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Bah Humbug #142. Happy Festivus, gamers.


GAMERadio #141 has escaped its Obesity Anonymous meeting and hit the ground running at around 2.5 hours. Expect much Xbox Live Arcade goodness.


GAMERadio #140, for better or worse, is up. I promise next week will be much better :) Sometimes the good shows take awhile to cook.


December is upon us and GAMERadio #139 is up! It's that time of year to make large purchases you shouldn't, and we're here to help with a little guide on buying a console. The show runs a little longer then average at 2h10m but it is worth every minute of your time.

Also, please take a few minutes out of your day to participate in the Games and More Entertainment Radio GAMES OF THE YEAR 2006 episode by casting your votes on the forum!


GAMERadio #137 and #138 are available. Sorry I didn't post 137 when I should have, it's been a busy week (GoW, Wii, FF3...).

Some of you may be interested in the closing track on episode 137, the song during the credits of Gears of War, by "Cole Train" Augustus Cole. It is available here.


Wiiiiiiii! Wii in the house and broken already. Error number 110213 is fatal :(


Chock full of RPG goodness, Microsoft mishaps, and fanboyism, GAMERadio #136.


Lookey there, no more show-posting lag now that Oblivion has been put to rest. GAMERadio #135 is up.

Also, some of the show archives had to be put to rest today in the name of 'low disk space'. GAMERadio #066-099 disappeared today and will only be available through our generous mirrors.

oooh... and tomorrow seems to be a good day for the Xbox crowd... the fall update!


Sorry I lagged for a day: GAMERadio #134 is now up!

And an OGG vorbis RSS feed, finally. Jesus that C4 guy is a slacker...


After much delay, here it is, GAMERadio #133!


Oh, and before I forget, thanks to the dickless fuckers at Delta airlines that ONLY stole my Kodak digital camera, a 128MB SD card, and my DS lite charger. Douchebags.


God DAMN it's been awhile. I'll save the pleasantries for another time. The deal is, we missed the show two weeks ago because I was burned out (20 hours of overtime kicked my ass). The last week we missed because I'm on vacation, and was planning a surprise trip across country for a week. My Dad and I dropped in on my sister about a week ago and she does check the site from time to time, so in the interest of not wanting to blow our cover, you all had to suffer. I apologize (if you hang out in IRC you would have known).

Today is our usual recording day, and if it doesn't get done today (I'm officially still on vacation for one more day) it will be another week missed >< I had planned on missing it because of the vacation time and all that, but I just got back in town yesterday and after reading some of the fantastic email we have received I have become all excited to do the show somehow. That's the trick, "somehow". I do have currently (real life) plans for the day which eliminate Mr. Bar from joining the festivities in person, but I might be able to persuade him into some kind of TeamSpeak get together or something. I'll letcha know. Game on!


GAMERadio #132 is available.


Alright, alright, alright, kwitcherbitchin'! ^_^ 131 has been re-encoded and uploaded to the site to replace the original poor quality version. Sorries! ><


After almost a complete retake, GAMERadio #131 is available.

The first fifteen minutes are from the original recording that I somehow lost the rest. What we have now is a sad attempt by C4 to push 131 out anyway. Hopefully it's not complete ass. Read the show notes for more details.

Also, I've updated from libogg 1.1.2 to 1.1.3, we'll see if this fixes the bad timestamp on the OGGs.


GAMERadio #130 is available.

This episode focuses on the Microsoft Xbox 360. Thank Xxx BoBcAt xxX for finally pushing C4 over the edge and convincing him to take the plunge. Geometry Wars is so worth $399.99+tax and 400 Xbox Live! Points :P


Are the OGGs not working correctly?

While I'm at it, how about you test the latest one? ^_^ Here is GAMERadio #129.


About time, GAMERadio #128 is available.


Fine, it took a little kicking of my ass, but I was finally convinced to open the new Linux Gaming section of the forum a bit prematurely. Go check it out!

Currently there is a very in-depth look at Cedega (5.2.3), how to get a select few games running (basically stuff I had on-hand for testing), and even a few native Linux games (Quake 3, 4, Doom 3, Neverwinter Nights).


The 'new' E3?


:cries: E3 is no more :(


As you probably have noticed it's summer (duh). You probably noticed a lack of solid content in episode 127 (this is unusual how?). This is mostly an unavoidable issue, as every year the game development cycles are geared mainly for a holiday release, leaving our summers barren and uninspiring. I would like to capitalize on this bleak period with "special interest" topics. A "testing of the waters" of sorts.

