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Archives: Episodes 230 through 239

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Episode #239 - 01.23.2k9

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! Work sucks. [email] "M": Sansa clip cable issues, controls rant. Tiexfox: Nice words and DOOM. john_k: FFXI Orange Nazi. Chess: Nice words, Sansa Clip, Borderlands and getting an Xbox 360. Dann S. Washko: Nintendo DSi, [NDS]Spirit Tracks, [NDS]Chrono Trigger. Data Maggot: GOTD episode. Mars: GOTY and GOTD episodes. [news] Kobar's WoW account compromised. EA shutting down more game servers. Q Games (PixelJunk) quote on cheap gamers. "Project Natal" CPU usage. Megadeth Guitar Hero? Bioshock 2 DRM. [NDS]Etrian 3 classes. Assassin's Creed 2010 stand-alone project + AC3 speculation. Uncharted 3 confirmed. George Hotz vs PS3. [reviews] Borderlands, (DLC1) The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned., (DLC2) Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot preview. DLC3 for Borderlands? [tv] The Tonight Show no longer with Conan O'brien.

Episode #238 - 2k9

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Episode #237 - 2k9

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Episode #236 - 2k9

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Episode #235 - 12.27.2k9

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C4, ribo, and Andyb0y! [email] winantiviruspro: The Saboteur. dslover: If a kid has money for a console, should the parent buy the games? Dann Washko: Bad gaming year, Wii Fit, turning into a casual gamer, 2010 looks promising. [previews] [XBLA]Alien Breed Episode 1. [reviews] [NDS]Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. [movies] Rip!. Inglorious Basterds.

Episode #234 - 12.13.2k9

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C4, ribo, and Andyb0y! [email] Data Maggot: Thief 1 & 2 outlet, missing Ribo's cheap gamer column, GOTDecade idea. that_guy: Metroid Fusion rant. James F.: Good story. [news] Logitech with an external UMD drive for the PSPgo. PS3 3.15 firmware fixes the bluetooth sync problem. Xbox 360 XBLA titles and DLC cracked. Etrian Odyssey 3 with a Japanese release date. WoW 3.3.0 released. Metacritic says PS3 is best of 2009. Spike VGA. Dragon Age: Origins DLC at Hot Topic. Assassin's Creed 2 writer defends slow start. Green Day Rock Band. Quantum Theory coming to Xbox. EVO2K. [games quickies] Dante's Inferno demo on PSN. Pixeljunk Shooter available on PSN. Bayonetta demo available on PSN and XBLM. ribo and Andyb0y spent some time on Phantasy Star 0.

Episode #233 - 12.05.2k9

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C4, Kobar, ribo, Andyb0y, and Newfie! Preparation for the games of the year, and GAMES OF THE DECADE. [email] Cushion: Bayonetta demo review. [news] Game Informer's "Top 200".

Episode #232 - 11.29.2k9

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! C4 still in gaming funk. Black shakes. [email] istoff: followup from previous MW2 email, zero day DLC vouchers in the box, Infinity Ward vs Treyarch, XMBC Ion box. Data Maggot: ATI Linux binaries, comment about his previous email. [news] IBM phasing out Cell story blown out of proportion. Sony to open online music store. [PS3]3D Dot Game Heroes gets Atlus as publisher for NA region. New DSi flashcart: the SuperCard DSTWO. [PS3]Demon's Souls strategy guide replacement. MUA2 DLC micropayment discussion. Netflix on the consoles. Super Street Fighter 4 update. [tv] Dollhouse, Trauma, and Eastwick get cancelled. Chuck gets 6 new episodes. [reviews] [PC]Monster's Den.

Episode #231 - ##.##.2k9

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Notes forthcoming~

Episode #230 - 11.15.2k9

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C4, ribo, Newfie, and Andyb0y! The Modern Warfare 2 show!



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