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Episode #19 - 09.16.2k3

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C4 and Wulf. No Bobnino this week because the poor quality of the files his iBook is producing are irritating. :( I hope he gets that thing fixed soon. Email from SpetsNazC4 about's first impressions of the Nokia N-Gage (the first 20 minutes of the show for THAT? Sucketh). Audacity crashes. An uninformative short on Nintendo's GameBoy Videophone. Frag.Ops, take notes, you're going to want to play this. Sony PS2 hdd with FFXI. PS2 online game list. WarCraft III custom map, "enfo's team survival" is digital crack. The GameCube bundle hunt. BattleNet cheating is bad. Gus' artwork! New Xbox Dashboard. Closing track "Lotus 2 - Overdrive" by Hornpipe2.

Episode #18 - 09.12.2k3

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C4 and Wulf once again. Bobnino hooked up the phatty tunes for the new intro. Preliminary GAMER forum is online. Wulf's playing Disgaea : Hour of Darkness during the show. Apparently his eyes still work. Email : modemtuh [ending the MGS saga], jms [Xenogears is much better than Xenosaga Ep1], Steve [Downhill Domination rocks!]. RANT ON : (C4 sinks down to the level of calling these people names. It's really a sad sight). Dumbass 14 year old and 16 year old kids shoot cars, kill one, blame GTA, dead mans family sues Take Two Interactive. Of course the parents aren't to blame. Study Game Design. Gamer discrimination. We wish the older generation would understand (note: a password is a very valuable piece of knowledge, but in this instance, it's not the holy grail, don't grill me for saying it wasn't in the show). FZeroGX is out. It's getting slammed for being challenging? Weak. Games used to be challenging, what happened? Nintendo & Carmack say games are too complicated. Our opinions of fighting games. Shi, KuroiShi's 007 NightFire REVIEW! Counter-Strike : Condition Zero. Frag.Ops. Disgaea. Onyx & Flame new GBA colors. .hack//OUTBREAK is out soon (well, now it's out NOW). Otogi 2 site is up. [GBA] Sword of Mana. Super Mario Advance 4 (SMB3). Castlevania : Lament of Innocence. SSX3. Nascar Thunder 2004 - no Live!. Dungeons & Dragons Heroes. Champions of Norrath. TMNT. Cheating in SOCOM (no link on purpose). Freddy vs Jason. AFI - Sing the Sorrow. A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step. Weird Al - Poodle Hat. The Mac report with Bobnino : MoH:FA, Rogue Squadron 3, Mario Kart, WC3:The Frozen Throne. Closing track : "MGS Remix : Liquid Metal" by Vigilante.

Episode #17 - 09.03.2k3

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C4 and Wulf. A flood of email. You guys kick ass. Everything about MGS1/2, this show was mostly put on by everyone who emailed us! Sounds like everyone is not so enthused about MGS2 as they are about MGS. This whole MGS fiasco is proof you should always try a game for yourself, or declare your ignorance in front of the world like C4, and get 45 vocal minutes worth of emails to read. The ETHOS Sanctuary (Xenosaga site). Bobnino having hardware problems, no GCN/Mac segment. SW:KOTOR is big with you guys. Too many games to play! Xbox controller on your PC. MGS : Twin Snakes. Kingdom Hearts, gift from god/spawn of satan? Xbox optical drive problems. We really need to elaborate MORE. Game Skins. Think Geek. Copyleft. Call of Duty demo. The funniest part of the show : Wulf screwing up Spet's nickname - horribly (much worse than C4 usually does). nVidia and Sony? Or shens? Otogi. PS3 backwards compatible. Etherlords II demo available. Mario Kart DD. I love you Nintendo. Tales of Symphonia. RANT : "Pro" gamers. Dead or Alive Online. Soul Calibur II. Coupons. Wulf bought, first 10 people to write get email addresses. Closing track : "Street Fighter 2 'RyuInterpretation'" by Malcos.

