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Episode #29 - 12.20.2k3

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C4 and Hunter. Game fixation - searching for the One. Tactical Ops 2004! Best of 2003 (We were going to do Best Movies of 2003 also, but because of time constraints we couldn't)! Closing track is Kevin & Bean - Slim Santa.

Episode #28 - 12.09.2k3

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C4, Hunter, Wulf. The "Everything Sucks" Episode ("Crazy shit"seems to be the catchphrase for this ep.). Email {[modem] FFTA USA outselling .jp! SEGA suing EA and Fox over The Simpsons Road Rage. [MC Cushion] Manhunt. Enter the Matrix. Xbox DVD receiver problems.} R.I.P. Black Isle Studios as we know it. Deus Ex Invisible War runs like crap. SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2003 was a joke. The list they picked, and our picks. Vanilla Ice (wtf??). [PC] Gladiator. [GBA] Sword of Mana. This is where the swearing begins. First half is pretty clean. If you're at work, turn it down. -> R.I.P. "Cedar" 1990-2003. :( <- [[ INTERMISSION ]] (thanks Jenner for the SMB theme). [PC] FFXI (> $MMORPG). Come back in a week or two and hear how much it probably sucks :) Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines. The Core. Closing track is Secret of Mana 'Pure Lands Total Darkness' by Children of the Monkey Machine from

Episode #27 - 12.02.2k3

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C4, Hunter, Wulf. Zelda video got to a lot of people! F33db4ck. Amazing, we fall back on gay and mom jokes before the show even begins, a new low! Wulf sold his soul to Square/Enix (imagine that). C4 == George Costanza. C4 can do no right, and tells a tale about "The Worst Day" of gaming. Cameras still bad, or just not used to it? Controls bad, or too old for today's games? Final word on Nyko controllers : teh sux. Proving once again C4 is always wrong, Dual Shock 2 doesn't suck ass. Ragu sucks. Videogames > Relationships (trust me). The Worst Day story continues. Trimming the fat. Keep every game you buy? The game that saved the day, [PSX] Castlevania : Symphony of the Night. Now that all that's off C4's chest, the show really starts just after 30 minutes in. :\ [GBA] Sword of Mana in da hizzy! Email from Riboflavin on how the Xbox is dangerious for PC gamers. Case in point : Deus Ex : Invisible War. Somehow started talking about old 3Dfx Voodoo cards (not related to Deus Ex). Hype sells. Cash whores (hi Microsoft, Sony). PSX out on Dec 12th with limited feature set after previous hype. Buyer beware! The female image in games (Hi Star, hi Snoopy). Case in point : NFSU photos of the model and their digitized selves at IGN = [Got boobs?] [Digitial Augments 0] [Digital Augments 1]. Walkthroughs. First run of SEGA AGES coming to America, and a second set soon (in .jp at least for now). Halo $30, still selling like mad... wtf? [PC] Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic. [GCN] LoZelda Collector's Edition disc. [PC] FFXI. Gothika. Head of State. Legally Blonde 2. Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle. Hollywood Homicide. Closing track SotN 'Scriabin's Long Library' ReMiX by MC from

Episode #26 - 11.18.2k3

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C4, Hunter, and Wulf. Hopefully a turn for the better for the show. Forums wide open for posting now, guests everywhere. Perfect review of Napster on Radio FreeK America. 1.866.PLY.2.WIN down :( dual's email about Luigi's exploits in online games and GameSpy software. Could be used to deny access to legitimate players. Could be used to take over GameSpy servers. Compromised servers can lead to compromising users' machines. GameSpy, instead of fixing their software, slaps Luigi with a DMCA cease-and-desist. [PC] Jedi Academy. [PC] The Temple of Elemental Evil. [PC] NWN 2nd expansion and [PC] Morrowind GOTY should both be worth their weight in gold. [PC] DAoC Trials of Atlantis. Mario Kart : DD has no online play. [PC] UFO Aftermath. [PC] Pirates of the Caribbean. [PC] Spells of Gold. [PC] Judge Dredd vs Death. A gay tangent. [PC] Pirate Hunter. Wulf fell asleep. [PS2] Contra Shattered Soldier owns. The Doomsday Engine, jDoom, JHeretic, jHexen. [GBA] SimCity 2000 coming this fall! A golden Wulf quote. [GBA] Yu Yu Hakusho. Buying sucky games, sucked in by the hype. F-ZeroGX online circuit. DareDevil. Matrix Revolutions, same effects, part three? RSVP. The Twelve Kingdoms is incredible++ (4 DVD set?) ! RFA, binrev, RGR, OTH, OTW, EQR/CSR. In The Now. SKTFM @ RantRadio, RantTV. Closing track is my favourite Zelda 2 ReMiX, 'Temple Trance' by bLiNd.

