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Archives: Episodes 170 through 179

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Episode #179 - 02.16.2k8

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C4 and Kobar. Kobar's new PC. [email] cushion: [360]Saint's Row. buttle: [Wii]Geometry Wars Galaxies. Ryan: Do a retro episode. Dt: Logitech G15/G25. Tommy: Nokia N81. [news] Epic shifts focus from PC to consoles. nVidia buys Ageia (makers of PhysX) and will add Ageia physics engine to the GeForce 8 series cards through software. PlayStation 2 games available as downloads for the PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network? IBM shrinks the Cell processor (45nm). Sony shrinks the Blu-ray laser. Blu-ray vs HD DVD: Blu-ray wins : Wal*Mart/Netflix to go Blu-ray exclusive, Best Buy to focus on Blu-ray promotion, and Toshiba to end HD DVD support. Activision announces Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, which is just one of THREE new Guitar Hero games for 2008! Activision files for a trademark on "DJ Hero". January US NPD: Wii/NDS/360 shortages give PlayStation 3 some much needed ground. CAPCOM to get sued for Dead Rising by Dawn of the Dead group. [previews] [360]Lost Odyseey. [NDS]Dungeon Explorer. [PC]Unreal Tournament III. Closing audio is a clip from FOX "News" on Mass Effect.

Episode #178 - 02.02.2k8

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C4 and Kobar. Buyer's Guide part 2 of 2.

Episode #177 - 01.26.2k8

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C4 and Kobar. Buyer's Guide part 1 of 2.

Episode #176 - 01.19.2k8

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C4 and Kobar. Gaming burnout. [email] ThoughtCriminal: Make with the shows. MarsKnight: Best of/Buyer's Guide show, new 360 owner. Seal: The new National Treasure movie sucks. Masque: Carnival Games for the Wii isn't bad. AlexC: WoW and CoD4 are all I need. Andyb0y: Multiplayer experience with Halo 3. Assassin's Creed. [news] Undertow will be free next week. Halo 3 top selling game in the US for 2007. C4's OS woes - A year later Vista STILL sucks (of course it does). [previews] [XBLA/PC/PS3]Bionic Commando Rearmed! [XBLA] Omega Five. [NDS]Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. [NDS]Mazes of Fate DS. [movies] Suckass movies: Juno, The Nines, Rocket Science. Closing track is "Everyday Normal Guy 2" by Jon Lajoie.

Episode #175 - 01.12.2k8

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C4 and Kobar. GAMERadio 2007 Games of the Year show! Closing track is "Everyday Normal Guy" by Jon Lajoie.

Episode #174 - 12.22.2k7

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C4 and Kobar. Don't forget to vote for GAMERadio GOTY! The GAMERadio releases calendar lives on for 2008! [email] Dark Dragon Man Neo: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3. Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution. Planet Terror. Death Proof. Super Mario Galaxy. Mok: Unreal Tournament III. [news] Duke Nukem Forever teaser released - WTH?! PSP sales way up. PSP firmware v3.80 allows PSOne games (requires a PS3). Two teens kill seven year old girl, blame Mortal Kombat. [previews] [360]Turok demo. [360]Dark Messiah demo. [movies] The Invasion. National Treasure 2 in theaters now! Some afterthoughts on 2008. Closing track is from Contra 4, the track is "Jungle 1".

Episode #173 - 12.15.2k7

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C4 and Kobar. [email] Lord_Drachenblut: GAMERadio marathon, XBMC & FreeNAS, GAMERadio factoids. Ryan: New computer? NOT Game of the Year material: Unreal Tournament III, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft expansions. SikSlayer: [NDS]Contra 4 review! Svinnsson: [NDS]Geometry Wars Galaxies review. Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword [demo] preview. [Win] Sam & Max (season 1 episode 1). Futurama: Bender's Big Score. [previews] Burnout Paradise [demo] available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 - bottom line: they took the Burnout out of Burnout. [reviews] [360]Assassin's Creed (the PlayStation 3 version would have a much different review than the Xbox360 version as it suffers from slowdown, lockups, and other terrible problems). [XBLA]Arkadian Warriors - for $10 it will barely pass an afternoon. Time for some Wii love? C4's recent addition of a Wii to the command center may still be short lived. A year later and it's still limping along for the hardcore. Top 20 Wii games, maybe 6 of which are worthy. Wii very popular with casual gamers. Wii shovelware a problem for the hardcore market. [Wii]Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is amazing! [Wii]Super Mario Galaxy is an amazing experience that every gamer must enjoy. Closing track is "Good Egg Galaxy" from the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack.

Episode #172 - 12.01.2k7

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C4 and Kobar. R.I.P. BinRevRadio, thank you for everything through out the years. C4's Christmas story. [email] Night Brian: Jericho review. istoff: How to pick your platform. Andyb0y: Halo 3, Puzzle Quest, Guitar Hero III, Chromehounds, Nintendo Wii, American Gangster, Battlestar Galactica, Super Smash Brother Melee. GXKingofGames: PS3 or Wii? WsNinja: Ace Combat 6 is the bomb, card games. AlexC: CoD4, TF2, and BF2's Reality Mod. dslover: the pspsuxxass zmogteh nindods is awsom (C4: I have no idea, something about the PSP sucks and the NDS is awesome). AlexC: The Gerstmann firing at GameSpot. [news] [PS3]The PS3 version of The Orange Box sucks. SOny drops the price of the PlayStation 3 development kit - cut by half! Xbox 360 backwards compatibility update and Fall update news. [reviews] [360]Mass Effect. Closing track is "Ni Hao (A Gold Farmer's Story)" by the genius minds at "Mad Cow Studios" - visit their site to watch the video!

Episode #171 - 11.17.2k7

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C4 and Kobar. IGN cheated on their Assassin's Creed review - they gave it 6.5, 7.7, AND 8.7. GAMERadio Games of the Year 2007 kicks off! Vote in the forums now! No show next week. Lord_Drachenblut's GAMER marathon. [email] AlexC: Xbox 360 HD DVD standard before HDDs? istoff: Guitar Hero 3 demo bootable on CD-R - can this be exploited? Ryan: Super Smash Brothers. AlexC: High intensity game burnout. [news] Xbox Originals. Rock Band DLC plans. Ghostbusters early game footage. Crysis is out - can you run it? [previews] [Wii]Super Mario Galaxy. [360]Assassin's Creed. [reviews] [XBLA]Mutant Storm Empire. [ALL]Guitar Hero III. [360/PC/PS3]TES4: Oblivion ~ The Shivering Isles expansion. [360/PC/PS3]Call of Duty 4. No closing track this week (the show is over three hours long, no need to make the files any larger than they already are. ^_^).

Episode #170 - 10.20.2k7

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C4 and Kobar. [email] Alex L: Halo 3. Alex C: Market segments. DDMNeo: [Wii]Bleach, [NDS]Bleach, Resident Evil Extinction. Error: Halo 3. JUiCE: Portal. [news] [PC]Gears of War for PC on Nov. 6th, 2007. Ratchet & Clank comes early for PS3. No Metal Gear Solid 4 demo on PSN ("prior to release"). Okami for Wii in 2008. [360]Guitar Hero 3 demo works on CD-R (not available for download on XBL at the time of the show). BioShock Revoke Tool. $400 PlayStation 3 for USA. $600 80GB PS3 dropped to $500. Nintendo Wii usage is down. Bionic Commando. Street Fighter 4. Nintendo ends NES support. Unreal Tournament 3 Linux information. Games coming in the next two weeks...



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