Memories of the Fan Translation Scene Part II: Retcon

This article has been written and rewritten several times till I got to where we are now. Originally I had planned to talk about Mother 1 and how brutal some of the other JP only RPGs were, but I feel like that was really just a roundabout way to come to another game I wanted to talk about and bring it into the future.

Sorry Ninten, your journey will have to wait.

Ultimately what I wanted to talk about what the Megami Tensei series. Even in this rather depressing era of JRPGs, there has been one series around as long as all of the other major JRPGs, but has never seen the same decline in quality as things like Final Fantasy.

Starting it out ANIME AS FUCK

Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei is a surprisingly in depth JRPG for 1987. Borrowing from the Wizardry tradition with first person setup, this game is a dungeon crawl with wireframe walls, a pinnacle of technology at this point. Simple walking around, with a problem that the world can get confusing at times.

What really sets the game apart in my mind is that this game is the first to have a “pokemonesque” system. Like all future MegaTen games, this game has the ability to summon and fuse demons for battle. This feature is something that hooked me and stuck with me for years, something that still entertains me to this day.The translations for this game are a little hard to find today, but the ROMs are out there.

Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei is an extremely tough game to go back and play. When I first played it I remember it being incredibly difficult to handle, coming from a more modern mindset, but it laid the groundwork for what I believe to be the best JRPG series of all time. Would I recommend you go back and play this game? Hell no. If you were looking to play one of these super old school first person RPGs, Phantasy Star is probably a better option. What it does do is help to show you how to evolve an RPG the right way over 37 years.

To this day there are over 30 MegaTen RPG games, and about 10 spinoff games, with the newest coming out last year, SMT4. This new game is honestly one of the best RPGs I have ever played, one I cannot recommend more and will continue to recommend on the show.

Seriously, BUY THIS GAME.