GAMERadio Episode_370 | UNLIMITED C4!

| GAMERadio_370 – C4, ribo and Newfie! [ 06.20.2k15, Sat] |

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369 Audio Issues (sorry!), but hey new recorder!

Steam Summer Sale Haul 2015!

C4 (Here’s what $115 gets you!)
-Marvel Heroes ($25 for “tabs”!) “It’s just free! -C4”
-Wolfenstein Bundle (The Old Blood & The New Order)
-Van Helsing 2 Complete
-Don’t Starve DLC
-Halo Spartan Bundle
-Half Minute Hero Second Coming
-Boxes with Guns
-Sword of the Stars DLC
-Squigly (Skullgirls)
-Pixel Heroes
-Road Redemption
-Cities in Motion 2
-Payday 2 Butcher’s Western Pack and other DLC…
-Icewind Dale
-Freedom Planet
-Shovel Knight
-Ori and the Blind Forest
-Killing Floor 2

-Hand of Fate
-Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1
-This War of Mine –
-Wolfenstein Bundle
-Killing Floor 2

-Hand(s) of Fate
-Wolfenstein Bundle
-Huniepop (Thanks Trideen!) >_>
-Half Minute Hero (LOL! Trolled!)
-Tesla Effect (Tex Murphy) (Best Post Game Trailer Ever!)
-Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth 2

E3 2015

Special Sing Along Key For Additional Essential Commentary!

ribo – Red | C4 – White | Newfie – (Canadian) Blue

Nintendo World Championships 2015
Mother for Wii U VC (Earthbound Beginnings)
Blastball for 3DS
Smash Bros. DLC

  • Ryu – Ryu inputs give special attacks
  • Roy
  • Lucas


  • fatalities! (violent as fuck executions)
  • chainsaw!
  • snapmap!
  • glowy pickups but not the weapons?
  • Spring 2016
  • PC, PS4, Xbone
  • No COD style “Iron sights”, gun off center, old school style
  • MP looks very Q3. Nice.
  • No fancy story here gents, just “killin shit”. I’m ok with that.
  • Do the reloads seem a little next gen slow?
  • Melee seems to take a pretty front and centre spot
  • MP map creator looks slick, easy, and tuned in. Same system used in F4 building?

– Cross platform thing…


  • Some shit about online 3rd person TF2 MOBA
  • sorry, Team Based Action Combat
  • yep
  • whatever.

Dishonored 2

  • Emily! (female protagonist)
  • Corvo Attano for those of you who can’t handle a woman
  • or a new guy
  • PC, PS4, Xbone
  • Definitive Edition (Dishonored 1)
  • Graphically upgraded (To PC graphics) for Xbone, PS4, Fall 2015

The Elder Scrolls

  • TESO: Imperial City, the fallen capital
  • The Elder Scrolls Legends
    • A strategy card game, suck it, no TESVI for you.
    • This an RPG?

Fallout 4

  • Starts in past
  • Character creator with sculpting (Oh shit! I can be black!)
  • Play as a female (And a woman!)
  • Characters No Longer “Bethesda” Ugly!
  • 200 years later (Cryogenics?)
  • Dog(meat)
  • VATS (I dig the slowdown into VATS instead of stopping everything, it’s very “Witcher 3″)
  • Downtown Boston
  • Layered armor
  • “Game tapes” (Pip Boy Minigames, Very System Shock-ish. Also Audio Tapes/Logs)
  • REAL Pip Boy with CE (120 US dollars This item is sure to get a lot of use, if you consider “looking at the plastic collector’s edition garbage on your shelf and shaking your head in regret” as a use.)
  • Android/iOS best fucking companion app (Dreamcast VMU 3.0 beta “I find that things like this are gimmicky bullshit, but this is by far the coolest gimmicky bullshit”)
  • Fallout Shelter (iOS timed exclusive, Android coming whenever.)
    • Make your own vault
    • Babysit Sims
    • Send your Sims on missions like Progress Quest
    • Resource mgmt
    • Free, no paywall timers, no live connections, no wait time bullshit)
    • You CAN buy lunch boxes for more random loot (minimal amount of F2P evil)
    • iOS tonight, no Android? 🙁
  • Rebuild/crafting system
  • Build whole settlements, defend your territory (so fucking cool! Fallout Tower Defense)
  • Traders come to live in your place
  • Create everything (>50 base weapons, and >700 mods for them)
  • Modify your power armor, including piecing it together from different kinds of suits
  • Complaints about graphics really make sense now because they have to do all of this real time construction work. Gameplay over graphics any day.
  • 11-10-2015! (already pre-ordered from GMG!)
  • “Fight the hype!” – C4

ribo – Solid gaming lineup, Good enthusiasm. Outstanding Fallout 4 presentation. B+
Newfie – Doom footage, Fallout 4 this year, surprise with Fallout Shelter. A
C4 – A

