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Archives: Episodes 240 through 249

[ESRBAO-Sorry-no minors]

Episode #249 - 04.04.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! C4's (2nd) Wii died, [SNES]Legend of Zelda: ALTTP vs [NES]Legend of Zelda, ALTTP for April: [NES]Crystalis. GeoHot throws down the gauntlet, Sony removed "OtherOS" in fw v3.21. Andyb0y: PlaySEGA "Saturn" controllers. Just Cause 2. Newfie: ShinMegami Tensei: Strange Journey. Hardware that failed.

Episode #248 - 03.28.2kX

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C4, Kobar, ribo, and Andyb0y! A Link to the Past: [NES]Dragon Warrior 1 round up, April = [NES]Crystalis. [news] Monthly game releases and quick peek ahead to May 2010. Nintendo Megaton: Sayonara, Sony bitches! Nintendo 3DS 3D screen. Kotaku Gamers Census 2010. News bites. [reviews] Final Fantasy XIII.

Episode #247 - 03.21.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! March Madness, "A Link to the Past". [email] Dann S. Washko: DSiWare Reviews, Master Blaster for Wii, No More Heroes, Dragon Quest V. RaMDaY: Castlevania Rondo of Blood not translated. Tiexfox: Comments on the GAMER rating scale. [news] OnLive details. Final Fantasy 13 ships over five million copies globally. Rumored possible next NDS details. News fillers. [movies] She's Out of My League.

Episode #246 - 03.14.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! GDC 2010. [email] Tiexfox: Artwork for the show, Darksiders demo. [news] Steam for the Mac in April. NVIDIA fan speed bug. Venezuela bans violent video games and toys. MW2 Stimulus Package DLC. [XNA]Breath of Death coming to XBLIndie Games in April. BattleStar Galactica MMO. Torchlight coming to consoles? Clash of Heroes coming to XBLA and PSN. Mass Effect 2 DLC: Kasumi's Stolen Memory. Bioshock 2 DLC: Sinclair Solutions Pack. Dragon Age: Origins expansion pack "Awakening" due in two days. PlayStation Move. Bodycount announced. Last call on some EA game server shutdowns. Sonic Kart. CECH-2100A, new Playstation model shows up with less weight.

Episode #245 - 03.07.2kX

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C4, Kobar, ribo, Newfie, and Andyboy! ribo back and feeling alpha! DSi broke, lost DSiWare games. GAMERadio 7 year birthday. [news] Portal 2. Infinity Ward vs Activision, ApocalyPS3 day. CoD game news. Ubisoft AC2 DRM patched. Ubi DRM servers DOWN. Rock Band Network. Socom 4. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. NVIDIA driver problem. Sony's patent for "degradable demos". MS's deal with Xbox LIVE 1.0 players. SSF4 $40. Borderlands gets more DLC. MW2 DLC rumored "Stimulus Package". Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct update.

Episode #244 - 03.01.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, Andyb0y, and Kobar! The APOCALYPS3! [email] Dann S. Washko: Missing Kobar, SOCOM DRM and R4, thoughts on used games. ws_ninja: Star Trek Online. istoff: Dollhouse, [PS3]Little Big Planet, [XBLA]Trials HD. [news] Bioshock 2 DLC. SF4 iPhone. Ubisoft DRM. Civilization 5. Uncharted 2 is amazing and sells well worldwide. MegaMan 10. Valkyria Chronicles DLC. Pac-Man Battle Royale. Xbox Live coming to Windows Phone 7. [reviews] [DLC]The Secret Armory of General Knoxx for Borderlands.

Episode #243 - 02.21.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! [email] Tiexfox: Mass Effect, mature ratings and platinum hits, Dorkness Rising, Bioshock 2. Dann S. Washko: Chrono Trigger, Children of Mana, Dragon Quest IV, The world ends with you. [news] New MW2 hack. Midway XBLA titles pulled. PSN AAA games. C&C4: No LAN, No dedicated servers. Ubisoft DRM. SOCOM anti-used/anti-piracy system. Nintendo beats R4 in .au court. More EA game servers closing. Nippon Ichi president resigned. Harmonix bonus, 39 Harmonix employees laid-off.

Episode #242 - 02.14.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! [email] Phoenix of the StarS: Cheap game recommendation, Supreme Commander. [news] X10 notes from Major Nelson. Borderlands new level cap? [previews] Trine. [reviews] BioShock 2.

Episode #241 - 02.08.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! [email] dslover: X360 gaming heaven, kicked out the Wii, Halo 3, GH Metallica, randomness. [news] Cheap games. NIS is fucked. XBL 1.0 dead. Darwinia+ hits XBLA. Sonic 4 ep1 coming summer 2010. [previews] [XNA]Jump! [XNA]Miner Dig Deep. [XNA]Dungeon Adventure. [reviews] [XBLA]Alien Breed: Evolution, episode 1. [movies] Couples Retreat.

Episode #240 - 01.31.2kX

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! [news] Ubisoft's new DRM. Borderlands DLC3. Wii surpasses NES sales. NDS usurps GB/GBC sales. [previews] Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 1. [reviews] [PSN]Gravity Crash. [DLC]Moxxi's Underdome Riot for Borderlands.



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