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Episode #09 - 04.22.2k3

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C4, Hooks, and Wulf. A bit about China. C4's big announcement. Final Fantasy Origins rocks. Unfortunately we don't have more games on more console systems. Infinium Lab's Phantom console. Nyko's AirFlow controllers defective? Listener emails (and C4 still fucks up pronouncing "Spetsnaz", it's like "oz" not "as")! Cool site with more weird console goodness! Game Trading Zone. We're too offensive for our own good, we're not complete assholes... really. Pics on the site soon. Kickass Wind Waker Action Replay codes to play some test levels! Extra (hidden) content in games rules. Ode's PS2 modchip experience went horribly wrong. Fuck the DMCA. C4 gives Postal 2 "$20" (our rating system). Hooks saw Drumline. Intro is a Doom 2 remix entitled "Blood Bath" by Mazedude. Closing track is a Secret of Mana mix called "Whispering Prayers" by Visions of the Future.

Episode #08 - 04.15.2k3

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C4 and Wulf. C4 solo for first half. Dual's review of the oldskool : VGS. Wargames update, MoH2, America's Army expansion, and Desert Combat. Reservoir Dogs game? R-Type Final so far japanese only (and C4 wants Sould Calibur 2 also damnit). GTA. Postal 2 rocks (disable the 7 minute limit in the console : "set gamestate demotime 99999"). XIII lookin' good, but how about some outside levels? Jak II sounds amazing, but please don't fuck up the camera. Great places to see weird hardware and software (Assembler and |tsr's NES Archive). Korea Air has personal interactive TV's for each seat! 2D MMORPG's are big in China, especially Arcane (Arkane?), while Counter-Strike is not so popular anymore. WC3 played in the cybercafes a lot. Dirt cheap cybercafe's. Six to eight story "Digital Centers", buildings packed with technology - sounds like Geek Heaven. Hardware prices the same or more than in the US, but all software costs only pennies. Everything is pirated. Wulf's fiancee would kick our asses at Street Fighter! Consoles sold with modchips (if all software is pirated, why would you NOT have a modchip in your console?) Pirate servers offering Xbox games that 'install' to the Xbox harddrive. C4 bitches about R-Type Final one last time. Intro track is (Bionic Commando) BIONICBPM by d0d0. Halftime music is (Street Fighter II) China Street Beat, by McVaffe. Closing music is (Pac-Man) Raveinthemirrormaze by Frank Keller.

Episode #07 - 04.09.2k3

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C4 and Ode Rainwalker. C4 solo for a few minutes. Awesome email, C4 and Hook's favourite endings. C4's new phone. Thinking about themed shows. Golden Sun 1 and 2. Ode's PS2 modchip. ISONEWS guy goes to jail. Warforge running on asian servers now. Lack of linux games. Xbox dropping price. Xbox and GCN losing bad to PS2. GTA : Vice City for PC. Note to Wulf (who can't access the site behind the Great Firewall of China). War of the Monsters (PS2). Xenosaga unbalanced, C4 stuck. Short bit on Zelda and Golden Sun for GBA. E3. The Sims : Superstars. RtCW : Tides of War (Xbox). Hunter : The Reckoning - Redeemer. Dungeons & Dragons : Heroes. Final Fantasy Origins released Friday. MOO3 apparently bombed. Intro track is a Street Fighter 2 mix called "RyuFreestyleDojo" by McVaffe. Outro is a Zelda theme mix called "Gold Cartridge" by Quinn Fox.

Episode #06 - 03.31.2k3

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C4, Wulf, and Hooks in da hizouse. 6th Annual Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Achievement Awards rigged? ATI laying the smack down on nVidia. NWN : Shadows of Undrentide. Masters of Doom. Final Fantasy XI U.S. beta. Beta testers (we missed the second point, you work in QA). List of new GCN games : Pikmin 2, Ikargua, Sonic Adventure DX, F-Zero (what about Mario Kart?), 1080 Avalanche, Wario World, Metal Gear Solid. Hooks reads C4's IRC, turns into Hooks talking about Japan. Playstation 2 getting R-Type Final, Jak & Daxter II, new Evil Dead game (Fistful of Boomstick). GameBoy Advance gets Golden Sun : The Lost Age. Hooks bails. Everquest II. Xbox no-modchip hack. DOAX nude hacks (link to forum that every topic currently is about DOAX)(damn you for leaving Hooks). Irresponsible parents. Pirate shit from China. Wulf's PS2 AirFlow controller broken. Friday After Next did rock. Wulf leaves for China tomorrow. Intro track is the theme from Zone of the Enders 2, called "Beyond the Bounds". Outro is "Zelda : Rabbit Joint Cover" by The Rabbit Joint. Did anyone count how many f-bombs C4 drops? Jeeze...