Microsoft Games for 2015
XB1 Exclusive – Halo 5 Guardians

  • Looks like Halo. It’s finneee
  • Warzone MP
  • Increased player count for MP, added AI players, removed split screen

XB1 Exclusive – REcore

  • Female Protagonist
  • dunno what it is though (adventure? Moba? Character action?)
  • Bullshot trailer; developed by Inafune before Mighty No 9 is finished

Software 360 backwards compatibility

  • *depending on licensing (will games slated for HD Remix Remastered DF editions be added? Will they be pulled IF the publisher decides to do a Remix AFTER it’s on this list? Will they fuck this up like last time? All on the publishers and time will tell.)
  • Less than 20 21 games available right now with more to come.
    • A Kingdom for Keflings
    • A World of Keflings
    • Alien Hominid HD
    • Banjo-Kazooie
    • Banjo-Tooie
    • BattleBlock Theater
    • Defense Grid
    • Geometry Wars Evolved
    • Hexic HD
    • Jetpac Refuelled
    • Kameo
    • Mass Effect
    • N+
    • Perfect Dark
    • Perfect Dark Zero
    • Super Meat Boy
    • Toy Soldiers
    • Toy Soldiers: Cold War
    • Viva Piñata
    • Viva Piñata: TIP
    • Zuma

Are we going to have the same problems with this as we had with the Xbox-360 BC? Likely to see a lot of games not get this treatment because HD re-releases are so popular now. May even see developers use this as a testing ground for popularity before they remove the ability to emulate so that they can do a HD collection

Fallout 4 (+3?)

  • Fallout 4 mods from PC via Bethesdanet
  • coming with Fallout 3
  • Cross platform mod support is an outstanding thing, but will it end up causing issues for consoles with things like super HD texture packs?

EA Access (Titanfall, Dragon Age Inquisition later)

  • Open to all XBLG members (this week only)
  • $30/year on top of your $60 a year for XBLGold. At least we will know exactly when EA turns off the servers

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (sure…)

XB1 Exclusive – Forza 6, Bring out new Ford GT for 30 seconds to wave their dicks

Dark Souls 3 (yup.)
– Early 2016

The Division (I guess.)

Rainbow Six Siege

  • comes with Vegas 1 + 2

XB1 (and Win 10) Exclusive – Gigantic

  • Team based arena game?
  • F2P (MOBA?)

XBLA MONTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Indie Game Showcase…GO!

First on XB1 – Tacoma

  • Gone Home


  • Arty, Character Driven adventure “open space” thing
  • dig the art style, no face…nice
  • Looks like Shadows of the MonsterHunter?

Beyond Eyes

  • Female Protagonist


  • 30’s cartoon Platformer/SHmup. Contra levels and R-Type levels
  • Looks really neat!
  • …I’ll never play this

Xbox Game Preview

  • Console Early Access
  • Demo BEFORE you jump into Early Access? I thought they said it would be a timed demo, so like 2h, then you can say no. Think XBLIG.
  • A few of the in progress games that will be offered
    • Long Dark
    • Elite Dangerous
    • Shelter
    • DayZ
  • New Game from (former) DayZ people creator
  • Ion
      • First on XB1 & PC
      • Space Game
      • Just a logo trailer, no clue what it is
    • How about you finish DayZ No longer works on Day Z 
    • Giving money to this dude is the worst idea. It’s like handing over cash to a door to door roofer.

XB1 “Exclusive” – Tomb Raider 2 (Rise of the Tomb Raider)

  • Looks great!
  • Mostly in engine gameplay? I think?
  • Released the same day as Fallout 4…
  • Same levels of Lara falling to what should be her death
  • Great level design
  • Ice climbing looks very fluid

Rare Replay (30 Game Collection, $30. Wow.)

