Ok, let’s try this again.

A few years ago, I attempted a project. I planned to do one post a day, over the course of one year, centered around a central theme: a game a day. I don’t remember where I stole the premise from, most likely one of the many (better) blog sites that are in the links section over there, I don’t remember, but it was sort of my own personal history of videogames. Who am I? Just another asshole on the internet.  

Well, that lasted about 11 days. And then I missed a day. Then I missed a few more days, and before you know it, I owed a weeks worth of games and so, well, I kind of lost interest. I know, what an asshole huh. 

Anyway, the key to success is apparently preparation, and not seat of your pants, last minute postings. 

So here we are again. I”m going to try this one more time and this time, I’m a “little” bit more prepared. Hopefully I’ll make it all the way to 2015. The concept is the same: A post about one game for one year. Oh there will be other content on the blog (I hope), after all, it’s supposed to be a companion piece to a little netcast called Games And More Entertainment Radio that I’m occasionally the co-host of, hence the name of the blog!. 

There are a few rules that I have given myself regarding the posts:

  • It has to be a game that I’ve played. I do not have to have necessarily beat it, but I must have played it at some point in my life
  • There isn’t any order. Games are posted at random, however some games I do associate with certain times a year and will be posted then
And that’s it. I don’t *think* I’ll run out of content; in the 30 odd years (holy fuck I’m old!) that I have been playing video games, I had to have played at least 365 games (366? Is this a leap year?). We’ll see. I probably won’t make it past January 3rd 🙂 

Anyway, here’s to 2014! Let’s do it!