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Archives: Episodes 140 through 149

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Episode #149 - 04.01.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Because it has been so long this episode is mostly an email episode. [email]: flanque: Command & Conquer 3 demo review. Kizzle: Reno 911: Miami review. istoff: istoff 1, C4 0 - bigger is better. flanque: PlayStation 3 launch. Svinnson: The Wii is not innovative. DDMNeo: What happened to the handhelds? RaMDaY: Geometry Wars on Windows Vista (yes, the real thing for USD 8.00). Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite version coming soon. Closing track kicks much ass - "How to Kill Your Brand" by Doc Adams (YouTube video - not by the artist).

Episode #148 - 03.04.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Gears of War on a 95 inch projection screen. [email] Kiduk: Reno 911: Miami. [movies] Upcoming movies: Transformers, TMNT, Zodiac, The Simpsons, Blades of Glory, 300. [reviews] [PS2]Guitar Hero II. [news] Upcoming games of 2007. Closing track is a Super Mario World remix by zircon called 'Monstrous Turtles!' and is available from

Episode #147 - 02.18.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! GAMERadio's four year anniversary! C4's gameFly games go missing. [email] Andyb0y: Elite Beat Agents, Employee of the Month, Bottom's Up. frozenwalkway: Super-Man. Online game rentals. Peter: Wasted potential. [DDMNeo] Wiiiiiii! Kiduk: Man of the Year. [news] Final Fantasy VI Advance is out! Halo 3 multi-player beta due this spring. [preview] World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Closing track is remix from The 7th Guest called 'Dolls from Hell' by Mazedude, available from

Episode #146 - 02.04.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Ghostbusters and TimeO. [email] Error: Final Fantasy 12 is good! Tommy: Lumines! Dann Washko: Portrait of Ruin. Svinnsson: TVersity. Bruce: Lost Planet. Svinnsson: Geometry Wars 2? [previews] [360] Crackdown. [XBLA] Heavy Weapon. [reviews] [360] Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. [movies] idiocracy. The Departed. Closing track is available from : Final Fantasy VI : 'Terra Black Crystal' by Kaijin.

Episode #145 - 01.14.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! GAM3Radio. SCALE. Vista 01/30/2007. PS3 SUXAXIS, battery. Xbox/360/PS3 weight. Let me use my headset for single player gaming. ANYA! [email] Andyb0y : DS games, 360 games (Saint's Row). Seal : Little Miss Sunshine. Super Sin Sin : 300. George : Left Behind : Eternal Forces. Cillian : GoW online, Xbox Live experiences. Best selling game franchises. Slamdance Festival and Super Columbine Massacre RPG. Gears of War patch, two new maps, and PC rumors. [preview] [360/PS3] Tony Hawk's Project 8. [360] Lost Planet. [360] Condemned: Criminal Origins (only previewed - 50% complete). [reviews] [360] Amped 3, [360] Kameo : Elements of Power. [movies] Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer. Saw 3! Closing track is Henry Rollins speaking on Net Neutrality.

Episode #144 - 01.07.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Racist/anti-religious jokes. [email] andyb0y: Gamefly, PS3 dropped the ball? RARE executives leave the company. Eric: 25 years with no console. istoff: Gaming insanity. FaceRppr: New to the 360. Newfie: Wii Sports, Trauma Center, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Red Steel. Microsoft's Xbox Zephyr. XFPS 360 - keyboard and mouse on your Xbox! [Wii] Super Swing Golf. [movies] Beerfest. Snakes on a Plane. Dead or Alive. Closing track is a New Super Mario Brothers remix called 'Mushroom Madness' by Jredd, and is available from

Episode #143 - 01.01.2k7

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C4 and Kobar! Happy New Year! Awesome new intro by Scyther! Games and More Entertainment Radio's Games of the Year 2006 episode!

Episode #142 - 12.24.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! Happy Festivus. "Would you like a PS3?" "No, but do you have any Wii's?". "Virtual Fighter 5 coming to Xbox 360! [email] frozenwalkway: Wiimote accuracy, military game. Ozzimo: Hitman movie details! Andyb0y: 360 games. Microsoft extends Xbox 360 warranty to one year, and retroactive refunds! Wii end-of-the-year Virtual Console updates! 2006 recap. Vote in the GAMERadio GOTY06 polls in the forums! Closing track is Kevin & Bean - Slim Santa.

Episode #141 - 12.17.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! GAMERadio GOTY06 details. [email] Andyb0y: backgroun don a newly immersed gamer. Steve M.: Future of Xbox 360. Kiduk: Guitar Hero 2 review. Cushion: Rayman raving Rabbids review and Wii Virtual Console. [news] Nintendo replacing Wiimote straps. 100,000 Microsoft Points giveaway. NintendoDS goodness: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Kirby's Squeak Squad are out, upcoming games : Final Fantasy Crystal Chronics: Ring of Fates, Heroes of Mana, and Dragon Quest 9. Zelda: Twilight Princess released for GCN. Wii Broswer dates (Swiss). [360]LEGO Star Wars II. XBOX LIVE ARCADE FEATURE. XBLA games. [360]Arcade Unplugged. If you only had x points... Upcoming XBLA games. [movies] Borat. A Scanner Darkly. Closing track is a Final Fantasy VI remix called 'Allfactory' by E-Bison, and is available at

Episode #140 - 12.10.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! DooM's birthday. [email] Dark DragonMan Neo: Dying Fantasy, import games in Wii, Banjo Kazooie, Virtual Console Goldeneye, Rogue Galaxy. Dicky Tebaggins: Andyb0y: Newly immersed gamer. Vote in GAMERadio GOTY06! Spike TV Video Game Awards. 360 vs PS3 comparison shots hit the web. Nintendo sued over Wiimote trigger. Japan hardware/software sales. North American hardware/software sales. [movies] Beerfest. Pulse. Stay Alive. Closing track is by Megadeth, called Gears of War, and the preview played is available from their website.



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