  • Atic Atac
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Banjo-Tooie
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
  • Battletoads   
  • Battletoads Arcade (Sikslayer!)
  • Blast Corps BLAST CORPS
  • Cobra Triangle (whoa!)
  • Conker’s Bad Fur Day (whoa!)
  • Digger T. Rock
  • Grabbed by the Ghoulies
  • Gunfright
  • Jet Force Gemini (I can finally sell the PAL copy I purchased while drunk…)
  • Jetpac
  • Jetpac Refuelled
  • Kameo: Elements of Power
  • Killer Instinct Gold
  • Knight Lore
  • Lunar Jetman
  • Perfect Dark
  • Perfect Dark Zero
  • R.C. Pro-Am (holy shit!)
  • R.C. Pro-Am 2
  • Sabre Wulf
  • Slalom
  • Snake Rattle n Roll
  • Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship
  • Underwurlde
  • Viva Piñata
  • Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

I am honestly shocked that Rare kept the rights to all of these games.

XB1 Exclusive Windows 10 & XB1 – Sea of Thieves – Rare Pirates game

  • Wish I cared about Pirates…
  • Looks neat though.
  • Cartoony is the new next gen brown?
  • MMO?
  • Having everyone take positions on the ship to do different things is pretty awesome sounding. Like Guns of Icarus for boats.

Fable Legends

  • F2P w/ XBL Gold. Also on Win 10
  • Cross buy evil

Working with Valve and Oculus
XB1 controller with Oculus
XB1 games stream to Oculus (through win10?) – (glorified monitor. yay.)

Hololens Minecraft Demo

  • This is some future tech here.
  • AR tech. Nice. Specs?
  • Sikslayer noted this girl has a phat ass (I concur.)

XB1 Exclusive? – Gears of War Ultimate Edition (HD remastered remix definitive enhanced edition)

  • 60fps in multiplayer, 1080p,
  • New Content
  • 8/25/15
  • Also coming to Windows 10

XB1 Exclusive – Gears 4

  • holiday 2016
  • Looks good, but Gears always looks good. (doesn’t look THAT good though.)
  • Looks like Gears.
  • WHERE’S DOM?! (j/k I’m being a troll)
  • too dark to see anything (next generation BLACK, NIGGA!)

Windows 10 Crackdown? Or did C4 and I have a collective hallucination?

ribo – Solid games; good job working on those “real” exclusives. Good presentations and enthusiasm. B
Newfie – Some good looking games for 2015, BC was a surprise even if gimped. B
C4 – B+


Mass Effect Andromeda

  • CG Trailer Teaser (more than the Logo Trailer I thought we were getting)
  • Start of a new Trilogy
  • Holiday 2016

Need for Speed. (nosubtitle.)

  • Jesus those graphics…(*drip*)
  • FMV for the cutscenes? Ok.

Star Wars The Old Republic

  • Knights of the Fallen Empire
  • 10/27/15
  • !! yeah! Ok!
  • *Free content patch (well, yeah.)
  • May be time to revisit TOR. Everything I hear says that this is the best multiplayer KOTOR you can experience. Story is supposedly great.


  • Puzzle “indie” platformer
  • Neat

Plants vs Zombies GW2
PvZ Dungeon Defenders

NBA Live 16

EA Mobile

  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes CCG F2P BBQ
  • Minions Paradise

FiFA 16

  • oh shit, Pele! (PSA: He’s Michael Jordan & Wayne Gretzky & Joe Montanna all rolled into one for Futball)

Mirror’s Edge 2

  • Looks gorgeous
  • 2/23/16
  • Far too long in the wings, great to see it get a date.


Star Wars Battlefront

  • them tow cables! Tow cable physics. Sploosh.
  • you CAN be a Jedi!
  • 11/17/15
  • #cables2015

ribo – Pretty ho-hum, I don’t care about most of these games, but they’re enthusiastic about what they’re showing. And it was a show. ME(not 4) was nothing but Need for Speed made my panties wet and I hate racing games. C
Newfie –  More Mass Effect, more Mirror’s Edge, More Battlefront. It’s 2007 all over again! Tow Cable Physics/10 (C)
C4 – C-

Ubisoft Conference.
(still hot)

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

  • nice trailer
  • superheroes!
  • oh shit actual Matt & Trey (Wish they wanted to be there but still cool.)
  • ubisoft san fran (not Obsidian? rut roh?) working on this game.

