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Archives: Episodes 160 through 169

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Episode #169 - 10.13.2k7

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C4 and Kobar. Email at the beginning or end of the show? [email] Andyb0y: Prey, Madden08, Evan Almighty. Dt: Steam. IAmError: Official Seal of Quality, "Wii Time Strategy" games. Dt: Half-Life 2 episode 2. frozenwalkway: Master Chief vs Master Chief. [news] Clevland, OH shooting, "He plays Gears of War, but not Halo 3". Xbox 360's Jasper > Falcon. Upcomng Super Smash Brothers for the Wii delayed, and adds Sonic. Recently released demos, heavy hitters: Unreal Tournament 3 and Call of Duty 4. Recently released games - Puzzle Quest on XBLA, [360/PC]The Orange Box. More upcoming games this week. Closing track is the ending credits song in the game Portal.

Episode #168 - 10.06.2k7

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C4 and Kobar. Halo 3 campaign wrap-up. [reviews] Halo 3 multi-player. [news] Zelda: Phantom Hourglass is out. Halo 3 week 1 sales vs Gears of War at 47 weeks. Guitar Hero 3 on PC and Mac? How will that effect Frets on Fire? Bungie no longer owned by Microsoft. 399euro PlayStation 3. [previews] Clive Barker's Jericho. Half-Life 2: The Orange Box. [email] istoff: Halo 3 hype. Alex: skate, Wii issues. Dann Washko: Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption. Closing track this week is... nothing. The show was long enough and I didn't have the time to hunt something down. The little clip at the end is from the Team Fortress 2 promotional videos.

Episode #167 - 09.29.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! [email] bigboy2008: The Invasion, Hot Fuzz, Rush Hour 3, Hard Candy. RHLinuxGuy: Console cheating online? IAmError: Sony hardware durability. Data Maggot: Command Center Layout. DT: Infinite Undiscovery. istoff: Not using the PS3 for tons of gaming just yet. istoff: Halo 3 vs Bioshock vs Gears of War. [review] [360]Halo 3 CAMPAIGN review, single player and co-op. We "saved" the multi-player for next week so that we could spend even more time with it for a fair chance. Closing track (not the dumb bitch dialog part) is the Halo theme.

Episode #166 - 09.15.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Audio quality bad last week, fixed now (2 new microphones). Call of Duty 4 beta talk. Casual gamers with Wii's waiting for the fun games. Kobar's issues with video game remakes. [email] Tyres: Zero Punctuation BioShock review on Svinnsson: [360]Two Worlds review. Fore1337's kick ass PlayStation 3 review, entitled "PS3 Hell Week", detailing his findings and experiences with the Sony PlayStation 3. C4 has a "Hell Two Days" with the PlayStation 3 also. Closing track is from the game BioShock, called "Empty Houses".

Episode #165 - 09.08.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! WE HAD A MICROPHONE DIE JUST AS WE STARTED - PLEASE BEAR WITH THE SHIT AUDIO QUALITY - NEW MICS ALREADY PREPARED FOR NEXT WEEK. [email] istoff: Gamer's Phonetic Alphabet. Ryan: Super Contra III - Alien Wars on Wii Virtual Console. Alex: Defcon. DDMNeo: 300, Hot Fuzz, The Simpsons Movie, Rush Hour 3. [news] Enemy Territory: Quake Wars coming soon! sales figures - Wii leading, over 11M sold! PlayStation 3 compatability "60GB SKU" vs "every other PS3 SKU". [previews] [360]Blue Dragon. Closing track is from the comic geniuses at, called "Bad Game", written by Jeremy Adams and Adrian Cherikos.

Episode #164 - 09.01.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! BioShock wrap up. [360]Two Worlds getting terrible reviews (from "professional" reviewers and 15 year old fanboys on every forum everywhere). [email] DDMNeo: Superbad, BioShock. 1337_Christy: Luminous Arc, Superbad. CaptainP0we3r: BioShock Achievements. SikSlayer: War (movie), [360]Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare BETA. C4's CoD4beta story and more CoD4 details. istoff: New PlayStation 3 owner, why don't Xbox Live Marketplace good drop price over time? Closing track is from the [360]Blue Dragon soundtrack, a great song called 'BAD BUT BAT'.

Episode #163 - 08.25.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Fanboyism. [email] Rickard: SplitFish FragFX. Yotsuba: Dubs vs Subs. istoff: PC friend getting his 360 cherry popped. [news] Manhunt 2 edited down to a Mature rating (from Adults Only), will be released on PSP, PS2, and Wii this Halloween. No answer from Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo on exactly WHY they will not allow an "AO" rated game on their respective consoles. Madden '08: 360 (60fps) vs PS3 (30fps), with an explanation from EA. A staggering number of gamers are not aware of their consoles features besides "plays games". Sony sued over Cell processor. Xbox360 accessories new higher price at Best Buy (~$3 over MSRP). Red/Onyx NintendoDS (with Brain Age 2) released! Xbox360 updates (Zephyr, Falcon, Xbox360 Arcade). Analysts surprised Xbox360 outsold PlayStation 3 this July - duh? Highly anticipated (and marketed/jyped) [360]Blue Dragon, [PS3]Lair, [PS3]Heavenly Sword, [PS3]Folklore turn out to be all very mediocre games? [previews] [PSP]Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics is complete crap. [PSP]Jeanne d'Arc kicks much ass! [PSP]final Fantasy I & II : 20th Anniversary Editions are great! [360] BioShock : say hello to the game of the year? Closing track is "Welcome to Rapture" from the game BioShock, soundtrack available from The Cult of Rapture.

Episode #162 - 08.05.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! [email] Bigboy2008: Movie reviews. 1337_Christy: Naruto - Ultimate Ninja 2, Tenchu Z. RubbaD: Upcoming DS games? DarkDragonManNeo: Trauma Center, Overlord, Dead or Alive 4, Phoenix Wright - Justice For All. id Tech5. Halo 3 at 7-11. [XBLA]Mutant Storm Empire. DVD9/PGR4. Halo 3's co-op. More Guitar Hero 3 tracks! Dragon Quest remakes! Grand Theft Auto 4 delayed.

Episode #161 - 07.29.2k7

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C4, Kobar, and ribo! ribo joins us via TeamSpeak this week. Ep160 was late because it was a monster show (~3 hours!). IRC drive-bys. Would like more PlayStation3 news/opinions for a future show. [email] Dann Washko: A family that Kombats together, stays together. Seal: Geometry Wars from Steam. JUiCE: Universal VGA adapter. Joshua: How exactly are sales stats measured? Frozenwalkway: Wii Zapper replacement? Frozenwalkway: Wii DVD compatability. istoff: Sony's E3 2007, 'How To Kill Your Brand' song ( Ryan: PS3 love, future MMO? [news] (ok, so this is more of a rant) DirectX 10 on WindowsXP. Condemned 2: Bloodshot toning down it's content to appease the ESRB and avoid the dreaded AO rating. NUMBERS: Nintendo kicking ass and taking handfuls of cash, Sony sucking ass, and Microsoft taking it up the ass. Metal Gear Solid 4 fifteen minute gameplay video! Closing track is from the godlike remixist Mazedude called 'Jackrabbit Transformer', a remix of Jazz Jackrabbt 2, available from

Episode #160 - 07.15.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! "E3 lite" has came and went. This extra large episode covers just about everything we saw during the three main conferences. First up is Microsoft, followed by Nintendo, rounded out by Sony. Clsoing track is by Yuji Toriyama and called 'Rush of the Wind ~ Guile Stage~'.



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