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GAMERadio Episode 72 is available.


Episode 72 airs today at 3:30PM Pacific on Rant Radio! Bumped up the quality a little from 16kbps/16kHz to 24kpbs/22.05kHz to try to help clear up our audio from now on. Merry Christmas.

If you've sent in your Best of 2004 lists, it may not have arrived. My email server seems to be very selective about what it lets through, sadly, I wonder if this has happened since our move to this server all that time ago. You may want to register on the forums and send C4 a private message with your list to make sure it gets here for episode 73.


GAMERadio Episode 71 is up.


Where oh where has the year gone? Lots of MMORPG play makes the time fly. It's almost time for the end-of-year "Best of" show again - if you want to represent your favourite games please send an email to us and let us know what you thought was the best!

It'll be easier for us all if we submit our lists in the same format, ideally a "Best RPG, best MMORPG, best action, best sports..." system, and of course, your one "Game of the Year" pick, or even one GotY title for per system.


GAMERadio Episode 70 is up.


GAMERadio Episode 69 is available.


Show #69 tomorrow, streamed on Rant Radio at 3:30PM PST.


I am thankful Thanksgiving is only once a year. What are you thankful for?

No show this week, out of town for holiday insanity.


GAMERadio Episode 68 is up.


Patrick Volkerding, Slackware linux maintainer, battles mystery illness. :(


GAMERadio Episode 67 now available!


Show tomorrow on RantRadio at 3:30PM PST. And no, it's not all about Everquest 2. =)

Speaking of EQ2, if you are on the Unrest server, you can join us in the channel GAMER to bullshit. /join GAMER

Check out The MindWAR!


--- Everquest 2 server is UNREST ---
Blame Kobar for the last minute change from Crushbone. ^^

Don't forget to grab Firefox v1.0!


Tomorrow is a monumental day. EverQuest II should be on the shelves, Halo 2 will be available, and (possibly even more mportantly) Firefox v1.0!World of Warcraft open beta is underway! Download the client downloader HERE (for Windows) or at the official WoW site.


GAMERadio Episode #66 available!


All kinds of gaming goodness to be addressed before the big EverQuest 2 release, and a visit from my father halts the progression of The Bard on his semi-heroic quest to save the princess, Sly and his Band of Thieves are forced to wait out their next job, my ride sits in the garage, and the Special Ops have one less Mercenary to worry about for a few days.


If I play my cards right I will get my hands on Halo 2 on Sunday. Maybe it will be reviewd on the next show.


Halo 2 found in stores!


GAMERadio episode 65 is available.

[ email] - [ IRC ] - [ forum ]


Don't forget to join the Guild Wars World Preview Event!


Finally got Episode 64 and the notes for it up.


Late update on Episode64, I've been busy with work *(cough)* and Burnout 3 *(cough)*. Things will be straightened out later today when I finally start my weekend. Unless these old bones decide to stop working in the middle of the day for whatever reason. It took me about twice as long as normal to get up and out of bed this morning. Funny way of saying "Happy Birthday"; I feel a hundred years old. ^^;;


GAMERadio Ep63 available.


IRC has been moved off of We've moved shop to The links on the site have been updated (look down a bit to your right) to connect you to the new server.

Channel : #GAMER


GAMERadio episode 62 streamed today at 3:30PM PST on Rant Radio! If you missed it, you can get it here from the archives. Don't forget to participate in the forums either!


If you missed G.A.M.E.Radio episode 61 on Rant Radio today, it is available from the site now.


Tune in to Rant Radio (64k and 24k streams available) at 3:30PM Pacific tomorrow (Sat, 10.02.2k4) and catch GAMERadio's premiere Rant Radio episode, #61!

We will keep you posted right here when the DDP-Hack Radio stream is ready to roll. Big thanks to everyone who has given us their support!

Oh, and the lack of communication on the forum and in IRC is due to a few hundred dollars in hardware blowing up in the last ten days. Hopefully everything will be back to normal around here soon ><;


Episode 60 of GAMER is now available!