For Honor – Ubisoft Montreal

  • CG movies are great (What is this game? Crusader kings? RYSE 2? Dungeon crawler not diablo game?)
  • melee combat focused (I guess we are getting CLANG then)
  • team based melee combat…ok interesting.
  • MOBA meets Dynasty Warriors
  • this looks pretty cool
  • “on console” (probably PC eventually too)

The Crew: Wild Run – Car Dirt game

Trials Fusion Awesome Level Max

  • Expansion pack for DiRT 3 (or Pure)
  • yes I know it’s for Trials 😛

Tom Clancy’s The Division

  • Online Open World Action RPG
  • This the same voice acting team that showed off uh, that team game last year (was it this one? Infiltration game with cops. Can’t keep up with these. [Rainbow Six Siege])

ANNO 2205 – Futuristic City Building game in Space (and Earth)

  • Beta coming 2015

Just Dance 2016

  • No camera needed! You can use your Smartphone now!
  • Open to all consoles (Wii U, XBO, PS4)
  • holy shit, this dance number
  • Fake ass early 90s R&B number by some dude.

Just Dance Unlimited…

  • Streaming service (music download service)

Rainbow Six Siege

  • This was the team game I saw last year
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Destructible Environments
  • Beta 9/24/15
  • All Platforms (did she mean Wii U too?)
  • Angela Bassett is the Kevin Spacey of Rainbow Six

Trackmania Turbo

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  • Trailers mixing CG with in-game engine, the new bullshots?
  • Two protagonists (one female)

Ghost Recon Wild Lands (Tactical Open World Drug Cartel Assassination game)

  • Now THIS looks cool
  • Team based Hitman? Sure, why not!
  • No clue when this is coming out, 2016?

ribo – Going through the motions with the exception of For Honor. Good presentation, this is what an E3 conference should BE, just wish there was some mind blowing stuff here. Everyone seems like they wanted to be there. Leave Boy 2 Man at home next time though. B-

Newfie –  I ain’t watching this shit you buncha nerds!
C4 – B-

Sony Games for 2016…(maybe)
The Last Guardian

  • You know, the ICO people.
  • Yep. This game still exists…
  • pretty cool aesthetic, I dig the Inca, South America thing
  • These “Ico/Shadows of Colossus” Arty hipster homo games are always nice looking
  • Incan gods shit. (Skyward Sword?, I dig this culture and we need to see more of it)
  • Platformer PUzzler game thing.
  • is that a cat with wings? (re: Falcor)
  • Neat-O
  • 2016
  • Long expected, long awaited, will be great

PS4 Exclusive – Horizon Zero Dawn – New Franchise (Guerrilla Games)

  • Post apocalyptic shit
  • Wildlings with guns!
  • Female Protagonist
  • past/future, that’s cool. I dig that
  • Third Person Adventure/Action Platformer. TR style, this making a comeback? (sorry Character Action Game)
  • oh look, more tow cable physics
  • this must be the year of the tow cables
  • Robo animals
  • Sony’s “Tomb Raider” (“Sony’s Tomb Raider is called Uncharted, you fuck faces” – C4)

Hitman. (no subtitle) Square Enix
The no clap at the end explains all

Street Fighter V

  • Shoryuken
  • Public Beta 7/23

First On PS4 Nope! – No Man’s Sky (Hello Games)

  • No Man’s Sky
  • Combat! (that’s new)
  • HUGE WORLD (er Universe!) Go to Any Planet! Go to any number of pallet swapped planets!
  • Exploring game…that’s about it so far. Might be more next E3
  • Release date soonish. Releasing whenever. Releasing on PS4 & PC simultaneously.

dreams. Art Project (or something)

  • 3artsy5me
  • i’ve always wanted to make my own Euromation from the comfort of my PS4
  • PS4’s Flower


  • more art shit?
  • Fuck it, this game looks gorgeous.
  • Short teaser

Destiny: The Taken King

  • Diablo? (Space Devil God thing, not the gameplay)
  • The Taken King expansion
  • Crowd reacted to that (finally)

Assassin’s Creed 2015

  • Victorian Era! (I can dig that)
  • Female Protagonist

World of Final Fantasy – Final..Fantasy Chibi edition

  • World of Final Fantasy
  • 2016
  • some…shit, dunno.
Final Fantasy VII remake 


Indie Shit that will be on STEAM ( & Devolver Digital? Steam competitor?)