As most of our listeners have heard (and kindly let me know on IRC and in email their mixed feelings) by now, we have mentioned a Mac game (by god Hell froze over!) and a whole episode dedicated to gaming on a Linux Live CD called "Supergamer", and have talked about doing a whole show on gaming in Linux (not on a live CD, but a 'proper' Linux gaming episode). That time is nearly upon us, and as some of you have seen in the forum there will even be a special section dedicated to Linux gaming in the forum (it will be opening soon). The goal here is to spread the knowledge about gaming in Linux, and helping people achieve that goal.

As for the future of the show, there are no plans to change from how the show has always been. This is what we are good at and what the listener base has come to enjoy. As soon as the flurry of news from the publishers gets going again you can rest assured we're going to be covering what's hot on any platform weekly. Until then, open up your mind a bit, and explore what else is out there.


GAMERadio #127 is available.


Ok, GAMERadio #126 is ready!


Ack! Show #126 is going to be a day or two late. It needs a little bit of extra time in the edit machine. Apologies...


Download GAMERadio #125 now!


How did this happen... Windows Vista beta 2... Linux... live CDs... Super Tux... it's GAMERadio #124.



As mentioned least week, there will be no show next week due to real life responsibilities (MrsPhour, MrsBar, C4's sisters birthday, and Father's Day all in the same month is rough), but we'll be back the week after that with a "regular" episode. That is, not "themed" show like the two Nintendo DS shows and the two E3 2006 shows.


In the US and picking up a DS Lite at Best Buy or Circuit City? You can get Brain Age for free!


GAMERadio 122 is available.


The North American Nintendo DS lite launched today! We've got some very crappy pictures of the DS lite packaging, DS lite vs the Nintendo DS, and even DS lite vs the PlayStation Portable!


Grab GAMERadio 121. The "catching up on email" episode. If email isn't your bag, halfway through we give a full review to [NDS]New Super Mario Brothers!


w00t! lagRadio #16, the MMO gaming show featuring Ozzimo and Afecks is now available! C4 was a guest on the show this week, so he probably ruined it. Be sure to download it and make fun of him. Additionally, no GAMERadio this week.


GAMERadio 120 is up. Also, please don't pass up this forum thread.


Helpz0r us decide what to do. Hit our forum thread regarding GAMERadio hats and shirts...


Chew on these great Sony quotes, "We believe people who like games will, without question, purchase it [PS3]" and, "We have built up a certain brand equity over time since the launch of PlayStation in 1995 and PS2 in 2000 that the first five million are going to buy it [PS3], whatever it is, even it didn't have games". Nice to hear Sony admit what we all know about their perceptions of gamers.


GAMERadio 119 is here. If you haven't seen them, the E3 conferences are available for download from Gamespot (among many other places).


Nuts... looks like the USPTO was just slow or something. All kinds of "Wii" stuff has turned up verifying Nintendo now has the Trademark on 'Wii'.

Word Mark: WII
Filing Date: April 27, 2006
Owner (APPLICANT): Nintendo Co., Ltd. CORPORATION JAPAN 11-1, Hokotate-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto JAPAN
Type of Mark: TRADEMARK


GAMERadio 118 is available for consumption.


In case you live under a rock and didn't see Nintendo's first mista^H^H^H^H^Hrelease of the actual name of their codenamed "Revolution" console, here is the link.


GAMERadio 117, just the right size.



Downloading now... lets hope this was worth the wait...

Also, THE WULFMAN COMETH! Wulf is back from China with MrsWulf and will be back on the show soon!


GAMERadio 116, longer than average.


Gratz to Hooks AND MRS.HOOKS!

They tied to knot today at 3:30PM PST. Wish I could have been there, but I was at work trying to look busy. :(


Get GAMERadio 115.


About goddamn time. GAMERadio #114. The hell happened to the first minute or so of audio is unknown. After the intro music plays, the audio drops off VERY low. Don't turn your speakers up too loud or they'll probably blow out when the audio kicks back in. WTF M8! NFC...


But I did this week. Download GAMERadio 113.


Amazing, I didn't lag ass posting this weeks show. Download GAMERadio 112.


While I'm at it, go to Now. Do it. Go!


Download GAMERadio 111.


Status update :
C4 still ill, ep111 was not recorded last week.
Ep111 is on for this week.
Topic is the WoW experiment.
Don't forget that the good folks over at Online Gaming Radio (OGR) are back! Praise ye gods!


Download GAMERadio 110.


Submissions for the Games of the Year show are closed, and the show will be taped today!. Finarry!

The short version of what happened (as to the long silence and no new shows being recorded) : holidays, work hours, C4 ill (this was serious, as in "trip to the hospital" serious, and it's still not over), and Kobar was flooded out of his house! But.... WE'RE BACK! Expect GAMERadio episode 110 in a day or three.



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