeon Siege III, Mass Effect 2 on PS3, new PS3 bundles, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Resistance 3, Might and Magic Heroes VI, Age of Empires Online, PSP2 rumors, Dawn of War II: Retribution, Mortal Kombat, downloadable content (DLC) love, Guild Wars 2. Upcoming Blu-ray releases. [movie] Scott Pilgrim. Amazon closes Xbox LIVE store. PlayStation 3 "jailbreak" (USB dongle). Closing track is "Pylon Mix".

Episode #266 - 08.15.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Kizzle! [sale] Quakecon pack at Steam, Sacred 2 Collector's Edition PC $9.99 at Amazon. Blu-ray weekly release list. August game release list. Some PC game prices moving to $59.99. DRM sucks. Media centers. Borderlands DLC4. PlayStation+ already going downhill. EQNext announced by SOE. Valve trademarks "DOTA", UK courts have deemed R4 carts illegal, "no matter the defense" because Nintendo is losing money. Demon's Souls NA server life extended to March 2011. id's Rage dated for September 13th, 2011. Bioshock Infinite. [email] Newfie: Humble Indie Bundle, Penumbra in Germany. Closing track is "Minecraft - The Song" by Bobby Yarsulik.

Episode #265 - 08.08.2kX

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C4 and ribo! Newfie in Germany until September. [games] [Win/OSX]Starcraft3, [Win/OSX]Team Fortress 2. [movies] The Other Guys. The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day. [email] SHHADOWW: Negativity in gaming. Closing track is the Team Fortress 2 theme.

Episode #264 - 07.24.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! "Street Fighter X Tekken" and Street Fighter 3 Online announced at Comic Con. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift out this week. Dawn of War 2 (DoW2: Chaos Rising). Kinect pricing announced ($149.99), Xbox 360 S 4GB (matte black, $199.99). OnLive. 3D gaming - does it stand a chance? [email] Mike C.: PC gaming, video cards, Sansa Clip+, music. Digital distribution vs physical media. World of Warcraft, Blizzard's fairness/no shenanigans. Random MMO talk (FFXI, FFXIV, EQ2). A little more on Dragon Quest IX. Closing track is the Futurama intro theme (it's just so damn awesome).

Episode #263 - 07.18.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! Newfie gone for a few weeks (have fun in Germany!). [email] MarsKnight: Bought for the GAMER Blog, SuperCard DS TWO? TieXFox: Dawn of War II achievements/Steam/GFWL, PC vs console cost. SikSlayer: [movie]A-Team review. Weekly Blue-ray releases include Cop Out. Deal of the Week: Alien Swarm for free on Steam, deals at GameStop. Final Fantasy XIV benchmark will pwn j00r computer. Dragon Age 2 announced. Yoshinori Ono new game announcement at Comic-con, 38 Studios announcement at Comic-con. Etrian Odyssey III art book with pre-order. Beavis and Butt-head to retun to MTV? Disgaea 4 announced. Borderlands Games of the Year edition coming September 7th, 2010? Microsoft claims hard-core will buy Kinect immediately. Kinect launch game lineup is laughable, man. Ha! Closing track is the FULL version of the Super Street Fighter IV finals intro that was played at Evo 2010 by RedrappeR.

Episode #262 - 07.11.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! Continuing the PC Master Race discussion. [email] Smacky: Crackdown 2. [previews] [PSP]Persona 3 Portable. [NDS]Dragon Quest IX. Weekly Blu-ray releases. [movies] Cop Out.

Episode #261 - 07.04.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! [special]Moving the site and show and everything back to due to an unforseen occurance. The "PC Master Race" guide to "for-less-than-lunch" games. Blu-ray releases for the week. Closing track is "Left 4 Dead 2 rap" by

Episode #260 - 06.24.2kX

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C4, Ribo, and Newfie! [special] that_guy's D&D play-by-post in the forums ( PlayStation Plus details. [email]Tiexfox: gaming funk after Red Dead Redemption, picked up few new games, Dead Space, SW:TOR, random games, collecting stuff in games. dslover: Timed demos, EA NFL exclusivity. [news]Ubisoft DRM info by SKiDROW. [E3]Wrap-up. [movies/TV]Futurama is back! Hot Tub Time Machine. Spartacus: Blood and Sand.



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