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Episode #119 - 05.14.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! E3 2006 is over, we talk about the conferences from the first two days. The Sony conference. The Microsoft conference. The Nintendo conference.

Episode #118 - 04.30.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! [email] Nomad NightfallGemini: Eve Online clarfication. Error: Final Fantasy : Advent Children. Chris: Ragnarok Online. Covance: Kingdom Hearts 2. doom: Nintendo Wii. Fighter17: Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii, viral marketing? Wii legit? Nintendo's lack of a registered trademark for Wii. Physics acceleration with PhysX ( or through modified video drivers (future ForceWare release from nVidia?). Tony Hawk Pro Skater "PlayStation 3" leaked animation footage. New Zelda game for the Nintendo DS. Guild Wars : Factions is out. [indy:] Dodge that Anvil. LinCity-NG. Weird Worlds. Secret Maryo Chronicles. Brutal Chess. NewWolf. Dofus. Glest. Super Mario : Blue Twilight DX. [movies] Silent Hill. Closing track is ripped from an video (thanks tittentei).

Episode #117 - 04.23.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! Audio issues in 116. [email] Puppy: What to play, Oblivion. kiduk: Duke Nukem Forever. Trake M: Oblivion difficulty. utsoulreaver: SEGA handheld? Dann: TLLTS Linux World Expo eps, LaGER!! E3 in only sixteen days! Bioshock, spiritual sucessor to System Shock. SiN: Episodes. Possible NiGHTS Into Dreams sequel? New Castlevania for the Nintendo DS! Nintendo far more interesting than anything else. Tidbits about the Nintendo Revolution. Tomb Raider: Legend v1.1. [PC] Heroes of Might and Magic V demo! [PSP] Tales of Eternia. [PS2] Kingdom Hearts II. Closing track is a Castlevania : Circle of the Moon remix by GrayLightning and Rexy called 'Time's Anxiety', available at

Episode #116 - 04.09.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! [email] utsoulreaver: Apple's Boot Camp. doom: Nintendo's profits. JeFF_MaN: Oblivion difficulty. Nomad NightfallGemini: Eve Online. FrozenWalkway: Eve Online. Geo_king: Exanimus. Trake M: Game image. Today's adventure to the store to buy a game. World of Warcraft really does suck. PlayStation 3 price? Creative Labs X-Fi audio card. [PC/XBX/PS3] Condemned: Criminal Origins (demo). [PC] Rise of Legends (demo). [PC/XBX/360/PS2] Tomb raider: Legend (demo). [movies] A Sound of Thunder. The closing track is a Lufia remix called 'Metastatic Bloodline' by Darangen, and is available at

Episode #115 - 04.02.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! April Fool's Day. [email] Error: Grandia 3. Zero: EverQuest II lore. Supersinsin: Desperate Housewives game. Frozenwalkway: Eve Online. Geo-King: VirtuSphere. [news] Nintendo gets 1000 Genesis and Turbo grafx-16 games for the Nintendo Revolution! [PC/360] The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion (initial impressions). [movies] Domino. Waiting. Just Friends. Jarhead. Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Zathura. Lord of War. The Aristocrats. Saw 2. Hostel. Closing track is a Final Fantasy VI remix by Ailsean called 'Terra in Black', and is available from and

Episode #114 - 03.19.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! Apologies for the first minute or so of the show, there was something funky with the audio and it is VERY quiet. GAMER is three years old! PWNZ. [email] Geo-King: Duke Nukem Forever alpha video. Jeff_Man: Stargate MMO. Tommy: Story in games (Doom 3's story), SWG, EQ2, imbalance. Supersinsin: Revolution dev kit. Seal: Multiplayer games and "you". Fighter17: Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, NES 20th, Giga Wing 2 for DC. Jeff_Man: Battlefield 2 Boost Pack for $10. MPH 2.0 loader. Madar: ('Best email evar!' entry) Old games, what made them great, linux games, corporations, indy devs. Xbox 360 DVD-ROM firmware hack. [PS2] Grandia 3. [PC] Vanguard : Saga of Heroes. Silent Hill Trailer. Clerks 2 trailer. Closing track is a Grandia II remix called 'A Deus ex Harpa (Second Seal Mix)' by DarkeSword, available at

Episode #113 - 02.12.2k6

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C4 and Kobar! (Please forgive the notes, they may be slighty more inaccurate than usual this week. Not that anyone reads them except for C4 five or six times...) [email] Puppy : Creative labs X-Fi Platinum Linux support, Kobar's volume. Uncle Toxie : Serenity. utsoulreaver : New Super mario Brothers on the Nintendo DS (video :! JeFF_MaN : EA Downloader (EA's answer to Valve's Steam). Electronic Arts and the System Shock trademark. Half-Life 2 expansion "Episode 1". [360] Perfect Dark Zero getting new multiplayer maps and [360] Kameo getting online co-op play courtesy of Xbox Live! [NDS] The revamped Nintendo DS (like nobody saw this coming), the DS Lite! [PSP] Street Fighter Alpha 3. Single player gaming == wanking. [PS2] Grandia 3. [XBX/PS2/PC] Marc Ecko's Getting Up : Contents Under Pressure. [PC] RF online blurb. [movies] The Corpse Bride. The 40 Year Old Virgin. Final Destination 3. The "divde by $SEQUEL_NUMBER" rule. Firewall. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 : Dead Man's Chest. Closing track is a goddamn masterpiece created by "Evilhoof" and "Flayed" called "The Internet is for Porn" (see the video at

Episode #112 - 02.06.2k6

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C4 and ribo, Kobar unshackled for this week (ok, ok, it's his birthday). [email] v1p3r - Console bugs (DoA4 and CoD2), Counter-strike Subway ads. utsoulreaver and CyberDaemon - Duke Nukem Forever. Bad games and the 'new' gamers. JeFF_MaN - gamer chicks, the PSP downgrader rocks, broken input devices. Dann - Hostel (which C4 can't pronounce to save his life), linux gaming show? Ozzimo - new MMO based podcast! Single player RPG's vs MMO's. Dragon Quest 8 was great Is .hack the middle ground? RPG evolution, gameplay, story, and graphics. MMORPG storyline. MMORPG quests. WoW's quests. WoW's battlegrounds. WoW PvP stories. The Dr's great idea (thanks FFXI) to make WoW BG's worth a fuck. Opening clip is courtesy of }Error{, thanks for raping me :) Closing track is "WoW is a Feeling" from PurePwnage.

Episode #111 - 01.29.2k6

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C4 and Kobar. [email] Yauch - Music and ROM hacks. Doomlazer - Machinegun spelling. jjj - Serenity. Dann - Godzilla: Final Wars. utSoulreaver - Year of the Sequel. The Big Giant - WoW. DDO sucks. The World of Warcraft 1.9 experiment, through the eyes of a newbie. Closing track is a very catchy Star Trek themed tune called 'The Picard Song' by DarkMateria, available at

Episode #110 - 01.15.2k6

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The GAMERadio Games of the Year show 2005.
Contributors : cushion, hades, ribo, zombie5, Mocker, Seal, Loretz, Tittentei, bigboy2008, Robo-Christian, john_k, Flamecuber, Memnon, kidukfoo, Custardo, Scyther, Sega Ages, xafan, Lentium, ws_ninja, red troll, fuchikoma-x, bankrupt, ozzim, Error, aardkwak, Yendaa, vexidus, Caffiend, Daerana, and Uncle Toxie.
Closing track is a Mega Man 7 remix called 'Bombin' Shade of Blue' by Trenthian.



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