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GAMERadio episode 203 is up! Brace yourselves for some World of Warcraft talk. Yes, yes... the MMO itch needed scratching.


GAMERadio episode 202 is available!


Voting for the Games of the Year show has begun. Cast your votes!


If you're in a spending mood today,consider:
Vintage Games (book) pre-order at Amazon for $23.07!
Oblivion GOTY (360) for $27.99 (free shipping) at Newegg.
Oblivion GOTY (PC) for $19.99 at Best Buy.
Crackdown (360) for $11.99 at


Slackware Linux 12.2 is official! Order your discs, and please consider supporting Patrick and the Slackware Team.


GAMERadio episode 201 has finally arrived.


The Game Release Calendar has once again been updated.


Excuse #1941.


GAMERadio episode 200 is up. Hopefully we will return to our regular show schedule starting next week. Someone wake Kobar from his WoW coma...


Gratz, Obama!


Just a quick update to bring everyone up to speed:

C4 has returned from vacation.
No show recorded yet (next week).
Between Fable 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Fallout 3, does anyone have spare time anyway!?


C4, Kobar, Andyb0y, ribo, SikSlayer, and Fuchikoma-X discuss TGS (and a bit of BlizzCon) for over three hours in GAMERadio 199! Don't forget the 'bonus' audio after the closing track.

C4 is on vacation and out of town starting tomorrow (Oct. 16th, 2008). Will return in a week. I won't be able to pull off a show next week when I return (Oct. 24th). Expect the new show to be recorded November 1st, 2008.


Andyb0y joins C4 and Kobar in GAMERadio 198!


Kobar returns in GAMERadio 197. Available now.


I threw up a game of Legend of the Green Dragon for us to play on. New 'game days' are twice daily. Should kill some time while at work. :)


GAMERadio 196 is out, and it is EPIC. Shows like this are the stuff podcast history is made of.


GAMERadio 195 is ready for download.
Tomorrow, be prepared for a show like no other.


GAMERadio 194 is available.


The one-time use Xbox LIVE code for 500MSp given out on episode 193 has already been used. Apparently I screwed up and said 'H' twice, but it was figured out already and claimed. Thanks to the very generous person who gave us the code to give out!


Errr, GAMERadio ep#192 was out two weeks ago. Seems I forgot to update the site. Well, I will forewarn you, GAMERadio episode #193 is out, and I don't have time to update the site right this second. Check the "lazy file", or RSS feeds. Will fix the site tomorrow, or when time permits.


The game release calendar has been updated.


GAMERadio 191, the E3 extravaganza is available!

Unfortunately this episode does not feature our beloved Kobar, he was unavailable. However, this episode does feature the collective work of Andyb0y, ribo, and DDMNeo from, and RubbaD and Jeremo from ButtonMashers.TV!
The audio is available from all three of these shows, each branded as our own.


In case you weren't paying attention during ep190... Kobar out of town for the recording on 7/5, C4's sister in town for the recording on 7/12...


GAMERadio 190 is available.


I told you June sucks.
George Carlin died of heart failure today. :(


I hate June.
GAMERadio 188 and 189 are now available.


Son of a bitch. 189 was recorded but Audacity took a shit halfway through. I've tried everything under the sun to recover it, but it ain't gonna happen. I'll tack it onto next weeks episode ("GAMERadio 189 take 2") so that what was saved isn't lost. A little too unmotivated at the moment to fix up the site. Stay tuned.


GAMERadio #188 was recorded, but won't be up for another day or two.


The Game Release Calendar has been updated.


GAMERadio 187, fresh from the oven.


Christ I'm lazy.
GAMERadio 186 was released last week.
GAMERadio 187, the "alternative entertainment" episode (what exactly are we calling this?) will be recorded "sometime during the Memorial Day weekend". I'm not 100% on what day yet.
Thanks so much to the donators for showing their support!


Once again, Trent Reznor kicks much ass. Download Halo 27, The Slip for free.


Looks like for various reasons we're gonna miss the show this week (last time for awhile, I promise!).

On a brighter note, Slackware 12.1 is out! Thanks again Patrick!


GAMERadio #185 has come.


Big huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Seems I will have to eat my words on this. People do donate :)

We missed the show this week. Kobar has not been getting any sleep thanks to allergies, and C4 by three weeks of insomnia. So far we're still on schedule for next week (we record on Saturday).

Be sure to check out a new podcast starting up, Handheld Heroes.


Fine. Paypal donate link added to the bottom right section of the site.


GAMERadio #184 is out. The OGG vorbis version sounds spectacular as usual. The MP3 (encoded with lame 3.97) sounds better than the past episodes. lame seems to be overly picky about some settings (some seem to not work at all), and I just don't have the time do deal with it this week. Optimizations will be made in the future.


GAMERadio #183 is up.


Hah, the joke was on me. I never uploaded the files to the site to reflect the new show.


GAMERadio #182, the April Fool's Edition, is available.


Jesus will rise June 17th 2008.


GAMERadio #181 is available.


[X] Upload HQ archives (that took ages)
[4/5] Update site for all of this (filesizes need update)
[_] Get an Asterisk server up (*gulp*!)


Ok, enough keeping everyone in the dark. No show for two weeks - but NOT because we're lazy - some real life stuff got in the way that prevented us from recording today (ok, so, last week we were just lazy).

This is not to say that I haven't been busy doing some things to improve the future of the show.

Here is what's cooking and how far along things are:
[X] Bring back the archives (originals)
[X] Improve the audio quality (now ~64k!)
[X] Re-encode archives from master WAVs(~64k!)
[X] 'Tag' new files (ID3 tags like every ep)
[3/4] Upload HQ archives (almost done, taking forever)
[_] Update site for all of this (archives, MD5s, etc)
[_] Get an Asterisk server up (for call-in guests!)

So, as you can see, the past three weeks have been very busy for things pertaining to the future of the show. Sacrifices must be made to find time for all of this. Therefore we are going to have to miss two weeks worth of shows. However, it does look like it will all be worth it in the long run.

We'll see you next week, with or without the Asterisk server (which looks like it is going to be a pain in the arse - I absolutely SUCK at phone stuff).


Gary Gygax
July 27, 1938 - March 4, 2008


Surprise! The GAMERadio archives are back online! Every episode, that is #001 to current (#180), is available in their originally released form.
Credit 'meteoryte' for inspiring me to get off my lazy ass and put them back up.
For the time being the site will not be changed to reflect the availability of the older episodes. That is a lot of work and I think I'm cooking up something else. Even more special.


GAMERadio #180 is up, Kobar is alive!

It is truly amazing how fast time passes. While Kobar was battling the bubonic plague we crossed an important day... February 25, 2k8 marks FIVE YEARS of GAMERadio.

As a bit of celebration I will be increasing the quality (and therefore filesize, much to the dismay of dial-up users (feel free to complain)) of the shows. Additionally, I've got another treat up my sleeve that might take another day or two.

In the past (three years ago?) we had server space and bandwidth issues. This is not so anymore. Thank our host, DreamHost, for their great services.


We're going to miss this week as Kobar has a killer flu.
He did drop a quick note on IRC to let us know how he was feeling :

[Kobar] omichrist... im dying
[Kobar] I havnt felt this bad in many many years


GAMERadio #179 is up.


GAMERadio #177 and #178, the Buyer's Guide two-parter is available.


Download GAMERadio #176.


I told ya so, GAMERadio #175, the 2007 Games of the Year show, is available.


Hang tight, 175 will be up in a day or two.



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