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GAMERadio 109 is up for download.


w00t! Memnon has set up a streaming server for on-demand GAMER episodes! Check it out at this link. It's been added to the list of mirrors, which now appears at the top of the current show page (nobody was seeing the mirror lists at the bottom). Thank you Memnon!


GAMERadio 108 is up for download.
Don't forget to vote for game of the year.

But more importantly...
a moment of silence, please...
RIP Working Designs
Working Designs is no more ^^;;


VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!! Head to the forum and post your picks for "best of", or send an email (guidelines available in the forum thread).


GAMERadio 107 is up for download.


GAMERadio 106 is up for download.


In the interest of doing the "____ of the Year 2005" show properly this year, please visit this forum thread and put in your opinion on the categories. In about a week we will start submissions on nominess for the chosen categories.


Zombie5 and xafan present GAMERRadio : Ep 1.


GAMERadio #105 is available.

NO SHOW NEXT WEEK DUE TO C4 BEING AT WORK FROM NOW UNTIL THURSDAY. Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz. Should be recording as usual the following Sunday (27th, airs 30th).

As you've probably noticed, the forums are down. I'm well aware of it, and have been working on it.

**FORUM UPDATE** Thank ye gods, it looks like the forum is back in action. However (here comes a few "maybes") : You MAY need to reset your avatar. You MAY need to change your theme. You MAY need to delete ANY AND ALL "" cookies from your web browser (TRY THIS FIRST IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS SEEING THE FORUM!). If deleting the cookie does not let you back in - or it DOES, until you log into the forum, email me and I have to reset your style (theme). This should only *possibly* happen if you were using the "Glass" colored themes (new ones are installed though, which you can change back if you so desire).


Yarr! I broke yon forums! If you can't get in, delete your hwhq cookie and it should let you back in. That is, until I break it tomorrow, when I attempt to update to the latest PHPBB. Cross your fingers and pray that the database imports correctly if all hell breaks loose...


Finarry! GAMERR 104 is available for purchase free download!


Give it another day or two until 104 gets posted on the site, it needs some more work before it's ready, but the streams aired (but the intro played twice? I'll have to look into that). Until then, occupy yourself with this little gem. Go Bioware!


Looks like I lied, Kobar and xafan stepped up to save the day with a very unplanned last-minute-middle-of-the-night-into-the-wee-morning-hours episode! Hooray! The best part is, this was xafan's THIRD TAKE at saving the show for this week. Because our listeners kick major fucking ass, xafan, mocker, and zombie5 had recorded two takes of what they were calling "GAMERRadio", but due to audio issues they probably won't ever be heard (unless C4 can convince one of them to leak it to him).


Ok, ok, so it was two weeks delayed because of moving. However, this week wasn't a go either, because C4 had family visiting. See you next week.


The Cliffs in case you missed them:

Ep 104 will NOT be recorded/aired next week. C4 is moving, so who knows when he'll get back online. Quake 4 still sucks.

Xafan is truly a hero, and has allowed us to whore some of his bandwidth. So you can grab the latest shows from his site as well as here! C4 has been too lazy, and frankly, not creative enough, to integrate it into the normal site layout yet. So until then, here's the linky.


Episode 103 is available. Too bad I remembered to mention Quake 4's release before I knew what a colossal piece of buggy shit it is.


It's Quake 4 release day... and so far I must give A BIG FUCK YOU to Raven Software.

If you too are getting the "thrown to desktop when game tries to run" try installing this first (worked with my RealTek onboard audio). I hear people running Creative Labs soundcards are finding luck using the latest beta drivers (fuck you too, Creative Labs).

After three hours of fucking with this just to make it work, I don't even think I can sit down and enjoy it now that it seemingly runs (haven't got past the intro at this point yet). Oh well, here are some screenies to look at while you install the game.

Awesome, the problems just keep creeping up. I can get 20 minutes into the game, when suddenly it completely locks up when zooming in. Again, all kinds of people are having this issue. A few people claim to have solved the issue (ATI users) by downgrading their video drivers from Catalyst 5.10 to 5.9.

Glad to see Raven Software saved a bundle by paying their QA team in peanuts.

Now... what are us lowly nVidia users to do?