Episode #16 - 08.27.2k3

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C4, Wulf, and Ode. Bizack in the hizzy after three months. Emails : modemtuh (MGS, RPG's), SpetsNazC4 (DC imports, Xbox mods/emu scene), hacnslash's gaming art!. Our normal intro sucks (not our ultra-1337 mouthwash gag this week). PC Gamer magazine distributing DVD demo discs. Buy a DVD-ROM you cheap bastards. Xenosaga II screenshots are awesome. Microsoft using ATI cards with Xbox 2. C4 has a GFFX5900 (didn't mention in the show the 5900's use 256-bit bus for DDR, 128-bit bus on 5800's with DDR2), less than extremely satisfied (for the record, according to Tom's Hardware, Unreal Tournament 2003, 1024x768@32bpp, nVidia GeForceFX 5900 = 176.5fps, 5900 Ultra = 178.5fps, ATI 9800 Pro 128MB = 170.6fps, 9800 Pro 256MB = 170.5fps.). Capitalism. R.I.P. 3DO. Long live Heroes of Might and Magic. Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne impressions. Ode bails for a booty call. Bobnino's Mac/Gamecube Gamer segemt pilot! New Xbox Platinum Hits. Hooks moved to Las Vegas. C4 threatens anyone who attempts to make a 3D Bionic Commando and b0rks it. Soul Calibur II preordered by our heroes. Japanese console sales. Infinium Lab's Phantom console. Vaporware, we miss you man. C4's Metal Gear Solid story (props to Flip and Super Joe). What's the best MGS2? [PS2] Tomb Raider : Angel of Darkness sux0r. [XBX] Brute Force is better than decent. [PS2] .hack//INFECTION & MUTATION is very good. Something you should know about the GeForceFX 5600. NYKO AirFlowEX, don't get excited. C4 slams a Best Buy employee (Bleeped C4 crossing the line). RCA Xbox TV, where's the special VPORT cable? BestBuy RewardZone is shoddy. We hope to talk a little about DVD burners soon. GAMER Episode 13? Bad Boys 2. American Wedding (bleeped Wulf's spoiler). Pirates of the Caribbean. S.W.A.T. Alternative media : Binary Revolution Magazine, BinRevRadio. TheBroken. Do'h, we skipped MGS3 talk! Radio FreeK America. Retro Gaming Radio. SKTFM. Video Game Radio. Everquest Radio. Blow on this Radio. Closing track was titled "deathmatch.ogg" and simply identified itself as "Buzz - Deathmatch".

Episode #15 - 05.27.2k3

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C4 and Bobnino! This is the Mac Special! Emails [modemtuh, Beamryder, Vurt]. RetroGamingRadio. GameState magazine. Electronics Botique experiences. More RTS games needed on consoles. Utilize those expansion slots. Plasystation2 killing Xbox and GamCube. Xbox hacking on TechTV's The Screensavers. Console colors. More multiplayer. Mac knowlege. iTunes. Mac videocards. Bungie. There. SpyHunter. Shuttle Pro. Why Mac OS > Windows. iPod and iPod games. Cellphone games. iPod recording. THPS4, SimCity 4, and Unreal Tournament 2003 for Mac! Mac as servers and desktops. More Mac games than Linux. Mac OS X's beautiful UI. No BSODs! Move CG characters and effects. Rune Soldier. Be open minded. Intro track is "Bomberman : Bomberfuzz" by "Fuzz". Closing track is "Chrono Cross : Time Voyager" by "Chronosis".

Episode #14 - 05.21.2k3

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C4, Wulf, Hooks. 13 is bad luck. Wulf forgets goodies from China. Emails (KuroiShi, modemtuh, Vurt). GameState Magazine : Best Games of All Time vs Best Selling Games of All Time. C4 begs for an XBOX Killer Instinct. GBA SP, Zelda, Lufia, Golden Sun 2 in the hizzy. Nintendo dropping the ball. Hooks wants a good destruction derby game. Revamped PS2 in Japan. Masters of Doom (yes, I got it). New Xbox Live features. Half-Life 2. SOCOM 2. [XBOX] Thief 3, Black 9. Daddy Day Care. X-Men 2 > The Matrix Reloaded. Opening track is "Super Mario Brothers : Da Pipes" by "Franz Keller". Closing track is "Sonic CD : Palmtree Panic" by Joe Redifer".

