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Archives: Episodes 250 through 259

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Episode #259 - 2kX

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Episode #258 - 2kX

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Episode #257 - 05.30.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! [email] istoff: Epic Duke Nukem 3D story, two tower defense games recommendations. [news] Etrian Odyssey 3: The Drowned City with confirmed US release! Torchlight sales. Halo Reach dated Sep 14th. Rockband 3 to feature "keytar" and "pro" modes? Doom 2 on XBLA. PixelJunk Shooter 2 in production. Killzone 3 will be a 3D title. SEGA games coming to Steam. SSF4 June 15th balance patch+tournament mode.

Episode #256 - 2kX

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Episode #255 - 05.16.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Andyb0y! [email] Tornado Creator: Gaming low, gaming on the cheap. [news] PS2 de-listed from NPD. MW2 "Resurgence" map pack coming June 3rd. God of War: Ghost of Sparta announced for PSP/PSPgo. Steam for Mac. EA E3 2010 lineup revealed. Capcom FY10 75 game release plans. More Sony class action suits. [previews] [PS3]3D Dot Game Heroes.

Episode #254 - 05.09.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! Nintendo DSi account transfer fail. Kick-ass, Sam & Max. Dead to Rights: Retribution. DA:O expansion. [email] Dann S. Washko: Brats and Mary Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 Driving, saughter losing a savegame. RubbaD: Nice words and request for advice on games. [news] Heroes of Newerth goes retail. More EA Server shutdowns. SEGA layoffs. PS3 class action suit. Ubisoft DRM cracked! Rumors of Crazy Taxi, Quake Arena, Sonic and SNK classics coming to XBLA and Black Wii (thanks for advancing technology C4!). Nintendo 3DS 3D features can be disabled with a slider/switch. Sony offers new "Protection Plan" for 1 or 2 years for PSP and PS3. Starcraft 2 release date. Guinness Top 50 games of all time. [previews] Sam & Max S03E01. Dead to Rights: Retribution. [movies] Iron Man 2. Kick-Ass.

Episode #253 - 05.02.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! NeoSizer cracked 100,000 gamerscore. Nintendo DSiWare transfer phonecall. April ALTTP: Crystalis wrap-up and May ALTTP: River City Ransom. [email] Cushion: Why should I care about SSF4? [reviews] Super Street Fighter IV. Closing track is "Made in U.S.A (Ken Stage)" by Sixto Sounds from the album "Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Official Soundtrack" from!

Episode #252 - 04.24.2kX

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C4, ribo, and Newfie! Game room. [news] [PS3]Demon's Souls gets EU release. PSN changes release day to Tuesday. Sony blocks the PS3 proxy hack. Sony has killed off "Room" for PSP. PS3 3D games at reduced visual fidelity. Draconian DRM added to PSN version of Final Fight: Double Impact. Speculated October release month for the Nintendo3DS. Captivate 10 trailers released. PS3 gets new EULA. Blizzard selling in-game mounts. Game Science. [previews] $1 XNA game Breath of Death VII. [movies] Avatar. Closing musics are from the XNA game "Breath of Death VII".

Episode #251 - 04.19.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! [email] dslover: Rage against the $50 XBL Gold fee. Tiexfox: Splinter Cell: Conviction. [news] Gears of War 3 trailer shown. Ubisoft loves trees. [reviews] Field Runners. Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon. Splinter Cell: Conviction. [movies] The Slammin' Salmon.

Episode #250 - 04.11.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! SMT: Strange Journey. Legend of Zelda vs ALTTP, 0D Beat Drop. PlaySEGA controllers arrived, PlaySEGA VIP requires IE. Mass Effect 1 & 2. [email] istoff: Old mail, Wii Black edition comment on 249. Kizzle: Just Cause 2. [news] EA game server shutdown. PS3 OtherOS saga. IW/MW2 saga. Xbox 360 slim? GOW3 revealed early in "Spotlight" ad with release date. Rush'n Attack gets next-gen treatment. F.3.A.R is announced for release "this fall". Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty $100 special edition. Uncharted 2 "Siege" expansion coming April 22nd. [movies] Avatar.



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