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Episode #109 - 12.18.2k5

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C4 (The Hypocrite) and Kobar (Captain Endgame). [email] Fighter17 : SCEA must die, no 2D games, and R.I.P. Working Designs. doomlazer : High Tension is a good movie, PSP hacks. Xbox hacks. Elzair : Ultima V, Every Cloak has a Silver Lining, Gothic and Gothic II, Windows Vista supports Direct3D, not OpenGL. Seal : Terrorist Jack Thompson is gone! Seal : Postal : The Movie, Bloodrayne. Mausa : Mount & Blade. Game desperation. Taking a second look at games you didn't like originally. The intarweb is infected with WoW. Being an MMO newb. World of Warcraft. Closing track is by Binster, an Earthbound remix called 'Red Blue Sanctuary', available at

Episode #108 - 12.11.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! A very 'fast and loose' episode as we gear up for the end of the year. Gaming in the wake of the Xbox 360 launch. Xbox 360 launch didn't go over so well in Japan (surprised?). DOA would have helped the release. [360] FFXI beta. Xbox 360 reports what you are doing on Xbox Live. Some things that would help the Xbox 360 (keyboard/mouse with RTS, Xbox Live, etc). [email] GrilledMonkeyFat: Video Masters Radio. Memnon : [TV] SpikeTV's Video Game Awards. TV still sucks. Visit our forums or email us your picks of the year for the given categories. The category breakdown. The Christmas show that's not going to happen. The true meaning of the holidays. [moives] Fantastic Four. [PC] Dungeons & Dragons Online : Stormreach reaches beta, Stress Test Event 2 starts December 12th (until the 17th). Closing track is a remix from Guardian Legend called 'Ace of Space' by Beatdrop, available at

Episode #107 - 12.04.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! Visit the forums and help with the upcoming '____ of the Year Show'. New Audacity, v1.2.4b. Our beloved mirrors. Xbox 360 deserves the media thrashing. Xbox 360 scratching discs. No reason for crappy hardware. [email] RaMDaY : Xbox 360 file formats. CBK : Xbox 360 rant, playing more PC games and less console games. Your 'area'. Bigboy2008 : HL2 Goldeneye mod. Final Dragoon : [PS2] Soul Calibur 3 review. MC Cushion : Soul Calibur 3 corrupted files Public Service Announcement. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREAMCAST, YOU'RE SEVEN! Illinois game law STOPPED! [email] Data Maggot : Squashing rumors about Nintendo being in financial trouble. [NDS] Mario Kart DS. [movies] Beavis and Butt-head, The Mike Judge Collection, Volume I. Bewitched. House of Wax. High Tension. The Skeleton Key. War of the Worlds. Aeon Flux. Closing track is a Super Mario World remix by Nixdorux called 'Ghost', available at

Episode #106 - 11.27.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! [email] MurdarMachene : The Specialists Half-life mod. Uncle Toxie : Man-Thing (movie) sucks, Burnout 3 is great. A little on Burnout Revenge and Burnout Legends. Fighter17 : The Microsoft Xbox 360 is destroying America. 360 scratching Madden discs. video. PSA : Xbox 360 controller on a Windows PC for $5 less. Xbox 360 first impressions. Xbox 360 smoking? Xbox 360 not working out of box. Microsoft confirms high failure rate of Xbox 360. Xbox 360 power adapters overheating. Reports of Xbox 360 dirty disc errors, already. Xbox 360 crashing during gameplay. Xbox 360 dash better for the mainstream than original Xbox dash. Xbox 360 controller is very nice. Xbox 360 emulation update files already available. Console release day hysteria rocks. [PC] F.E.A.R. mod tools now available. [Linux/Mac/Win] Neverwinter Nights : Diamond Edition - hijacked by Atari/Infogrames! Neverwinter Nights 2 will be Windows-based ONLY! Post on the Atari Community site and demand a Linux/Mac version! [PS2] Dragon Quest VIII is apparently 'the shit'. Closing track is by DJ Keltech, called Keltech Strikes Back (taken from the 90 second video available on his website) - available on his new album due out March 2006.

Episode #105 - 11.13.2k5

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C4, Kobar, ribo, and xafan on TeamSpeak! [email] iseal : Ridiculous TJT quotes, trivializing Pearl Harbor. Glacius : Xbox 360 preorder problems. Xbox 360 will sink or sail? Xbox 360 backwards compatability list. PGR3 runs at 1024x600? Dann (TLLTS!) : Linux games, Old Nintendo games on the Revolution, MAME, [GCN] X-Men Legends II. Slackware, WindowMaker > * (hehe, sorry xafan). [PC] Call of Duty 2. [PC] The Movies. [PC] The Matrix : Path of Neo. [PC] Dungeons & Dragons : Stormreach STRESS TEST this week! [PC] NeverWinter Nights DIAMOND. [movie] Doom. Closing track is a Sonic the Hedgehog 3 remix called 'Aquatic Pressure' by Red Tailed Fox, available at

