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Episode #219 - 07.26.2k9

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C4 and Kobar! [email] dslover: [NDS]CoD4, [NDS]Final Fantasy 3. frozenwalkway: Corn subsidies/sugar. Frigid Soul: [360]BlazBlue. default: "Bad words". Matt R. DailyPWN. [EVO]Evolution 2k9 highlights, thoughts, complete bullshit conspiracy speculation, absolutely amazing. [previews] Heroes of Newerth BETA absolutely rocks, better than Defense of the Ancients (some anti-DotA fanboy clarification: not limited by Warcraft 3 engine, stat tracking, guild support, friends lists, chat channels, built-in VOIP, anti-leaver system, excellent graphics (lol 1024x768) and sound, native Linux/Mac/Windows clients!). [news] Valkyria Chronicles 2 will be a PlayStation Portanle game. XBLA indie titles being squeezed out by the big names in gaming? Bayonetta and Bioshock 2 delayed into 2010. World of Warcraft movie to be directed by Sam Raimi. EA's Battlefield 1943 shatters digital sales records for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! Over half Gears of War 2 "gamers" play on Standard Definition. Madden 2010 demo is out... better demo for those that already paid for the game... wtf? Video showing Xbox 360 avatar's playing gold leaked. World fo Warcraft still offline in China. Activision's Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 unboxing video shows three versions, shitty night-vision goggles. Closing track is an all time favourite of mine... played as the outro to our very first show... "The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw."

Episode #218 - 07.11.2k9

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C4 and Kobar! Errata. Kobarbeque next week, no show. [email] john_k: Forum. Kizzle: Final Fantasy VII. Sirchris: Mac Mini + XBMC = Pure Awesome. Barry W.: Palm Pre. Frigid Soul: BlazBlue. [news] Darksiders. Demon's Souls. Downloadable content news: Xbox360 Summer of Arcade, Aliens Breed Evolution, Killzone 2 patch, K2 "Napalm & Cordite", Battlefield 1943, Myst, L4D1 DLC news soon. Sony patents Emotion Engine emulation technology for the Cell processor. Tomb Raider franchise to get a reboot? GameStop no long taking Blu-ray Discs for trade-in. Bethesda Softwork's The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is now free. Heroes of Newerth for Linux/Mac/Windows. Modern Warfare 2 to get "Call of Duty" logo. [TV] Mental, Penn & Teller's Bullshit!, Surviving Suburbia. Closing track was created by audio wizard Brian Cumminger, using Kobar's coughs to recreate the Futurama theme, and then a cut of audio from the recent episode on video games from Penn & Teller's Bullshit!.

Episode #217 - 07.02.2k9

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C4 and Kobar! GAMERadio on Twitter. Forums hacked, database hosed. [email] Alex C: Ikariam, Minecraft. mrchicago: FEAR2, Resident Evil 5, Ghostbusters. Newfie: KOTOR's neutral alignment. istoff: Crackdown > inFAMOUS and Prototype, Gear s2 co-op, OSX > Linux, E3. dslover: Frequency, Amplitude, Throwback. Zilla Manslay: Uncharted 2 MP beta. that_guy: Disney/Pixar's "Up". SikSlayer: Audio is just as important as video, about audio (technical, facts, examples), all-in-one audio solution (Logitech Z-5500). [news] McDonald's Japan offering specials for NintendoDS via in-store wifi. Ghostbusters PS3 vs 360 quality. GameStop charging $5 more for Wii Motion Plus than everyone else (mentioned earlier in the show). NeXtbox, Xbox Natal, Xbox 540? BDR/HD DVD/HDTV penetration. Movies coming to Blu-ray this year. [PSN]Final Fantasy VII sells 100,000 units in two weeks. [PSN]CAPCOM classics coming to PSN! PSP's modified with Dark_Alex's CFW have been banned from accessing the PlayStation Store (GEN-A and GEN-B supposedly still work at this point in time). Wii games to play themselves. Activision considers subscription service for games. Xbox 360's NXE will see an improved release later this year. ZeniMax Media buys id Software. [PSN]Fat Princess delayed. World of Warcraft will be allowing faction changes. Starcraft 2 will NOT have LAN support! Blizzard's new trademarks: "Cataclysm". Square-Enix's new DS title, "Four Warrior of Light" outed early, no need to watch the stupid countdown website any more. [movies] Bedtime Stories. The Hangover. Transformers 2. Closing track is from Lazersonic, called "Breakdancing Transformers".

Episode #216 - 06.13.2k9

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C4 and Kobar! Kobar's take on E3 2009. [email]that_guy: Firefly comic. dslover: Animal Corssing, Drum Master, House, DSi. Seal: Terminator 4: Salvation. RaMDaY: Throwback. Dan H. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. barbwire: Legend of the Green Dragon. [news] Gears of War 2: All Fronts DLC pack will be on XBLM for $20. Left 4 Dead 2 boycott. Dungeons and Dragons Online going free-to-play. PlayStation 3 price cut rumor. [movies]Taken. Closing track is "The Prelude" from Final Fantasy VI.

Episode #215 - 06.04.2k9

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C4, Andyb0y, and ribo! The E3 2009 special! The Microsoft conference. The Nintendo conference. The Sony conference.

