GAMERadio Episode_394 | 30 Year Old Manbabies.

| GAMERadio_394 – C4, ribo & Newfie! [05.06.2k16, Fri] |

Intro:  – “Let me try this one more time while the liquor stores are open.” – Al Bundy

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Zelda NX confirmed –

Nintendo E3 2016 presence. Maybe? Question Mark?

Nintendo NX = March 2017 “No NX at E3. ZeldaU onry (only playable game)”

Pirate WoW se30rver Nostalrius server shutdown –

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare + Modern Warfare 1 (COD4) Remaster –

Battlefield 1 (One) (1886)  –

Shadow of the Beast includes Amiga original

Steam reviews change…for the better! –

Editorial: Is it finally time to buy a PS4? (or XBox One If your bread is buttered on that side?)

Persona 5’s Menu Porn Distracts Us The Entire Episode:



  • Rocket League – (C4) (Hoops update (the ragequit butthurt is real in these people))
  • Alienation – (C4) (customizable controls! Loot! Online MP! Ironman mode! Generic sci-fi!)
  • Fallout 4 – (ribo)
    • 1.5 update out of beta. Released for PC + Consoles
    • “Creation Kit” released for PC. Console version coming this summer (or earlier)
    • “It just works.” Todd Howard
  • Bloodmotherfuckingborne – (C4)
    • Chalice dungeons (random!!!!)
    • Next FROM game pc/ps4/xbone/psvr 2017 🙁 = no BB2
  • Fire Emblem Fates Conquest – (Newfie)
    • Played on bitch mode (One star casual) and I got my ass BEAT
    • Fantastic content, feel like I didn’t get to explore some of the guilesfvcrafting content due to lack of gold and XP
  • Street Fighter V Update
    • Getcha BOOOOOOMMMMMSSSSSS (Guile) 


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