Also big news this week, starting next week the show will be streamed on Rant Radio's Talk stream Saturday's at 3:30PM PST (6:30PM EST).

Also, just before uploading episode 60, our friend StankDawg hooked us up with a time slot at the same time on DDP-Hack Radio! Enter the stream here.

And so world domination begins... :)


GAMERadio Episode 59 is available for download.


Frag.Ops v2.0 has been released. Quite a delay in me getting around to it, as I've run into some technical problems that distracted and delayed me. The good news is that Episode 59 should be up tomorrow. As if you were holding your breath...


More gaming goodness, Tribes : Vengeance single player demo is out. Check FilePlanet and FileRush!


Heads up! Big news from the Frag.Ops team - FO v2.0 "Tides of War" will be out in a few days! And boy does it look good! There is a 25MB WMV9 video showcasing BUILDING YOUR OWN DEFENSES, many uniform-matching arm models and skins, and some new cool hand to hand combat. Plus the kickass weaponry already in this solid mod, I can't wait to see v2.0.

Also of interest to many, DivX 5.2.1 is out.

Some news on Carmack courtesy CNN Money.

Those patiently awaiting GG X2 #Reload will have to wait another week.

And the demo to Warhammer 40,000 Dawn on War is out!


Crud... work got in the way of a show this week.

:( Back next week...


GAMERadio Episode 58 is now available.


Seems a everyone (even me) is having problems with the 2.2GB WoW Stress Test file they got from FilePlanet (and you thought they couldn't get any lamer). Try this : open an IE window. Drag your file into the IE window. You will see a directory called "World of Warcraft Stress Test". Now drag that folder out to wherever you want it.


Sign up for the World of Warcraft Stress Test Beta! You basically put in your info, and you get your key - then you get to wait in line for a few hours before you can start to download the client. It only lasts a week. Might as well give it a whirl.


GAMERadio episode 57 is available! Pics here.


There seems to be a whole lot of confusion going on as to IRC. Lets see if we can't get this straightened out. The server is, the channel is #GAMER. You can use whatever IRC client you like. Some of the more popular ones are XChat and mIRC. After installing your client of choice, you can access the channel manually with the server and channel info (/server ; /join #gamer), or you can try clicking on this link.

If you are unable to connect to the server for some reason, please, mention it in the forum here (you do not need to register with the forum to post). If there are many with problems, we can change servers to something else.


Huh-huh. Uhhhh. Huh-huh. Uhuhuhhh. It's like, here dude. Ummm... yeah. Four... six... twenty-seven... like... fifty-six or something. Hhhhuh-huh. Huh. Yeah. Fire.


I think I'm going to be late for work because of this, but I wanted to get it done. And this is clearly more important. Episode 55 is ready for download.

Pictures of most things talked about in the show.


Please forgive the lack of updates and delay on episode 55, the machine used for the show has spent the last few days being worked on.


And the demon hordes of Hell were once again stopped...


Doom 3... Doom 3... Episode 54... Doom 3... Doom 3... Doom 3...


Thar be Doom 3 talk in ye forum over yonder. Many screenies!

Don't forget to update your drivers and whatnot.

DirectX 9.0c
nVidia ForceWare v61.77
ATI Catalyst v4.7


Episode 53 is available for download. A very rare show in that we have all three hosts playing the same game. C4, Kobar, and modem are all playing Tales of Symphonia! We swear next week will be a more concise show closer to the one-hour time that we're supposed to do... yeah... and monkeys might fly out of my butt.


And you probably thought we'd have a "one year's worth of episodes" special this week. Sadly, we're just too lazy to be that prepared. Episode 52 is available, and the main topic is MMORPG's. Specifically Sony's EverQuest 2, and Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft.


Yeah but Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms yo. Word, 51 in the house.

RPG gamers can rejoyce, the list of upcoming RPGs is huge! Please have a look at the notes for links to the games you may be interested in (plug for the notes page because it took me longer to make the notes than to record the show ><).