Awesome, lets say one managed to get it to run, decided to deal with not zooming in at all so as to not gamble with the zoom-in lockup, what else could one face? How about random black screens. There you are, trying to save the world, when you click the button to lower the bridge so you and your squad can travel safely across, when suddenly the screen just goes black. Not a lockup, you didn't accidentally hit your zoom key, just all graphics disappear. You still hear the game running, you can hear shooting, etc. This game just keeps getting worse...


GAMERadio 102 available.

103 should be recorded on schedule (this Sunday) - HOWEVER, 104 will be delayed for a week - POSSIBLY TWO - while C4 moves.


GAMERadio 101 on 10 01 is up. 00110001 00110000 00110001 >< IIIIIIIIII am Cornholio!


Episode 100.


Episode 100 is a bit late, as it's taking FOREVER to edit (it's long). unfortunately, we even missed our stream time this week because of the lengthy editing process. But to hold you over there is the GAMERadio Episode 100 preshow. Knock yourself out.


Episode 99 is up. A tidbit early, as C4 is leaving town and otherwise it wouldn't be up for the next four or five days. Enjoy, the audio quality is MUCH better than 98 (that's not exactly hard to do).


The RSS feed is up (and now works in iTunes too).
Forums are back up, but the old database had to be scrapped, so back to square one.
Doing everything possible for next week's show to have great audio quality, the last few shows have been so painful to listen to... ><


#1) The show archives are back up
#2) The forum isn't, restoring old forum may not happen
#3) Episode 98 is up, audio quality is horrible.
#4) Visit


Ack, missed last week's show due to a horrid work schedule (can't record on days where you have to work 12 hours). SITE HOSTING HAS MOVED, so some of you can see this and some can't. Give it a day or two more and things should be dialed in.

The show archives are still uploading, and may take the better part of tonight, so if a show isn't there, it will be tomorrow. And xafan's mirror should be up and running soon too (thank you so much!) - it's not up simply because of my laziness busy schedule.

Not to mention the forums are out of comission until I have a chance to straighten that out.

Episode 98 has been recorded, and will be up soon!


Once again, life has kicked the show square in the balls.

C4 out due to circumstances beyond his control, and 'Studio A' down, still, even after being completely reconstructed from the ground up. See you next week, C4 out of town Wed/Thr/Fri.


Argh, teh heatz0r! Make it stop!

We did manage to pull it together for the show this week, it's a little shorter than normal, and C4 was sick (from the heat) but here it is, for better or worse.


Sweet Jesus the gods are against us. There will be no show this week due to FLOODING at C4's place. Floods you say? In the middle of summer? Alas, when your illegal neighbours upstairs don't know how to work complicated devices such as faucets, these things tend to happen. TWICE.
So the recording studio :P is closed until this gets resolved. Good thing this happened over the weekend, when you can't get ahold of any authority around here. Thankfully our local Fire Department still works on the weekends, as they had to prevent the wired-into-the-building fire alarm from shorting out and burning the place down. Kobar has to hang out with family today, so I'm not sure who is worse off. Hmm... what's that smell? Ah yes, the previous renters of this place definetly had cats...


GAMERadio Episode 93 is up.
We experienced some serious technical difficulties (makes it hard to do a radio show when you can't record any sound!) that hopefully came out clear enough (if a bit low) on our makeshift 'studio' (aka Kobar's rig).
I must point out the closing music (which got my vote) - there is a contest called "WoW Idol" on WCRadio, held over at They are in the final round right now (seven finalists) and the winner will be announced on July 9th on WCRadio. Go cast your vote now (free registration required)!


Happy birthday Miss EvilFly. (What, you think I'd forget?) ^_^


A new Pure Pwnage has been released by the PP crew, head over there and check out Ep 7, 'The MMO Grrl'.


GAMERadio #92 is available. There will be no show next week - C4 out of town.


Non-alcoholic GAMERadio #91 is up. Tastes great, less filling.


About damn time, EA has released the Battlefield 2 demo.


I knew it would only be a short amount of time before the announcement of a new MMORPG that would catch my interest.


GAMERadio 90, for better or worse, is available. This ep gets a STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING. Sorry Mom, sorry God. It won't happen again.


Praise the gods! A miracle has happened. Thanks to a bottle of wine, a few beers, sleep deprivation, and IRC, episode 90 will air this week. Be sure to check it out on Rant Radio Talk and DDP Hack Radio!