Episode #214 - 05.23.2k9

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C4 and Kobar! Sacred 2 special mounts. [email] Fuchikoma-X: Trent Reznor vs Apple's App Store. Judge in The Pirate Bay trial biased, belongs to copyright associations. Arieo Delacroix: Left for Dead Survival Pack, GameStop's pricing issues, Matt Hazard review, X-Men Origins, Prototype vs inFAMOUS. that_guy: Dollhouse, Glee, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, upcoming movies, Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation. [movies] Fanboys. [news] Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes coming to NDS. Dragon Quest Wars coming to DSiWare. Kojima can suck it. Duke Nukem Forever saga, "not dead yet!". The future of Fallout: DLC coming to PS3, new DLC, GOTY edition. Metroid Prime Trilogy on one disc (suck it, Japan!)! New Killzone 2 DLC, "Flash and Thunder". [PSN]Zombie Apocalypse can't come soon enough! Games > Movies. Online PSP game rentals in the future? PlayStation 3 "Slim" rumors. What we don't want to see at E3 2009. Closing track is "A World of Warcraft Rap" by Brant & Fatty.

Episode #213 - 05.16.2k9

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C4, Andyb0y, and ribo! [news] Zeno Clash developers plead with pirates on torrent sites. X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens at #1 with $87M. Final Fantasy 13 engine work. Duke Nukem Forever... finally dead at long last? Pokemon Gold/Silver remakes to hit Japan. Contra Rebirth on WiiWare. inFAMOUS hints at Sly Cooper 4. Phantom Brave: We Meet Again heading to the Wii. Gears of War 2 reaches 5M sold, new $20 price point with all DLC on June 28th. Thi4f announced! SEGA Vintage Collection 2 on XBLA. Blizzard's new MMO is a completely new IP. Slim PS3? Tony Hawk RIDE. April NPD Group's numbers. Serious Sam 3 announced. [reviews] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Closing track is the kick-ass song from Sacred 2 by Blind Guardian.

Episode #212 - 05.02.2k9

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C4 and Kobar! Handheld Heroes is one year old, and we were there! NintendoDSi WPA2 support. [email] DDMNeo: Dragon Ball Evolution. istoff: iPod Touch. [news] Guitar Hero: Van Halen coming. Valkyria Chronicles has a great sales week, price reduced, and DLC available! SquarEnidos' 0-day Attack on Earth. Fallout 3: Broken Steel DLC soon, retail disc release for Operation Anchorage and Pitt, and "Fallout: New Vegas" - Bethesda doesn't want to do traditional expansions. LEGO Rock Band. Killzone 2 Steel and Titanium DLC. Arkham Asylum (delayed) giving The Joker as exclusive DLC to PlayStation 3 version. Marvel vs Capcom 2 on PSN and XBLA. Call of Duty 4 patch (v1.3.36) addresses cheaters on Xbox LIVE. Some Dead Rising 2 details. Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, a new rail shooter for Wii. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves beta starts June 3rd, has co-op and MP. Ubisoft sets timeframes for Ghost Recon 4, Red Steel 2, and Splinter Cell: Conviction. Dawn of War II soundtrack available for free. MAG trailer. New PSP to be announced at E3? PC NPD numbers. [previews] [NDS]The Dark Spire. [360]Bionic Commando MP demo. [360]Red Faction 2 demo. Closing track is "Have to Code" by MC Plus+, on the album Algorhythms.

Episode #211 - 04.18.2k9

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C4 and Kobar! [email] dslover: Some reviews. [news] Street Fighter IV PC, Championship Mode. GameStop selling used games as new (duh). Guitar Hero: Smash Hits on June 16th. Tales of Vesperia and the mystery of Paty Fruel. Burnout Paradise Cops and Robbers DLC. WWE Smackdown cited in death. NintendoDSi sees strong sales. Stardock's Demigod and piracy problems. Xbox 360 E74 error (aka "possible RRoD") now covered under RRoD extended warranty. Sony's marketing spin. [previews] [XBLA]OutRun. [XBLA]The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. [movies] Yes Man. Role Models. Slumdog Millionaire. Closing track is "Halo (It's All I Play - Oh)" by Palette-Swap Ninja, a parody of Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Snow (Hey Oh)".

Episode #210 - 04.11.2k9

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C4 and Kobar! New gadgetry - 32GB iPod Touch, NintendoDSi. [email] SigFLUP: Learn to parent your children. Seal: Adventureland review. Arieo Delacrois: Prototype, Watchmen: The End is Nigh, Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage, House of the Dead: Overkill. M: Pushing Daisies, Firefly. [news] NintendoDSi is out! Amazon opens Xbox Live Store. Bioshock 2 trailer released, gamers brathe a collective sigh of relief. Final Fantasy 7: International on Japanese PSN store. Assassin's Creed II details! Resident Evil 5 DLC not just an unlock code. [previews] [XBLA]Flock. [360/PS3]Legends of Wrestlemania demo. [XBLA](XNA)The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai. Closing track is "Padding Your Gamerscore" by Palette-Swap Ninja, a parody of "I Write Sins Not Tradgedies" by Panic! At the Disco.



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