Episode 51 has been recorded, but due to a really screwed up work schedule I haven't been able to put the finishing touches on it. I expect it to be up tomorrow by 2PM PST (and that's the day I'm lucky enough to go to work TWICE in one day).


Looks like you get to "enjoy" Episode 50 for another week, as what we have to do has once again stepped in the way of what we want to do. As it turns out, today I start my new job, so instead of playing games all day, and recording 51, I must deal with being a n00b at work. I also don't have a set schedule yet, so things are going to be a little funky around here.

If you've wondered why it's been a little quiet and out-of-the-ordinary around here, this is why. Major life stuff going on. I haven't even so much as checked my email in a week.

Tomorrow would be an option to record, except that I have family coming to town. I doubt anyone wants to hear what my father has to say about videogames and how we are all wasting our lives. "But Dad.. I just saved the Princess!" Some people just don't get it...


GAMERadio Episode #50 episode is online! Some sort of milestone I suppose, it's a very long episode focused on the stories of our gaming career. So grab a beer, throw some steaks on the grill, and get comfortable - it's quite an adventure.


Alright, I think I fixed the size of the linkboxes. Sorry, nothing major, but it gave me something to do in my last few hours of work tonight. 88x31 right? Yeah, "my bad" and all that...


GAMERadio Episode #49 is finally up for download. I'm sorry it's so late, but due to illness (which has now made itself a weird ear-infection-head-cold thing) things were delayed - AND we were not able to record this week. I was supposed to go out of town anyway, but couldn't because I was sick. What does this mean for next week? Well have to wait and see. Sorry mom. Sorry God.


I apologize for the delay, I seem to have come down with the Plague. I rarely get sick, but when I do it's not pretty. It's usually a near death experience. Like a family reunion, the holidays, or having your hit points in the red. Someone locate me some clerics. *cough* The show STILL isn't up as of yet.

I was going out of town next week anyway, so we were going to have to miss next week, so it might be closer to next week before #49 is posted.


GAMERadio Episode #48 is available for download!


GAMERadio Episode #47 is now online! And guess what? It features one of our archive hosts - modem!

If you would like to link to the site with a linkbox, please use the new one, located on the contact page.


I thought (or wished really hard?) this game was cancelled. Alas, beta registration has begun for Matrix Online ("MxO").

Don't forget to check out the new SEGA Dreamcast emulator Chankast v0.1 alpha.


GAMERadio Episode 46 has been uploaded. I'm going to have to remember to aim for more concise notes in the side bar in the future. Maybe I'll fix that later.


Do not adjust your monitor. No, the domain did not expire and get jacked by someone with style, this is the slick new site that was created by Fred Simonton. Spend some time poking around and acquaint yourself with the site, and expect to see Episode 46 of GAMERadio before the end of the week!


New episode in the house! Big number 45, this is a great episode thats main focus is E3 2004! Ode went and tells the tale for you in GAMERadio #45.


20 pictures from Ode's trip to E3 2004 are up in the forums.

Don't forget to sign up for the EverQuest II beta if you're interested in that sort of thing. One day left.


GAMERadio Episode #44 is now available.


Stop what you're doing. Sit down. Click.


GAMER #43 is up.


GAMER #42 is up.


GAMER #41 is up.


GAMER #40 is up.


Slight modification to the forum for those of you who prefer to NOT hear about things FFXI. Other than that, business will remain as usual. Thank you for flying GAMER Airlines. You will notice the captain has turned on the no-smoking light, so please extinguish your cigarettes for arrival. Please put your seat in upright back position and make sure your safetly harness is secure for landing. Local time in Tokyo, Japan, is 1:15am, please adjust your watches and gaming schedule. We hope you enjoyed your flight.


[insert semi-creative April Fool's Day joke here]

GAMER #39 has been posted! The "Free Shit" Episode.

