Why Guardians of the Galaxy is the most important film Marvel film in the cinematic universe

In 2008, one of the largest changes came to the world of Cinema. It was the start of one of the largest cinematic projects since the start of the Harry Potter franchise. Marvel set forth into creating a series of films that all stood on their own, but built towards a grand finale with all the separate film stars on the screen together. The scale and scope of this move was so grand that its effect is still being felt in the film industry today. As massive an undertaking as The Avengers was, as important as its effect has become, I believe that Guardians of the Galaxy will have a much larger impact.

This really was the film we all dreamed of
seeing when we were reading comics.

When the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” started up, having the first film be Iron Man was seen as a bold move at the time. The character was one that did not hold the same mainstream appeal as Captain America. That was the world we were in when this all started in 2008, a world where an Iron Man film was seen as a bold move. Iron Man, while a less popular character than many of the other Marvel Characters, was by no means unknown. In 2008 the average person would recognize Iron Man, know he was a comic book hero, and who may have even read some Iron Man comics. Fast forward to 2014, Iron Man is a household name. Ask anyone on the street today who Rocket Raccoon, Starfire, or Groot are and you will be greeted by blank stares and confused faces. In 2008 if you asked people who Jon Favreau was, chances were high they knew who he was, and they had probably had seen Swingers. If you were to ask people today who James Gunn is, you will be once more greeted with blank looks and confused faces.

Though you all should go out and see 
James Gunn’s best film Super (2010).

This reason is why Guardians of the Galaxy is the most important film in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.” Marvel has the guts to take an unknown IP with unknown characters, grant it to an largely unknown director, and put 170 million dollars behind it. To me this is arguably the largest move that any studio has made in decades, to gamble the success of a film on nothing more that it is coming to you from a company that has had success before.

This film seriously has the potential
to completely change the game.

If Guardians of the Galaxy is successful, I believe that it will open the flood gates for everything that we have been dreaming of in Marvel films. A Deadpool film being given to a group of talented unknown writers, Ant Man and Doctor Strange being given the treatment that they deserve, maybe even one day giving Marvel the guts to do a Civil War film, the possibilities are endless and riding on the success of a small, sentient raccoon. Hopefully you will all go see this movie, I already have tickets for the advanced showing and have my fingers crossed that the man who brought us Lollypop Chainsaw and PG Porn did as good a job as I am hoping.