GAMERadio Episode_384 | 599 US Dollars. Redux.

| GAMERadio_384 – C4 & ribo! [01.08.2k16, Fri]  

Intro: “…Hookers and Cocaine.'” – The Most Honest Man In America

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Newfie is out this week playing Board Games!

C4 forgot that Hand of Fate came out in 2015 (Game of the Year discussion our Favorite Games of 2015)

Steam Winter Sale Haul 2015





Cards Against Humanity Picasso Question –

Oculus Rift is $599 US Dollars. –
C4 graphic
– “That’s about right.” – C4
– “Get ready for janked in support!” – ribo
– Sold Out in 14 mins for March. Can still preorder for Summer.
– Still, looks pretty cool. You’re going to have some unique experiences with this thing.
– Might be worth it for the interesting bullshit that will come from the enthusiast community.
– Excited for the future!

Editorial: Controller vs Keyboard/Mouse?
– How do YOU play your games on PC?



Borderlands 2
The Long Dark
How to Survive Third Person
Vagante  –


Elite Dangerous
Demon Souls
Her Story
Battlecrusier 3000 AD

And More…

Star Wars
Hateful 8
The Martian
Peanuts Movie

We skip movie talk to bring you an important message:



GAMERadio Episode_383 | Video Presentations Killed The Radio Star

Games and More Entertainment Radio
GAMERadio_383 – C4, ribo and Newfie! [ – 12.18.2k15, Fri] ********************************************************************************************************

Intro: “I hope you here to buy something you roll up on a nigga “Kenny with the white nose” like that. ‘ Well we ain’t here to play Xbox.'” – The Town

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Some Fallout 4 stuff (MODS!! Install ’em!) 
– Note: You have to install Nexus Mod Manager to easily use mods. Follow this guide here: 

ribo & Newfie recommended mods: 

Better Dialogue
Craft Legendary Items
Lowered Weapons
Value per Weight
Craft-able Ammo
Better Labels
Darker Nights
F4nssons’s Light Tweaks


League of Legends sold to Chinese firm –

Street Fighter V Beta –

Video Game Awards 2015 –
The takeaways from the VGAs?

  1. What the fuck was Jade Raymond on?
  2. That’s about it…Witcher 3 won, I guess. 
  3. Do people really care about these award shows?
  4. Whats good, Konami?

Greenmangaming issues –

Go here for good game deals –

GAMERadio’s Game(s) of the Year?

C4: Witcher 3/Until Dawn
ribo: Witcher 3
Newfie: Fallout 4/MGS5

Playstation Experience 2015 –

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be episodic for business reasons. Money. Cash. –

(Also, it appears to be an Action RPG?) –

Nintendo Direct – Smash Edition

  • Final DLC characters announced
    • Cloud, Someone from Fire Emblem (Corrin) and BAYONETTA TOO? WHAT THE FUCK?!?

Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PC sooner than expected…maybe. –

Destiny adds microtransactions and the world melts –

No more DLC for Destiny…for now. Just event based additions. ––325252.phtml

Destiny 2 is coming… –

Kojima is back…and partnered with Sony? –

C4 blathers about PS4 remote play for some time…



Mabinogi Duel (ribo, Newfie)
Helldivers (No 4pk in the Steam pre-sale?) (C4)
Just Cause 3 (C4)
Steamworld Heist (ribo)
Guns Up! (C4)


Square Holiday Bundle Surprise Bundle 2015 contained:

  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Lara Croft Temple Osiris
  • Thief
  • Life is Strange Ep 1

And More…

Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip (GETIT?!?!) COMES OUT THIS WEEK!! GO WATCH IT! IT’LL BE AMAZING!!!!