Episode #25 - 11.11.2k3

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C4 and Wulf. All forums open for guest posts. Napster. Email, Riboflavin : [PS2] Life Line. Beamryder : Truck/Stair dismount. Scene music, NoError. IBM WILL be supplying processor technology for 'Xbox Next'. Nintendo resumed GCN production. Sony spin doctor release. PS2 launches in China in December. Microsoft more involved in Xbox Next more than Xbox. Xbox Live stats. [PC] Frag.Ops v1.2 is teh win! Tactical-Ops maps in Frag.Ops. IT'S GETTING OUT OF HAND. It was cool when it was just Rapids... GameBoy Advance : Golden Sun 2 sux0r, Advance Wars 2 rox0r. Dooooom. Boxing Fever. Spy Hunter. Wario Ware Inc. [XBX] NBA Jam 2004. N-Gage Cracked (oops, skipped it while covering the news). [PS2] Final Fantasy (su)X-2. [PS2] Castlevania : Lament of Innocence. [PS2] XIII. [PS2] I-Ninja. [PS2] Need For Speed : Underground. Demo discs suck. [BOOK] Chuck Palahniuk is a god. Fugitives and Refugees : A Walk in Portland, Oregon . Diary . Closing track is a familiar tune, "The Legend of Zelda Medley", Kenji Ito : Hyrule Symphony.

Episode #24 - 11.04.2k3

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C4, Wulf, and Ode. Intro music is 'TRAXMOON' (thank you once again Hornet), extended by about two minutes (big apologies to the author), sprinkled with clips from 60 Minutes : Pirates of the Internet. MPAA. RIAA. DownhillBattle.Org. iTunes store. Napster. Britney. Peer Guardian. GameCube, Zelda Compilation disc, and Mario Kart Double Dash 99 Euros(?). GameCube market share increase. Other ways to get the Zelda Compilation disc. Mario Kart Double Dash videos. Xbox 2 processor. RARE's Grabbed by the Ghoulies. RARE is god. SEGA AGES review at 1up. Old games... suck? Give gamers configurable controls! Please give us DVD's instead of five CD games. Ode on the retail version of [PC] Savage. Beta content for future Savage upgrade. [PC] Final Fantasy XI, and MMORPG with... story? FFXI at Warcry. Ode splits. Zodiac handheld. [PC] Neverwinter Nights Gold released. [PS2] .hack//Quarantine delayed. [XBX] Morrowind GOTY is out, sucketh?.[XBX] NBA Jam is out. [PS2] Dynasty Warrior 4 Extreme Legends is out. [PC] Frag.Ops is out. [PC] Red Orchestra. [PC] Heroes of Might and Magic III - In the Wake of the Gods. Cushion with the mad hookups this week. 3 hours of gaming show videos, and an excellent review of [PS2] SSX3 that I get to butcher. Played the [XBX] SSX3 demo. [XBX] Armed & Dangerous. Bubba Ho-tep. Bruce Almighty. Joan of Arcadia (hehe). Final Matrix out tomorrow. Closing track is (as far as I'm concerned) the most beautiful song on the planet, "Kiseki no Umi", from Record of Lodoss War.

Episode #23 - 10.30.2k3

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C4 and Wulf. Apologies for missing last week. Site updates were slow, IRC was hoppin'. Forum changes? Finally have a phone that works with the show, so expect rotating hosts again. Fixed Mozilla problem seconds after I posted the show, so, nm. :) Logo contest ended. John K email, Robot Alchemical Drive. MMORPG's. Where's the adventure? Dark Age of Camelot. EverQuest (I forgot to mention during the show, check out EverQuest Radio). Attempted Lineage 2 Korean beta. Ill wishing World of Warcraft. Savage - go back to the drawing board. C4's final thoughts on [GCN] Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker. Eternal Darkness [GCN] is complete ownage. $15 brand new. Go get it. Now. [GCN] Wave Race : Blue Storm. [GCN] F-Zero, is it any good? GTA's for Xbox still on track. SSX3. [XBX] Amped 2. Wulf picked up [XBX] Star Wars : KOTOR today. [PSX] Legend of Mana. [PS2] Bonk's Adventure (Visit PCEngineFX, click ENTER, scroll down for hi-res shots). Less Is More. * .hack series correction from earlier show, thanks to modemtuh * XBOX price drop in Japan November 20 (thanks vvx)? Diablo II v1.10 patch. XBOX VGA hookup. ** RANT DISCLAIMER : sew your ears shut, lock your children in the closet, turn off your mom's hearing aid. Incoherent, half-fact, four-letter word fest imminent! ** Rant about shiesty media whore anti-free speech lawyer is suing Sony, Take Two, and Wal*Mart because retarded kids shoot cars and blame video games. His site is We got too pissed to continue, so the "And More" part of the show that didn't get recorded is : R.A. Salvatore's new book, " The Lone Drow ", is out. Bubba Ho-tep, and KMFDM WWIII. Closing track 'Doom 2 : Oldskool Demon' by Mazedude from

