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Episode #159 - 07.08.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Forum spam problem fixed! Slackware 12.0 is out! [email] Frozenwalkway: Geometry Wars Galaxies comes with Retro Evolved. DDMNeo: [PS2]God of War 2 and [360]F.E.A.R. 1337_Christy: [360]The Darkness, [360]Overlord. [news] No multiplayer for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Nintendo has teh intartubes. Xbox 360 warranty extended to 3 years for Red Ring of Death problem! Sony PlayStation 3 price drop to $599 - everything points to 'yes', Sony swears up and down 'no', we don't believe them. Electronic Arts continuing to wipe their ass with gaming: introducing "Adchievments"; what a bunch of fuckers they are. [movies] Big Nothing. Shooter. 1408. Hot Fuzz. Pan's Labyrinth. [games] Frets on Fire. Closing track is one of the three tracks that comes with Frets on Fire called 'Bang Bang, Mystery Man' by Mary Jo featuring Tommi Inkila.

Episode #158 - 07.01.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! [email] Laylong: PSP homebrew goodness. RaMDaY: ESRB, Manhunt 2's Adults Only rating, Nintendo/Sony(/Microsoft) stance on AO rated games. cushion: [XBX]Psychonauts, [PS2]Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Dragon's Lair coming to NintendoDS! The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Japanese released! E3 2007 is nearly upon us, and we take a (lengthy) look at the list of games we expect to hear more about during the July 10-11th conferences. There are far more games than we talking about, but we picked the ones that piqued our interest ([PC]x15, [Wii]x12, [NDS]x6, [360]x43, [PS3]x47, and [PSP]x8 !). The closing track is "No Frickin' Games" from; a short song about the lack of PlayStation 3 titles.

Episode #157 - 06.24.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! [email] Newfie: Xbox 360 games. Lentium: nVidia GeForce 8 series cards. istoff: Etrian Odyssey, Bigass monitors, Guitar Hero 2, Logitech G25 owns, why doesn't it work on the 360 (but does on PC, PS2, PS3). DDMNeo: Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, Jackass game coming to PSP and DS? Trackieman: Second Life on Linux. kiduk: SiCKO. [news] Manhunt 2 gets an AO rating - SHELVED :(. Prince of Persia Classic on XBLA (good job!). Eternal Sonata/Trusty Bell demo on Japanese Xbox Live. Bomberman Live on Xbox Live Arcade soon! SimCity DS is out, review soon. [reviews] [XBLA]Band of Bugs. [360]Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia. [movies] Epic Movie. Reno 911!: Miami. The Last Mimzy. Closing track is "Ring of Fire" from!

Episode #156 - 06.10.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! More Etrian Odyssey (we love this game). [email] Andyb0y: Mr. Brooks. Kizzle: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance sucks. [previews] [360]Hour of Victory. [360]Overlord. [XBLA]Mad Tracks. [reviews] [XBLA]Pac-Man Championship Edition rocks! Remakes of old. [360]Shadowrun. [movies]Next. Closing track is by Ryo Lion, it is a remix from Chrono Trigger called 'Dignity Ark', and is avilable from

Episode #155 - 06.03.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! GAMER Etrian Odyssey update. Disgaea on DS possibly? [email] SikSlayer: PlayStation 3 updates! 1.8 PS3 firmware, Upcoming PlayStation 3 games. Andyb0y: [NDS]Rocket Slime. [news] New York indecent game law. Tomb Raider Anniversary (Xbox 360 version will be downloadable content, then a retail disc later?). Nintendo's numbers, Virtual Console sales. Lego Star Wars : The Complete Saga. New iD Software game (new engine, new intellectual property!). [reviews] [360]Crackdown. Downloadable content. [movies] Blood Diamond. Beer League. Closing track is from, it is a Super Mario 64 remix called 'Spinlock' by aluminum.

Episode #154 - 05.27.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! [email] Aardkwak: All hail the Pokemon invasion! Lowtek Mystic: Terrorist Jackie Thompson takes aim at Halo 3. Svinnsson: Geometry Wars for NDS, Wii. bwillard: Puzzle Quest kicks ass. DDMNeo: Super Paper Mario sucks. soulreaver: HELL. FUCKING. YES! Starcraft 2! [news] Guitar Hero 3. Summertime NintendoDS games. [preview] [NDS] Etrian Odyssey. Closing track is by Derek Oren and Jeremy Robson, a Final Fantasy VI remix entitled 'Cantata for Dancing: I. Mors ego sum mortis', and is available from

Episode #153 - 05.13.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! [email] Andyb0y: Smokin' Aces, [360]Guitar Hero 2, [NDS]Conductra. DDMNeo: Anime convention, Ninja Nonsense, [Wii]Bleach (J), [Wii]Super Paper Mario. ws_ninja: [360]Armored Core 4, [PC]Command & Conquer 3. drbob: XBMC. barbwire: How to kick the WoW habit? [news] Final Fantasy 4 remake coming soon, expect the "FF3 treatment". Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (J) dated: June 23rd! Condemned 2 announced! New Rygar in development for the Wii. Unreal Tournament 3 will be DirectX 10. Burnout Paradise releases September 11, 2007? PS2's Dawn of Mana May 22nd! R.I.P. Clover Studios (Okami) :( Xbox 360's newest System Update. Marvel Ultimate Alliance GOLD/DLC. [reviews] [XBLA]Catan. [NDS]Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. [movies] Spider-man 3 sucked ass! Closing track is by NoppZ and is a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night remix called 'Nothing But a Pile of Dance Moves!', and is available from

Episode #152 - 04.22.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! I lost the damn notes somehow. Will fix this later ^_^. Closing track is by Blue Magic, a Chrono Cross remix called 'Song of Ruin', and available from!

Episode #151 - 04.14.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! The problem with the forum (and the spam). [email] Preacher: Other podcasts? Your parents were right! Jlif: Babel Sucks! Jlif: Twilight Princess is good, Super-man sucks! Seal: Uwe Boll's Postal movie teaser on YouTube, in a way mocking "9/11". [news] Korean site claims to have Starcraft 2 news. Some MMO talk. China demands online games install anti-addiction software within four months! Play will be limited to three hours before the "health warnings" start. No more progression in the games after five hours of play! Bethsda buys the Fallout IP from Interplay, it is now licensed to Interplay for an MMO. [movies] Smokin' Aces. Blades of Glory. Closing track is on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Soundtrack, called "Turtle Power" by Partners in Kryme.

Episode #150 - 04.08.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Recorded on Easter - we thought "Easter Eggs" would be a good topic. Instead we managed to fail miserably and talk abuot the "negative world" or "minus world" in Super Mario Brothers. [email] D.t: Singing in movies/shows sucks ass, 300 rocks. Seal: The price of old games ~ & [news] PSP price drop. [PSP] Final Fantasy : 20th Anniversary Edition and [PSP] Final Fantasy 2 : 20th Anniversary Edition coming soon. Xbox 360 Spring dashboard update. Xbox 360 controller QWERTY keyboard attachment. [previews] [Wii] Super Paper Mario. [PC/360/PS3] Unreal Tournament 3 (aka: UT2k7). Closing track is a Sonic the Hedgehog 3 remix available from called 'Eastern Ice Field' by Big Giant Circles.



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