Episode #104 - 11.06.2k5

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C4, Kobar, and xafan on TeamSpeak! previous attempts at 104. [email] datamaggot : Quake 4 on Linux at mmmmyum : Dropped DS == no more Nintendogs and [movie] A History of Violence. flanque : [PC] Quake 4 review. covance : Playing less lately, game jamming. SpetsnazC4 : Happy Birthday. Cyber Voracious Fox : NintendoDS. [news] Xbox 360 lineup, The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion IV DELAYED. Nintendo Entertainment System, 20. $SonY'S$ rootkit allows World of Warcraft kids to cheat easier ($ony's rootkit defeats Blizzard's Warden (World of Warcraft anti-cheat program)). Anti-Free Speech Activist Jackie Thompson vs Penny Arcade. [PC] Quake IV horror story. [PC] FEAR, candidate for C4's GotY. [NDS] Kirby Canvas Curse. [NDS] Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Handheld power saving. Xbox 360 demo kits malfunctioning at Wal*Mart. Closing track a clip from the 2nd take of "GAMERRadio" by xafan, zombie5, and Mocker. Thanks guys :)

Episode #103 - 10.16.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! No show next week due to moving. [email] Spetsnaz : Chrono Trigger, Snatcher. mmmmyum : Nintendogs. v1p3r : SNES DS emu. Mr. Custard : GP2X, handheld gaming. Vex : Myst 5. Lentium : The Fog. Tommy : Jokes, Tribes Vengeance, King Kong, GTA:SA, some zombie movie. [voicemail] xafan : F.E.A.R. [XBX/PS2/GCN] From Russia With Love. [XBX/PS2/GCN] SSX : On Tour. [XBX/PS2/GCN/PC] Need for Speed : Most Wanted. Don't forget this week's big releases : [PC] Quake 4, [GCN] Fire Emblem, [movie] Doom. [Movies] Stewie Griffin : The Untold Story. Closing track is a Shinobi 3 remix called 'Whirlwind (GaleForceMix)' by Rayza, available at

Episode #102 - 10.08.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! [email] Mocker : Castlevania : Dawn of Sorrow and other Nintendo DS games that rock. C4 : PSP, Kobar : DS. Happyda : Nintendo DS emulation and flashcarts, SmartJoy Frag. Duke Nukem Forever still coming...? California violent video game bill passed into law. Ten Xbox 360 development kits stolen. New Wolfenstein coming! Quake IV GOLD! [NDS] Resident Evil : Deadly Silence. Advance Wars : Dual Strike. Guilty Gear : Dust Strikers. New Super Mario Bros. Kirby : Canvas Curse. Super Monkey Ball DS. Metroid Prime Pinball. Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time. Trauma Center: Under the Knife. DS quickies : Nintendogs, Xenosaga I & II, Animal Crossing : Wild World, Final Fantasy III - VI. Closing track is a Super Mario Bros. 2 remix called 'UndergroundRiddims' by McVaffe, available from

Episode #101 - 10.01.2k5

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C4 and Kobar! [email] Vex : Sucked into a game - Elzair : Linux and MMO gaming - Yendaa : Neverwinter Nights - RoboChristian : Nintendo DS > PSP, Nintendogs, Trace Memory, Xenosaga I & II - doom : Gaming big business and sequels. C4 on the soapbox (/groan, again) : defending sequels. Xbox360 and PlayStation 3. [movies] The Corpse Bride. The Longest Yard. Closing track is a great Descent 2 remix called 'Revelation' by DJ Redlight (Ashley Carr), available at

Episode #100 - 09.18.2k5

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IRC log during recording

- - - E P I S O D E 1 0 0 - - -

C4, Kobar, modem, xafan, and FinalDragoon. New intro by Scyther! Nintendo Revolution - the controller. Nintendo vs Microsoft and Sony. [PC] White Chamber. Xbox360 - sequelitus. Xbox Live, patching games. Age of Empires III demo doesn't install on Windows2000. Terrorist Jackie Thompson slammed by Rockstar. Firefox 1.5 beta 1. modem discovers Hurricane Katrina. xafan OCD rant : [TV] Battlestar Galactica's hexagons. [TV] Weeds kicks ass. [email] cushion : [XBX/PS2] Darkwatch, Flatout [email] Tommy : Cognitive Daily gaming articles, send JT a turd - [email] [HBMS] Walter Cronkite : hardcore gaming story : Day of Defeat. GMail down for a few minutes, back to email later. Spider-Man 3 casting Venom. [email] The Ghost : BattleNet server emulation information, xafan was a UO GM on a freeshard. [email] madar (Taiwan) : playing less games lately, a Linux user looking for a good RPG. [email] Soul : Exploding pen. [email] Mitch - Wikipedia for Ultima Online emulated servers. Scyther's intro. Kobar's chronic MMO newb syndrome. Quitting MMO's is expensive. Starting MMO's is hard work. Vanguard : Saga of Heroes sounds good. Darkfall. Killzone 2. Black. [movie] Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children. Old skool talk about Final Fantasy VI, Turbo Grafx-16. Out-of-print piracy. Project Offset. Thank you all!

Episode #100 preshow - 09.18.2k5

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C4, Kobar, modem, and xafan (not a bad listen for a 45 minute sound check). Age of Empires III demo doesn't work on Windows2000. Windows Vista. Virtual crime (in MMO's). Spelling. MMO's. C4 and Kobar leave, hilarity ensues. Radio show talk. Random crap. No warning for ep100 (sorry 'zombie5' !). nVidia window options. Getting started...



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