Episode #22 - 10.15.2k3

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C4 and Wulf. Kingdom Hearts Greatest Hits $20 now (see, they are listening). Dolphin Nintendo GameCube Emulator video. Take it easy on emulator authors, they owe you nothing, you owe them everything. Emulation64. PS2 for $99 mid November? Macrovision's Fade. [PC] Counter-Strike : Condition Zero and etc. EverQuest Radio. GAMER Public Service Announcement from the FTC. ESRB. [PC] Frag-Ops. [PC] Savage. [PC] Freedom Fighters. C4's video game story generator. Tokyo Game Show. [PS2] Suikoden IV. [PS2] Xenosaga II. [GCN] MGS : Twin Snakes. [PS2] MGS3 : Snake Eater. [XBOX] Jade Empire. [GCN/PS2/XBOX] R: Racing Evolution. [PS2] Kingdoms Hearts 2. [PS2] Resident Evil : Outbreak. [PS2] Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. [GCN] Killer 7. [PS2] Kunoichi (Nightshade in US). [PS2] Crimson Tears. [PS2] SNK vs Capcom CHAOS. [XBOX] True Fantasy Live Online. [PS2] Nina. [PS2] Gradius V. [XBOX] Ninja Gaiden. [PS2] Hyper Street Fighter : The Anniversary Edition. Kill Bill is pretty good, eh?. Wulf got Unlimited Saga, it has some crazy FF X-2 rock video on it. Closing track a remix of one of my favourite games, Heroes of Might and Magic 2, 'The Meadows' by Orkybash.

Episode #21 - 10.09.2k3

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C4 and Wulf. HORRIBLE audio quality - WORST EVER. Wulf's mic broke or something, and we had to use his laptop mic - which made it sound like we were in a wind tunnel. When it was removed, the audio gets worse, yet not as annoying as the fan sound (hard to understand though). :( Capt.Castro, forum problems, Bust a Groove. Bag2. FF XI. Cushion, Jak2. Today's platformers suck. No Frag-Ops yet (expect it by October 20th!). Xbox->USB cable. Xctrl. ZTNet store. Nyko AirFlow for PC. GCN's in the hizzy. GCN sales up. Wind Waker doen't suck, but it's not a $50 game. Zelda compilation disc! Graal. BS Zelda. Sony's Greatest $50 Hits, thanks assholes. Suikoden IV video, more TGS next week? .hack series too short for $200. We'd pay $50 a pop for Xenosaga quality though. Nintendo iQue. Half-Life 2 leak (both sides, rumors, conspiracy theories) - Source, "beta", Half-Life port, Counter-Strike port. Counter-Strike : Condition Zero "pre-gold" leaked also. Valve lies. Half-life radio. ^UPDATE: The "patch 1" wasn't necessary, leaker came forth and said he thought it was stuff he forgot to add into the original leak. Patch 2 expected soon. HL1 & CS port out (yes they work, but not online?), and CS:CZ is out.^ I recommend you don't download this stuff and ruin your experience when HL2 comes out - likely sometime after Duke Nukem Forever (*chuckle*chuckle*). "Juarez, Mexico" a popular travel spot for HL2 enthusiasts. :P Join us on IRC at IRC.Esper.NET #GAMER. The future of GAMER. Incredible closing track (stolen from is a remix called 'Force of Light' from the SEGA series Shining Force by FFmusic Dj and SuperGreenX.

Episode #20 - 09.24.2k3

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C4 and Wulf. No sleep, potty humor (this is unusual? Maybe we can't change). Addicting games of the week : Disgaea the shizzle, Wulf needs to RTFDialog. Enfo's digital crack. Fantasy vs Sci-fi. Email from Frag-Ops team! SpetsNazC4 on Equilibrium, sounds great! Downhill Domination. GCN $99. C4's AirFlowEX doesn't work right, in the face of not buying the service plan. cushion's very thoughtful post. Thinking about a GCN? Why would you NOT? Interplay game soundtracks available for download. Piracy is bad! The Temple of Elemental Evil from Atari on KaZaA. D&D Heroes. BG: Dark Alliance 2 + bonus DVD with preorder. UT2004 on DVD as well as 27 CDs? Half-Life 2 DELAYED! [PS2] Transformers. [PC] C&C Generals : Zero Hour. [ALL] The Simpsons : Hit & Run, graphical tearing? Thanks to Apple's Quicktime, C4 experienced his first WinXP BSOD. Gametrailers. C4 whore's for Nintendo. Again. A Perfect Circle : Thirteenth Step in the hizzy. FUTV. A rant about TV. Trailer Park Boys. Closing track Deadly Towers 'S&M Dungeon Tour' by Memblers. Shamelessly stolen from OCRemix.



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