Episode #05 - 03.26.2k3

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C4, Wulf, Hooks (with a cold), and Hunter in full effect. CAPCOM to release a new Ghosts n' Goblins based MMORPG, Speedball 3 one of these days, NBA Jam 2004 in October, C&C Generals copy protection, Zone of the Enders 2 r0x, SKTFM,2 The Ranting Gryphon, Freelancer, 3DO screwed up on Heroes IV, Mike Tyson Boxing on Xbox, some 3DO boxing game, an arcade boxing game, useful items for overweight gamers, Dark Age of Camelot : Shrouded Isles, Wulf's GBA SP, CompUSA sucks, more GBA SP, Zelda : The Wind Waker 'OK' as Celda, hopefully Hunter wil pick it up soon, Tactical-Ops kiddies, Girl gamers lurking eBay, Xenosaga, Friday After Next, I Spy, C4 is a lazy bastard, Flaming Dr.Pepper, Email us, will there be a show next week? Intro is "Ai Wo Koete" (aka "Exceeding Love"), which is the intro track to Suikoden III. Outro is Tai Mai Shu with Asian Freestyle.

Episode #04 - 03.18.2k3

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C4, Wulf5150, and Ode Rainwalker. Rockstar has released Grand Theft Auto for free! License a 3D engine, Half-Life forever! Upcoming RtCW expansion "Enemy Territory" cancelled, but multiplayer part to be released for free! ATI's CEO is being investigated for insider trading. MTV : True Life : I am a Gamer. Mass media sucks. Blizzard Entertainment 0wnz. Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne beta on pirate servers. Xenosaga : Game, or movie? Waiting for Deus Ex : Invisible War. Shadowbane not as good as we wanted it to be. Too many new MMORPGs, but C4 can't wait for World of Warcraft and Lineage 2. We just saw 40 Days and 40 Nights and 8 Mile. Awesome intro track by Jason Hayes dubbed "Legends" and is a track from World of Warcraft. Outro is "GTA3" by MC Hawking.

Episode #03 - 03.11.2k3

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C4, Wulf5150, and Hooks open with Microsoft Xbox Platinum Hits and the Nintendo GameCube free game deal. Nokia's N-Gage and a quick recap of the GBA SP. Peter Moore leaves SEGA for MS. A bit more on Soul Calibur II. Counter-strike on Xbox soon? Wulf & C4 on Suikoden III. Hooks on All-star Baseball 2004 and NBA Live 2003, then bails mid-show. Final Fantasy XI looks better than we thought. Unreal Championship (Xbox) patched! NEC to make games again. ATI 9800 Pro spanks GeForceFX. Hero in Chinese only. Fear Dot Com sux0rs. Intro : "The WaReZ Song" by `eNtiTy. Outro : "Radio Free Zerg" by Tracy W. Bush (from Starcraft).

Episode #02 - 03.05.2k3

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C4, Wulf5150, and Hunter managed to pull off this second show in the face of having a lot of new games to play. Hooks was nowhere to be found. Stayed a little more focused than last week with speculation on Sony's entry into the handheld market, Microsoft and Electronic Arts bidding for SEGA, and some talk about the GBAdvance SP. Also, Best Buy is NOT taking pre-orders on ATI's new graphics board yet. :( Intro clip is again from Buckner & Garcia, but this time from "Froggy's Lament". The closing track is a pardoy of "I Will Survive", but with a Counter-Strike theme (found it online, don't know who's responsible for this, but it's great).

Episode #01 - 02.25.2k3

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GAMER's maiden voyage. C4, Wulf5150, and Hooks. A bit disorganized, and probably too much talk about older games and stuff, but that should clean the slate for next week. Also learned Hooks is too far from the mic, whereas Wulf is too close. We're going to switch their seats next time. Intro is lifted from "Pac-Man Fever" by Buckner & Garcia. Track at the end is called "The Terrible Mr.Grimshaw". If you poke around on gnutella you'll find it. It is somebody who was recorded playing Counter-Strike, mixed into a techno 4-letter word fest.



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