  • Ronin
  • Crossing Souls..
  • all kinds of shit


Shenmue 3?!

Batman Arkham Knight

  • Exclusive DLC (timed?) – Scarecrow Missions

Project Morpheus

  • Did I spot an EVE Valkyrie game?
  • Riggs! (Battle Arena)

Machima channel
Other shit to turn your console into a PC

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

  • crysis of duty
  • good god this is going on forever
  • When you turn everything to 11, you feel nothing
  • DLC exclusive for sony (timed.)

PS Vita Logo!

Star Wars Infinity

  • Disney Infinity (timed) Exclusive
  • Timed exclusive games/missions

Star Wars Battlefront – EA/DICE

  • looks gorgeous

ribo – I think that audience was asleep until they dropped the nuke (FFVII), presentation was meh but they dropped the mic twice (three times if you count The Last Guardian) WITHOUT any leaks and that means a lot these days. A (without the nukes, C)

Newfie – Wait, this wasn’t Square Enix’s presentation for 2016? C
C4 – B+

Nintendo (Direct E3 edition, I guess…)
Starfox Zero Wii U

Super Mario Maker

  • SB1, SB3, SBWorld (no SMB2US?)
  • Looks neat…I guess.
  • I probably won’t be buying this
  • Really heartwarming to see all the graphs from the original games

Skylanders something…

Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes

  • Co Op Zelda for 3DS
  • Legend of Zelda 3 Swords
  • More 2D zelda goodness

Hyrule Warriors 3DS Legends
I guess

Metroid Prime Federation Force SD (minus Samus)

Fire Emblem 2 (er…9?) (Fates) – 3DS

  • I thought this was the Wii U game at first! Fooled us with its HD CG! You magnificent bastards!
  • Looks amazing!
  • Looks like there were tag team combat in the game

Smt x FE (Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE)

  • Whoa. Anime overdose
  • I had to close the door at work. I would rather be caught masturbating than watching this in the office.
  • C4 not buying it

Xenoblade Chronicles X

  • Looks great.
  • Better come out before FFXV
  • Hope it sells…
  • 12/4/15
  • Literally tens of people are excited!

Animal Crossing – Happy Home Design

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

  • Animal Crossing amiibos
  • Is this a Party game?
  • ???

Yoshi Yarn Amiibos!

  • Cute Japanese Woman has big teeth
  • ..speaks better English than I do though…
  • also Yoshi’s Woolly World
  • god this looks fucking amazing
  • Two player co-op
  • Amiibos change your Yoshi
  • Eat enemies to get yarn balls to build yarn world
  • I am 5 again

Yo-Kai “Not Pokemon”

  • “Not Pokemon”
  • sure..

Mario & Luigi – Paper Jam

  • Mashup between Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi
  • Looks neat
  • Mechanics look like they take a lot from Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

Mario Tennis Wii U (Ultra Smash)

  • I like tennis.
  • …I won’t buy this.

More Mario Maker

  • Transformers
  • Stealing ideas from Super Mario Crossover I see
  • Kaizo levels for everyone! No longer a PC thing.

Zelda U? Nope!

“here’s a new co-op Zelda”
“here’s a not-Pokemon”
“here’s a Mario & Luigi/Paper Mario crossover”
“here’s another Mario Tennis”
“Here’s a Metroid game without Samus”

ribo –  Zero stars. They didn’t do the assignment. Turning in their Q3 Nintendo Direct as their E3 presentation is not the assignment. Adult Swim Muppets do not count towards bonus credit. They get nothing. Good day sir. (Nintendo Direct – B+)
Newfie – Some great stuff here. A star fox we never thought we would see, new 2D zelda, we can finally forget about Sticker Star, Xenoblade Chronicles concrete for 2015. Plus I really like the production values they put into making the nintendo direct. Reggie muppet doing pushups/10 (B)
C4 – C-

Three Minutes Clapping
Square Enix Conference –
Just Cause 3

  • Unlimited C4

PS4 Exclusive – Nier … 2?

Truncated Tomb Raider 2 Trailer
– See Microsoft Conference

Tomb Raider Go!

  • Tomb Raider mobile puzzle game.
  • Nice!

Final Fantasy VII Remake

  • FIRST on PS4
  • Already spent. Sony came first.

