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GAMERadio #174 is available on time! As far as the beginning of the show goes, when we mention the possibility of not being able to record the following week (which would be 12/29/2k7) don't worry about it; things have changed, so unless something drastic happens, we should be on schedule for next week also. Shit.


GAMERadio #173 is up.


GAMERadio #172 has landed on time! Will wonders never cease?


GAMERadio #171 "Call of Duty 4 on Veteran is a joke", is available. No show next week, C4 will be at work. You only have your gluttony to thank. All hail Black Friday. I hope you get that fucking Christmas themed iPod that you just gotta have.

Since it will be yet another week before episode 172, let me whisper some sweet nothings in your ear. First, Assassin's Creed, as I know some of you are very curious about it. If your primary gaming console is a PlayStation 3, don't buy it, it has issues. If you are an Xbox 360 owner, and generally like assassination/stealth type stuff, RENT IT first. It is definitely not for everyone, and may be a little too monotonous for you.

Next up, Mass Effect. While I haven't played it personally, but Kobar has, and so have many of our listeners. Every one of which says, "buy this game". I think that about sums it up.

Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz. Please excuse me, it's time to go stab some more motherfuckers.


Grab the ancient GAMERadio #170 (recorded nearly a month ago) and pray that 171 gets recorded today. :)

The suck news... we can't record next week because C4 has to work. :( Holidays suck. Unless we can slip something in the middle of the week. We'll see.


Sorry for the lack of updates. We took the week of the 27th off due to planned vacation, but since I've been sick for the past two week in a row. -_- Was all better yesterday, then ran into a friend who was incredibly sick. It hit me in the middle of the day yesterday, and now I can barely talk again. Suxor.


I've been too lazy this week, GAMERadio #169 has been up since the 15th, but I forgot to post about it.


We've had a few people tell us that they liked the email at the end of the show. Go to our forums and vote if you feel strongly about this.


Thank god, The Orange Box landed yesterday. Portal was a pleasure, goddamn charming little game. I managed to grab the end credits track to Portal if thou art interested. Team Fortress 2 is a bit too laggy at the moment to properly enjoy (here's hoping for tomorrow).


GAMERadio #168 is up.

No Orange Box in this region until tomorrow. :(


Hell hath frozen. GAMERadio #167 is available. In this episode we give the Halo 3 campaign a look.

As most of you know Kobar and C4 are not big Halo fans (unlike "hardcore Halo fans" we actually play other FPS games than just Halo 1 and 2 :P) so it might come as a surprise to hear our results.

Due to time constraints the "GAMERadio big Halo 3 review" will be broken into two sections (not sure if it deserves it, but we want to be fair about this), the single player/cooperative campaign review on episode 167, and the multi-player and overall review, on episode 168.


I'll come right out and apologize immediately, there will be no show this week due to C4 getting food poisoning.

In case you wanted a summary look at your gaming week : let me just say, "Halo 3". I'm fairly certain it's all anyone will be talking about for the remainder of the week, so put your headphones on and continue playing something that isn't overhyped mediocrity.
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure we'll be two of the suckers in line picking it up also...


GAMERadio #166 is up.


GAMERadio #165, the one with the bad mic, is available.


GAMERadio #163, full of BioShock goodness is up!
As is GAMERadio #162, which was so long ago I can't even remember what we talked about.


Alright, here's the suckage:
Kobar out last week (8/12) - he was illin'.
Kobar out of town this week (8/19) - vacation.
C4's job demands a change in his schedule, so the usual recording day has to be changed.

Will letcha know when things will start moving again.
(And BioShock in 3 days will also put a cramp on the show... hehe)


Some shit came up - shit happens, will explain later.

GET THE BIOSHOCK DEMO ON XBOX LIVE and conatin yourselves. Or don't, and discuss Bioshock in the forum.


The doctor is in! ribo graces us with his presence in GAMERadio #161!


GAMERadio #160, our take on the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony E3 2007 conferences is up.

Episode 161 will be delayed a week (you'll live, Ep160 is extra large for double your pleasure).


GAMERadio #159 is up.


GAMERadio #158 is now available, and here are the Tomb Raider 'screenshots' from cushion that was talked about in his email.


GAMERadio #157 from yesterday is up.
GAMERadio #156 from June 10th is up.
GAMERadio #155 from June 3rd is up.


GAMERadio #154 is up. I have to apolgize for the delay, it took quite a bit of editing to straighten out the second half of the episode (due to being privy to all the new shit just after the show was recorded). It might come out a little choppier than I'd like it, but it's the best I could do.


GAMERadio #152 and GAMERadio #153 are up. I delayed on Ep152 quite a bit as I lost the notes for the show ><


GAMERadio #151 is up.


GAMERadio #150 is available.


NOT April Fools Day... GAMERadio #149.


Speaking of lazy...
*C4 sets mode -vacation.

Went on a stealth vacation for the past 9 days and didn't want to get summoned by family and such.

We will return to your regular scheduled broadcast around April 1st, 2007.


Finally got off my lazy ass and uploaded GAMERadio 148. Episode 149 was skipped this past week thanks to another work meeting for C4 right square in the middle of the recording day. Suckage.


Download GAMERadio 147. Episode 148 had to be postponed thanks to yet another meeting at work for C4 on recording day...


Mmmhm. Email and More Entertainment Radio #146 is up. Then of course we missed another week becuase C4 has been sick since the recording of 146. :(


C4 is attacked by a 'The Boss'.
The Boss hits C4 for 3 points of mental trauma.
C4 swings at The Boss but misses.
The Boss hits C4 for 4 points of physical exhaustion.
C4 cannot take action this round.
The Boss summons Bill Gates.
C4 uses IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on Bill Gates.
The Boss readies Work Meeting.
Bill Gates cannot take action this round, rebooting.
C4 uses Bitching and Complaining on The Boss.
Must be higher level than 'The Boss' to be effective.
Bill Gates uses Windows Vista launch on The Boss!
Modified Work Meeting to Mandatory Meeting!

The Boss casts Mandatory Meeting on C4!
Saving throw against Mandatory Meeting (17).
C4 rolls a 12.
C4's class ability 'Gamer' adds +2 to Work Related saving throws with the skill 'Complete Apathy'.
C4 rolls a 14 against Mandatory Meeting.
C4 does not have Doctor's Note (+20 against all saving throws) in inventory!
C4 is paralyzed!
C4 cannot take action this week!
The Boss leaves C4 alone.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but someone has to deliver it. Today, Sunday, Recording Day, I had a hard drive failure.

Not just any HDD either, it's the most important one that I have (and I have many). Instead of recording I spent the entire day trying to recover most of my data (this includes the show .WAV archives).

$196 that I don't have readily available to piss away on replacing the newest drive I have (6 months?). Fuck you Seagate.


GAMERadio 145 has been up. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to update the site. Most of you know where to look when it's out (Monday evenings) anyway.


GAMERadio 144 is up.


Happy New Year and all that. GAMERadio #143, the Games of the Year 2006 episode is now available!



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