GAMERadio 89 is up.

I'll give you fair warning this week, due to my work schedule giving me the shaft, there's not going to be a show next week :(

Thank you zombie5!


Told ya. ^_^


Episode 88 will be streamed today at 4PM PST, and available for download later tonight.


The MTV Xbox 360 special is on tonight? I could have sworn it was the 16th...

The global broadcast will premiere Thursday, May 12, at 9:30 p.m. EDT in North America and on Friday, May 13 in other regions around the globe (local air times below).


GAMERadio Episode 87 is available.


Burnout fans celebrate! A trailer for Burnout Revenge is available! More to be revealed at E3.


To all those people who I told, 'one day, I'll figure out how to make money by not really doing anything', and then insisted I let them in on it when I did, GameSpot has the answer.

Selling virtual cash for real cash is nothing new, but it's the amounts that shocked me when I read this article. This is seriously disgusting. Would it surprise anyone if this bled over into other games? What if in the new DooM game, or Half-Life, or whatever the flavour of the week is, "limited" your arsenal unless you paid id or Valve (again, or whoever) and extra fee through an in-game 'arms dealer'.

I guarantee somewhere there is a person who would have paid $5.00 more for a double barrelled shotgun in the original release of DooM 3.

Discuss in the forum here. No registration needed if you don't want to be bothered.


GAMERadio Episode 86 is up.


Tune your television to A&E tonight at 10PM EST to catch the episode of 'Intervention' about video game addiction. Sadly, I have no way to view this myself, so hopefully someone can catch it and send in an email to us. Huge thanks to Kizzle for letting us know!


Amazingly, C4 was still illin' this week (his own fault) and was unable to record yet AGAIN. Argh. However, plague be damned, there will be a new show this week which will air on Rant Radio and DDP Hack Radio at 4PM Pacific on Wednesday, May 4th.


No show this week, somehow got all kinds of sick AGAIN. ~.~


GAMERadio Episode 85 is up.


GAMERadio Episode 84 is now available.
We almost have our new schedules ironed out, expect news soon.
Our new time on RantRadio is Wednesday at 4PM Pacific.




Real life has been a real *&%!@$#@$%^&$# lately, and has delayed the posting of the show. Never fear, Episode 82 and 83 are here! We're not going anywhere just yet...

Not away anyway (oh please god make it stop!). We ARE however moving our real life schedules around, and it's been playing havoc with the show times.

Our apologies that there was no previous notification to you. Kobar can attest to it being 100% C4's fault. :) 'My bad' as they say. In another week things should be straightened out and all will be right with the world once again. Because SOMEBODY has to save the world. And that's where we come in. Stay tuned.

Don't hesitate to write us with your opinions, reviews, complaints, whatever, at (obviously remove the ~'s).


Yup, they ran out of space. Now that that has been taken care of, GAMERadio #80, and Episode 81 are available


Erm, episode 80 has been uploaded, but for some reason either the hosts servers are having problems or my FTP client is retarded, but I am unable to upload 81 currently. Not even sure if this update will make it...


C4 is hit by Virus for 500 points of damage.
C4 takes 500 points of damage from the Virus's poison.
C4 is stunned and unable to take action this round!
C4 takes 500 points of damage from the Virus's poison.
C4 falls to the ground.
C4 has been defeated.

As you have already probably discovered, there was no show this week. C4 got incredibly ill and is recovering from a nasty virus.


Making Valentine's Day a little less painful, Episode 79.


As promised, Episode 78 is available.


Sorry for the delay of Episode 78, it should be up tomorrow.


GAMERadio Episode 77, a 'bonus' show is up for EverQuest II/MMORPG fans. Big thanks to MobileDigit and }Error{!

Regular scheduling is NOT AFFECTED, and a regular show will be up at the usual time/place.


GAMERadio Episode 76 is up.


GAMERadio Episode 75 is out.


GAMERadio now mirrored over at! Thank you MobileDigit!


No show this week. Snowed in and ill. :( Back next week...


GAMERadio Episode 74 is has escaped.


GAMERadio Episode 73 is up.

Don't forget to check NewsReal with Sean Kennedy at 9AM PST on RantRadio, premieres today!



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