Final Fantasy VII Original

  • – iOS (fuck you Android.)
  • Future patches? We don’t need no stinking future patches! Fuck SE mobile for pulling CONSTANT bullshit a la TWEWY.

KH3? NOPE! KH Mobile! (Kingdom Hearts x Unchained)

  • Trolled!
  • Dunno, it’s not a match 3 game so that’s a start.
  • iOS & Android

Kingdom Hearts 3

  • Looks great.
  • Don’t bother if you’re not into this series, it’s impenetrable

Chibi FF World of FF

  • Same as Sony
  • Still don’t know what the fuck this is.


Hitman Sniper

SE Montage
Triad Wars? (Sleeping Dogs 2?) Sleeping Dogs 2, but we aren’t sure if it is a MMO or single player again.

Star Ocean 5

  • Tri Ace models still look scary as fuck.
  • Dead fucking eyes.
  • Diet Coke Tales Games.

Deus Ex Mankind Divide

  • Where’s the black and gold
  • looks brill
  • Love that they took this to the ultimate conclusion and are going to continue to explore transhumanism.

Final Fantasy Portable App (??)

New RPG title… (Tokyo RPG Factory)

  • Get hyped!
  • Concept art
  • under development
  • no details
  • Project Setsuma (no game title yet)
  • are you hyped yet (?)
  • Not even a bullshot? Game is coming out next year, SE must have created a JRPG generator

No FFXIV Heavensward or FFXV…curious.

ribo – Well. At least that guy in the Mask was excited to be there. Points for batshit crazy games? Where’s FFXV? Where’s FFXIV Heavensward? C
Newfie – Nier 2? Platinum? Wat? C
C4 – 🙂


Ah fuck there was a PC Gaming show that went on for 5 hours…here it is, I guess.


Killing Floor 2
Early Access
New Features
-Gore Tech (yep, it’s gory)
User Made Maps
Content Packs…(free)

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
These guys always do a good job. Hopefully they do it here.

Star Citizen
84 Million spent on this game already

“here’s why we’re better than Nvidia”
R9 380
R9 390x 8GB card!

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Total War: Warhammer (Sega)

Killer Instinct PC
cross play w/ XB1

Fable Legends
Cross platform
What kind of game is this again? Looks like a Team Based Objective…thing

Gears of War ultimate edition coming to PC!

American Euro Made Truck Simulator 2016

– American Version

EVE Valkyrie
This would be better without the front of the ship visible
Separate experiences. All dogfighting, no RPG. Different from EVE (phooey)

Former DayZ guy
Based on Space Station 13
“Diablo style view”
Still not sure what this is.
“Besieged style approach”
Coming whenever

LiveDemo – Strafe

Procedurally Generated
Tons of Levels
Old School, 1996 style FPS

Pillars of Eternity: The White Marsh

Planet Coaster “Not Theme Park” –
By the Elite Dangerous guys (is that game finished enough to be working on something new?)
Almir Listo

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns
The Guild Hall (MMO)

Hitman. (nosubtitle).

More AMD stuff
9 new cards Launched today

Arma III expansion
Tanoa – New Terrain

Beyond Eyes
Indie stuff
Looks neat-o

Dirty Bomb
Team Based FPS w/ attitude
TF2 Rated R (M)
it’s got tude man!

Exploring Space Station.
System shock minus the combat
Looks really cool actually.
“Walking simulator” lol

from the Amnesia guys
Horror game set under the sea
Bioshock minus the combat
PC & PS4

DayZ…(fuck this is going on forever :P)
Single Player DayZ option coming
Single Player Modding
Steam Workshop
Host your own servers once they hit Beta

Take on Mars

Another ARMA mod
w/ minecraft stuff
on Mars


Project Blue Streak
Designed for aging gamers with bad reflexes.