FFXI related : (some of you guys thought soloing BCNM50 was an April Fool's Day joke) : Video of our hero Prrrowla soloing BCNM50 (muhwahahahaaa). [DivX 5.11, mono MP3, 15.1MB]


Good news. The forums are fixed, and GAMERadio #38 has been uploaded.


As luck would have it, my host is having problems with the PHPBB servers at the moment. ^^;; Formus inaccessible until they get to fixin'.


Don't forget you can pass some time during the week between shows talking on IRC (, #GAMER) and participating on the forums.


GAMER #37 covers the topic of Nintendo patenting GBA emulation, game movies, and some other stuff.


GAMER #36, Final Fantasy XI Commercial #3 has been uploaded. I apologize for the FFXI shows, but they really are a lot of fun for us, and easier to do because of the loose format. We knew ahead of time we would be unable to record a regular show this week, so we recorded this FFXI show last week to post. It was that or nothing, and I hate having nothing.


It was worth the wait - Hooks saves the day for a show this week! Recorded on the 29th of February, the leap year episode has been uploaded. Now for the "bad" news. Next week's show. It's another all FFXI episode, and it has already been recorded. The reason we "had" to do this is because yours truly has to start his first day of WORK during the days we usually get together and record and game. So you see, there would be no other way to get a show together next week. I apologize, I know FFXI doesn't appeal to everyone, but hey, shit happens. We're broke ass gamers, just like the rest of you, not high paid journalists.


C4 out of town, Kobar and Wulf had a shifted work schedule. Looks like we're going to miss this week. :( Why is this happening so often lately? ^^;;


GAMER #34 posted. Yes, it's quiet around here... FFXI induced coma. ^^;; and all that.


Sorry for the delay, we knew there wasn't going to be a show this week (real life happens), so I held onto last week's show. I intended to post it over the weekend (so it landed kind of in-between eps) but missed that thanks to the coma inducing FFXI. Episode #33 is up.


Blow on this Radio #5 was released today.


FFXI Commercial #3 had been... wait... wait... no it hasn't!^^ GAMERadio #32 The Inexpensive Episode has been completed. It's a day late and a dollar short (blame friends from out of town visiting) but what else is new?

All hail the new mirror! Just as I start deleting the older OGG episodes to make room on the server, TEXTFILES.COM has graciously mirrored MP3 and OGG versions of the show! One hell of a place for all kinds of info - check them out.


FFXI Commercial #2 (aka GAMER #31) is up. Yes, the FFXI insanity has to stop. We'll be back to our regular nonsense next week.


Armchair Arcade has opened it's doors! Yes, AA opened a week ago, blame my pipe dream of becoming a ninja in FFXI for missing out when they first opened. Go there. Now!

From Mr.Loguidice's post:

Armchair Arcade:
The "Armchair Arcade" team has launched their long awaited first issue. This new online publication is dedicated to publishing articles featuring unique insights and treatments that cover electronic computer and gaming history, reviews, and analysis. The first issue contains five different articles of varying length that provide good examples of what future content will be like. The exciting first issue of Armchair Arcade is available at

Articles for the first issue include:
- Game Packaging - A Look to the Past When Treasures Beyond the Game Were Within the Box
- A Treatise on Videogames
- Intellivision vs. ColecoVision Parts I and II: BurgerTime and GamblingGame
- Atari - A Tale of Two Systems, Part I: Atari 5200 and Atari 7800
- Turrican vs. Metroid: A Complexity Issue


Episode #30 : FFXI all the time.


Earlier than expected, look for episode #30 before the weekend!


modemtuh with the hookup on some World of Warcraft screenshots. Have a look (5.5MB worth of pics, 56k beware) and form your own opinon.


Ah hah! I was looking for the words to describe how I feel about the holidays and I think 2 has said what all have a hard time putting into words. Grab his rant.


Just a little update. I expect to be able to start recording beginning the first week of February. Anything before that would be divine intervention.


Free subscription to GamePro.


We won't be around making new episodes for a bit yet, so let me point out the Links section.



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