Episode #12 - 05.15.2k3

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C4 and StankDawg! E3, bah! Who needs it, this is the oldskool gaming special. Bobnino's GAMER Archive FTP is up. Text based games from back in the day. Star Wars. BBS door games. Utilizing your imagination. Graphics as a crutch. Abandonware. The Underdogs. GamingDepot. Lemonade. Oil drilling game. ZZT. Why Zelda was godlike. NetHack. Rogue. Falcon's Eye. MUD/MUSH. Combat. Scorched Earth.Scorched Earth 3D. Pong. 3D not always for the best. Mario64. RPG discussion. Crystal Caves. Prince of Persia. Tomb Raider. Halo. Wolfenstein. Doom. Quake. The first Voodoo. Panzer Dragoon. Consoles never die. New graphics != New game. Emulation. Young gamers, learn the roots of our beloved hobby. Intro track is "Final Fantasy 7 - Space Station of the Ancients" by Mazedude. Closing track is "FZero-Blue Vacation" by LousySpy.

Episode #11 - 05.10.2k3

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C4 and Ode Rainwalker. Wulf's last broadcast from China (10mins). Emails (dual parallel, Spetz, Bobnino). Hook's Xbox skin. DooM3 delayed. Halo 2 delayed. C4 wants (but can't pronounce) Sudeki. Why bother with Phantasy Star Online? Console price cuts. Scott Kurtz interview in GamePro.Cyberslackers lack of updates. Metroid Prime bug. Electronic Entertainment Expo. C4's new car. MMORPG's. New UT2003 mod pack. Postal 2 mods. We want SC:GHOST. GTA : Vice City on PC. Surprise visit from Wulf via IM. Special host next week. [GCN] Project No.03, Starfox 2, Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles. [PS2] Arc the Lad : Twilight of the Spirits, TMNT, Maximo 2, .hack//MUTATION. [XBOX] Soldier of Fortune 2, Morrowind GOTY, Dino Crisis 3. [PC] Lords of EverQuest. Warlords Battlecry 2. Xbox remote vs PS2 remote. X-Men 2 rules. Identity. Anger Management. Old School. Final Destination 2 kicks ass. A clue to next weeks host. Opening track is the theme from one of C4's favourite RPG's, Lunar : The Silver Star Story. Closing track is from Cowboy Bebop, See You Space Cowboy.

Episode #10 - 04.29.2k3

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C4, Hooks, Ode Rainwalker. Emails. Have show, will travel. Hooks's broadband misadventures. Ode's PS2 modchip fiasco. Penny Arcade/American Greetings Strawberry Shortcake fiasco (thanks to Maladroit for the link to that!).G-Spy. GTA 3 and Vice City for Xbox & GameCube in 2004. New GTA for PS2 in 2004. Vice City for PC in May. US price drops for Xbox & GCN soon? Utopia. Earth 2025. Solar Realms Elite (trivia note: HWHQ was born from C4's empire "back in SRE's day"). Promisance. Legend of the Green Dragon. Venus & Braves looks incredible, and US gamers will never play it. QOTW: What does Microsoft and Nintendo have to do to gain market share? (Yes, C4 grossly misjudged the number of games with Live support. It's far fewer.) Ode asks what if Microsoft bought Nintendo? C4 wraps up Xenosaga. C4 rips multiple PS2 games. Knockaround Guys.Shanghai Knights.X-Men 2 this Friday, and it's C4's last day of work. Wulf returns soon. xXx. Stealing Harvard. Intro " Street Fighter 2 'Guile(R.A.H.mix) by Rayza. Closing : Final Fantasy 7 ItsDifficulttoStandWhenYoureonAcid by Beatdrop.



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