Enter the Gungeon
mix of Binding of Isaac and Bullet Hell shooter
Procedurally generated rooms
over 200 weapons unlocked as you do runs


Heroes of the Storm “Expansion”
Eternal Conflict
Heaven/Hell map
Skeleton King Hero
Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void
Starcraft 2 Whispers of Oblivion
3 mission free “Zeratul” prologue

No Man’s Sky

PS4 & PC released at the same time. Whoops!
Still saying nothing about what you do besides exploring.

ribo – Ponderous, but only because a majority of what was shown were rehashes from previous conferences. The host was excellent however, Day9 listened, asked good questions, didn’t talk over the guests and attempted to keep the neckbeards placated. B-




GAMERadio Episode_369 | PrE3 2015

Games and More Entertainment Radio
GAMERadio_369 – C4 and ribo! [ – 06.12.2k15, Fri] ********************************************************************************************************

E3 2015 Live! –

Direct download (MP3)
Direct download (ogg Vorbis)


Hatred came and went. ribo was right. (“say that again!” – ribo)

New Steam return policy

Desura Files for Bankruptcy –

Marvel Heroes 2015 1.57 Patch

Infinite Crisis…didn’t make it (psst, what’s Infinite Crisis?) –
For context, this game was just released from BETA on March 26, 2015.

Steam Summer Sale Madness – 6/11/15 – 6/21/15
Blessed are we –
Fallout 4 Trailer! (It looks like shit?) –

Polygon’s Hipster Preview of Rock Band 4 –

MOO! (Master of Orion) Rebooted! –

PS Vita a legacy console? Kind of…not really (I guess.) –

HotS (Heroes of the Storm) Guide on What to Buy –

Torchlight going Mobile

World of Warcraft: NO MORE FLYING MOUNTS, EVER! Blizzard Dev Proclaims. –



  • Witcher 3 – (ribo, C4?)
  • Hand of Fate – (C4)


E3 Hopefuls? 


  • Fable Legends
  • Forza 6
  • Halo 5
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider


  • Fat Princess Adventures
  • God of War III Remix HD Ultimax Edition Remastered for PS4
  • Journey (PS4 edition)
  • No Man’s Sky  (Correction: Timed Exclusive for PS4, will also be on PC)
  • Persona 4 Dancing All Night
  • Persona 5
  • Ratchet and Clank Remastered HD GOTY Collection
  • Uncharted 4


  • Mario Maker
  • Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
  • Star Fox 
  • Yoshi’s Wooly World
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • The Legend of Zelda

Some tech…

No Time for Tech!

And More…

No Time for More!

GAMERadio Episode_368 | Bewitchered.

Games and More Entertainment Radio
GAMERadio_368 – C4 and ribo! [ – 05.29.2k15, Fri] ********************************************************************************************************

Direct download (MP3)
Direct download (ogg Vorbis)


Konami Apology. Apparently not giving up on Consoles, PCs.

Alienware Alpha a good deal? Maybe – (deal’s been dead but still!)

E3 Predictions

Shamelessly Stolen from NeoGaf!

  • Sony
    • Another Uncharted 4 Demo w/ release date
    • Guerrilla’s RPG gets a full reveal
    • Gravity Rush 2 announced for PS4; cancelled on Vita
    • Ratchet & Clank (PS4) demoed w/ release date
    • Son Bend’s game will be demonstrated
    • Rime trailer w/ release date
    • The Witness trailer w/ release date
    • Unannounced things…
  •  Microsoft
    • Halo 5 full demo w/ release date
    • Rise of the Tomb Raider demo w/ release date
    • Gears of War (XBO) teaser
    • Scalebound demoed
    • Froza Motorsport 6 trailer w/ release date
    • Quantum Break demoed w/ release date
    • Battletoads trailer w/ release date
    • Unannounced things…
  • Nintendo
    • Xenoblade Chronicles X dated for NA/EU
    • Star Fox demo w/ release date
    • Unannounced things…
  • EA
    • Dragon Age Inquisition DLC
    • The new Need for Speed revealed w/ release date
    •  Star Wars Battlefront full debut w/ release date
    • Mirror’s Edge 2 gets a more in-depth look
    • Mass Effect full reveal w/ release window
    • Sports.
  • Ubisoft
    • New Assassin’s Creed demoed w/ release date
    • Rainbow Six Siege demoed w/ release date
    • The Division demoed (again!) w/ release date
    • Ending “surprise”: New Splinter Cell or BGE2? (lol?)
  • Bethesda
    • Fallout 4 in-depth demo w/ release date
    • Dishonored 2 revealed w/ demo
    • DOOM demoed w/ beta dated
    • Battlecry will be talked about
    • Some talk about Elder Scrolls Online
  • Third Parties
    • New Deus Ex revealed w/ gameplay trailer
    • Final Fantasy XV shown off
    • New Hitman trailer
    • Just Cause 3 gameplay trailer and/or demoed
    • New Tony Hawk game trailer
    • New COD demoed w/ release date
    • Resident Evil 7 trailer

Game of Thrones still pirated. Thanks Apple!
*coming to Android soon! (*after the season finale of Game of Thrones…doh!)

