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| GAMERadio_393 – C4 & ribo! [04.22.2k16, Fri] |

Intro:  – “Mr Zurkon has returned with a VENGEANCE!” – Ratchet & Clank The Movie

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New blog! (This one!)

PAX East is Happening.

DooM MP beta (Halo, melee)


Playstation 4 Neo (Previously PS4K) –

RIP Xbox 360 – Valleymicrosoft-ceases-xbox-360-production/

Stardew Valley Sells One Million Copies –

SMITE Twitch Streamer Resigns Following “Insensitive” Comments –

Paragon? –  

Starfox Zero Arrives! Has Middling Reviews? – (Metacritc: 71)Littlefinger

Quantum Break Broken Up Into Episodic TV Episdoes…In Game! – 

Starring Littlefinger and Lt. Daniels!

Oh yea, PAX East



Ratchet & Clank – (C4) (“Toy Story Graphics” confirmed! and only $40?!)

Hyrule Warriors Legends – (C4, ribo) (“is legit!”)

Bravely Second – (ribo) (PSA Bravely Second is 3.2GB digital!)




Starcraft Ghost

Warcraft Adventures

Lichdom Battle Mage –

Stardew Valley – Giant Bomb Quick Look –


And More…

No Time For More!