Elder Scrolls Online Keys purchased from the “Grey Market” are being deactivated

Resident Evil Zero HD is Coming…(great.)

Twitch bans Adult Only Games

Hatred! Slithering it’s way to Steam 6/1/15

Green Man Gaming Witcher 3 keys launch snafu (Fixed within days!)



  • WITCHER 3 – (ribo, C4)
  • Magicka 2 – (C4)


Some tech…

No Time for Tech!

And More…

Uwe Bol’s Rampage. It’s fucked up. And pretty good!

GAMERadio Episode_367 | “1/10, This Audio Podcast Has No Video!”

Games and More Entertainment Radio
GAMERadio_366 – C4, ribo and Newfie! [ – 05.17.2k15, Sun] ********************************************************************************************************

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Direct download (ogg Vorbis)


You know that story that we mentioned that we said we’re not going to talk about? Well we’re not going to talk about it. Deal.  (Cool. Thx.)

Fallout 4? most likely? to be announced? at E3? (or PAX Prime?) –

Castlevai…er BLOODSTAINED Sympohny Ritual of the Night Kickstarter (Currently at 2.5m with 26 days left) –

  • Only on PC/XB1/PS4 (fuck you Wii U! update: Wii U!) 
  • Not so fast there junior, March 2017 release date!

Ponder of the Week – Broken-ass games (Dark Void Zero, for example) sold on Steam that are broken due to DRM – Leave a negative review or not?

Big Indie Kickstarter’s Killing Actual Indies? –  

Konami Going Mobile? –

Oculus Rift Specs released! (Ugh) –

  • NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater
  • Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater
  • 8GB+ RAM
  • Compatible HDMI 1.3 video output
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports
  • Windows 7 SP1 or newer

Divinity: Original Sin HD Enhanced Special Edition Remix is coming! –

  • Psst. Free upgrade on PC for those who already own it! (Yay!)



  • GTA 5 – (Newfie, C4)
  • Binding of Isaac Rebirth – (C4, Newfie)
  • Insurgency – (Newfie)
  • Terra Battle – (Newfie)
  • Knight of Pen and Paper 2 – (ribo)
  • Axiom Verge – (ribo)
  • Marvel Heroes 2015 – (C4)
  • Hearthstone – (Newfie)
  • Witcher 2 – (Newfie)

     (Buying too many games again!)

      Some tech…

      Game Boy…Macro? – (Nobody cares except ribo!)

      And More…

      Gotham (I hate this show, I’ll never watch it again! …until Season 2. FUCK!)
      Seinfeld: The Leaning Susan
      Game of Thrones Season 5. You should be watching. (HBO still screwing up.) 

      We’re going to do a Music Show eventually! However, we will NEVER do it as well as these guys! Music History, Part Music Education. All Gamer. The Super Marcato Bros Podcast is EXCELLENT. Check it out.

      Super Marcato Bros Podcast –
      Super Marcato Bros Bandcamp Page w/ Remixes –

      Recommended Episodes?

      GAMERadio Episode_366 | Dancing And Poop!

      Games and More Entertainment Radio
      GAMERadio_366 – C4 and ribo! [ – 05.09.2k15, Sat] ********************************************************************************************************

      Source: JodysRandomness via Etsy

      Direct download (MP3)
      Direct download (ogg Vorbis)


      P.T. has been pulled store sale! (Done! lol old news!)

      Oculus Rift – Consumer Model Launching Early 2016

      Three (3) hour PC event at E3 Tuesday, June 16 5-8PM Pacific. Streamed live on Twitch.

      Witcher 3 keys at GMG (not sure what’s up yet, this is developing)

      Bloodborne Exists. Did You Play It? We Didn’t.

      3D Realms Anthology on Steam for $39.99

      Wolfenstein: The Old Blood $20, a standalone DLC prequel –

      The Mexican Runner!!

      •  Check out the games that he has beaten so far here!

      Lotsa GTA V Stories + Ending. (Spoilers. You were warned!)




      Some tech…

      No time for Tech!

      And More…

      No time for More!